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Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Full Written Episode 295 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Episode 295 starts with Sita asking the Dharti Maiyya/earth to take her in her lap if she has always stayed in her Maryada and did an ideal daughter’s Dharm, if she has fulfilled all her Dharm, Mata Vasundara, take me in your lap. She prays and stands. Everyone cry. Ram shouts Sita. Lav and Kush say Mata. Everyone say no Sita. Sita says Mata, you promised me that whenever I like to come in your Sharan, you will give me a place. Shatrughan asks Sita not to do this. Sita says the time has come Mata, accept my request and take me in your Sharan. Sita cries and prays. Badra, Laxman and everyone else ask Sita not to do this. The storm comes. Ram shouts stop Sita. Everyone is pushed away by the storm. They all cry. Ram shouts Sita The earth shatters, volcano and water is shown. Everyone can’t go ahead to stop her. They all call her out to stop.

Sita starts going inside the earth.The dust storm stops everyone. Hanuman stops Ram. Everyone cry in shock, as Sita dips inside the fire. Janak and Shathanand come. They get shocked. Janak shouts Sita and forwards hand. Sita sees Janak and cries. Sita sinks inside the fire. The earth forms back after a bright light appears. Everyone get shocked and cry. Ram runs and holds the ground. He says Sita, come back, you can’t go leaving your Ram alone. He prays to Vasudha Mata to return his Sita. He shouts Sita and cries. Everyone mourn. Ram holds earth and says if this earth does not return Sita to me, I will ruin this entire earth. He gets angry and gets up. He closes eyes and gets his bow. Hanuman says no Prabhu. Ram prays and gets an arrow. Janak says no Ram, this won’t be right. Ram says no Pita ji, no one can stop me from getting my Sita back, my earth snatched my Sita from me, earth has to return Sita else.

Janak says no Ram, I witnessed when Sita was born by this land, and today I witnessed this when Sita has gone inside the earth, you have to understand son, that the motive with which Sita took birth on earth is fulfilled now, now its impossible for her to come on earth again. Janak cries sorrowfully. Guru Vashisht says Janak is saying right, Devi Sita is not on earth, you have to accept this bitter truth, Sita herself took this decision, any way to get her back will be insult of her last wish, will you wish to do this. Ram cries and stops himself. The bow and arrow disappear. Ram says its right, I will not insult Sita’s wish, but what is Ram’s identity without Sita. Ram takes a knife. They all shout Ram…. Lav and Kush run to Ram. They say Mata already went leaving us, you are also willing to go, if you wish this, then end our lives too. Janak says Ram, you did not get free of your duties yet, you must do father’s duty and live for your children, instead yourself. Kaushalya says yes, you have duty to raise hem, don’t do injustice with them. Ram cries and stops. Hanuman cries and says come back to Ayodhya. Ram drops the knife. Everyone cry.

Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Full Written Episode 295 Watch Online

Lav and Kush hug Ram. They cry. Ram goes to some place and cries recalling Sita’s words. Ram says why did you give such big punishment to me Sita. Hanuman comes to him. Ram says Sita was the basis of Ram’s life, she was my support, I was alive being away from her, I had belief that she is with me, but after she went inside earth, what is left in my life. Hanuman says don’t say this, return to Ayodhya. Ram says no, I won’t return Ayodhya, the throne and Rajya are meaningless for me, the Rajbhavan where I have taken birth and got raised, that rajbhavan has become reason for losing Sita. Hanuman says if you don’t return, how will you do duty which Sita gave you, she started this war to get justice for women, who will complete this work, if you don’t return, then Sita’s guidance and sacrifice will get waste. Ram says no, Sita’s sacrifice will not get waste, I will fulfil her incomplete dream for sure.

Lav and Kush cry and think of Sita’s words. Ram comes to them. Lav says how will we live without Mata. Ram hugs them and says I know, how to get Sita again, by fulfilling her incomplete works, we will always feel her presence, this is the only option, to be alive with Sita, in her absence. Scene shifts to Ayodhya: Ram addresses Praja and says I always thought I have done right for Ayodhya, but Sita has did a big sacrifice and such work which guides everyone right, she proved that till woman is given respect and justice in society, our success has no value, so I decided that Ayodhya Rajya will have many rules for women rights and justice, Rajya’s every man will have duty to protect women and their rights, if any man insults or tortures a woman, he will be strictly punished, a woman raises a family by her love, sacrifice and dedication, but we forget this and we don’t give her any right in our property, that’s why a father and husband can make a woman leave from home anytime, this wrong behaviour has to end, so I decided that from today, Ayodhya Rajya will have every woman getting share of property like a son gets, so that no father and husband can make her leave the house, so we all will swear that no woman will get insulted in Ayodhya Rajya, no woman will be tortured/abused, every woman will get her respect and pride, and by this, you can respect Sita’s sacrifice truly, obey this command. They all chant Ram’s name. Ram cries and says Sita.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Hotstar Precap: Ram says I have got freed by all duties, I want to live alone in peace, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Laxman and Hanuman worry. Hanuman goes to guard Ayodhya’s limits. He stops Yamraj and asks who are you. Yamraj says I m Kaal, I m going to Ayodhya, to Ram. Hanuman gets shocked..

Siya Ke Ram 25th October 2016 Full Written Episode 294 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 25th October 2016 Episode 294 starts with Kaikeyi saying Sita, I m proud that you are our Kul vadhu, Raghukul got blessed to get you, your parents are great who gave your character such good values and upbringing. She says Sita, you are talking about women’s status in society, we all are with you, but staying in society is imp to bring change in society. Sumitra says kaikeyi is right, the women who lost hope will get courage by your return, they will know purity and truth wins, you can become representative of their struggle, you can fight for those women and change the rules by being the Queen.

Sita says I was Queen when questions were raised on me, was I protected, you were also Queen, could you fight for women’s justice, could you stop my second vanvaas, Mata, making rules does not change the society, thinking stays same, to change thinking, society has to know the importance, the change has to come from human’s heart. Janak is on the way. Urmila says Sita Didi, Pita ji always said that Sita is different and no one can do what Sita can do, you always proved his belief true, we all respect your decision, but think about us. The sisters cry. Mandvi says we decided to stay together always, did situation change so much, take us along.

Shruthkirti asks don’t we have any right on you, will you not return to Ayodhya for our sake. Sita cries and says getting you three is my luck, getting your love, I get a power which you don’t know, but will you three accept that this love becomes reason of my weakness, or a hurdle in women respect and completeness. Laxman says I m your culprit, I have obeyed Ram’s command and left you in arid jungle, by this guilt burden, how can I stay alive, today I accept the crime to cheat and insult you, come back to Ayodhya, else I will give away my life as a punishment. Ram says Laxman. Everyone get shocked. Laxman keeps knife at his neck. Sita says no Laxman, its big crime to punish oneself without any crime.

Siya Ke Ram 25th October 2016 Full Written Episode 294 Watch Online

Laxman asks how can I live with this guilt, the repentance is not possible. Sita says that was expected to obey Ram, not obeying Ram would be Adharm, Praja expected Ram to do that, so its imp to understand that the mistake is of society, such society where its regarded Adharm to question elder’s decision, where son can’t question a father, where student can’t question to a teacher, and younger brother can’t question his elder question, because of this, Parshuram has to kill his mother, women is weak and injustice happens with women in this men’s society, if thinking won’t change, how will society change, so Laxman, don’t waste your life by giving up your life. Laxman cries and asks her to say, how shall I be alive.

Bharat and Shatrughan hold Laxman and they all cry. Sita cries. Lav and Kush say Mata. She says I have given you necessary values to live life, its just directions, not a command. Without any hurdle, just decide by your senses according to the situation, you have to live your life without your Mata. Lav and Kush cry. She says your Mata is making a big sacrifice for a motive, don’t oppose this, try to place men and women’s equal rights, I m not asking much, if you get justice for one woman in your life, then surely do it, and think your life succeeded. Everyone cry. Sita looks at Ram. Ram says its all true and right, I accept your decision, if you think you can fight with society by staying away. If you want to fight with injustice and torture, fine, I will also stay here by leaving Rajya, we will fight against the society and remove the problems, we will assure the society’s mindset changes. She says forgive me, this is just my struggle, no one can help me, not even you. Ram says no, whenever I obeyed my Dharm, you always supported me, when I fulfilled son’s duty, you were with me, you did not oppose my Rajya Dharm even when you could oppose, you were with me, why can’t I fulfill my Pati Dharm today by leaving everything, why? She says its good thing for me that Ayodhya King is thinking to leave everything today for me, my decision has become more firm now, I wanted to fight for women respect and glory, you have initiated it, but today the woman standing infront of you is not your wife Sita. They all get shocked.

She says I have come to see you before leaving, but Raja Ram did not open door for his wife, your child was in my womb, even if I was not pregnant, your decision ended husband and wife’s relation that moment itself, any relation is based on trust and respect, you knew your Sita will never become hurdle in your Dharm, what was the need to cheat and insult, why did you forget that i took vanvaas decision for you, I would have taken again if you said, you vowed to protect me at the marriage time, why did you break the vow, does Raghukul traditions have just obeying Rajdharm vows, no night of Lanka was such dark than each day of vanvaas given by you, because I had belief in Lanka that you are with me always. She cries and says I was alive in this world to fulfill a mother’s duty, today I m free of this duty also, I will give away the two children to Ram and today after fulfilling all duties, I m free of all bonds, I m not anyone’s wife and anyone’s daughter. She says today, I m free to take decision regarding my life. Everyone cry.

Sita says my character was stained and my purity was doubted by the society, its not possible for me to return to that society, today I swear by water, earth, fire, air, sky, that I was born by the earth, by the identity I have by this earth, today I, Bhoomija will return to that earth’s lap forever. Ram gets shocked and shouts no Sita. Guru Vashisht says Sita. Laxman asks Sita not to say such bad things, I m culprit, not you. Urmila asks how can you think to decide this. Lav says no Mata, you always said children are children for mother, how did your duty get over for us. Kush says yes, mother is always needed by children. Sita cries. Laxman says don’t do this. Ram says Sita, you give me any punishment, I accept it, don’t do this, I can’t bear this separation sorrow. Sita asks the earth to take her in her lap if she has always stayed in her Maryada and did an ideal daughter’s Dharm, if she has fulfilled all her Dharm, Mata Vasundara, take me in your lap. She prays and stands. Everyone cry.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus HotStar Precap: Sita says the time has come, take me in your lap Mata. The earth shatters and Sita goes inside the earth. Janak shouts Sita and cries. Ram and everyone cry in shock.


Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Full Written Episode 293 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Episode 293 starts with Sita coming to Janak. Janak is praying. She says Pita Ji. He gets surprised and says Sita, you here at this time, is everything fine. She says I came to meet and thank you. He asks why thanks. She says for everything I got from you, you made me independent and giving me good values, and making me Sita. He asks why did you come to say this to me suddenly. She says I had the wish to meet you and speak my heart out, now permit me to leave. He takes his blessings and disappears. Janak gets shocked and shouts Sita. He calls Shathanand and asks him to get horse chariot, Sita took some decision by which big danger is going to come on her, we have to leave for Valmiki ashram without any delay. Shathanand gets shocked and says sure. He rushes. Janak prays to Mahadev to protect Sita.

Ram recalls his bad dream and Guru Vashisht’s words. He thinks is this bad happening related to that bad dream, I have to meet Sita now itself, she promised to come with me, how can she go away from me. Ram rushes to meet Sita. He looks inside the hut and sees Sita praying. He gets relieved seeing her fine and shuts door. He thinks it was his fear to lose Sita again, and that’s why he felt so. Hanuman comes to him. He asks is everything fine. Ram says I was worried for Sita, so I came to see her, everything is fine. Hanuman says I can understand your sorrow, pain and emotions, this good time came after many sorrowful years, I m praying for this night to end, and Ram and Sita re-unite, and I see you both sitting on Ayodhya throne. Ram says yes, just a night left and then no one can separate Siya and Ram.

Its morning, everyone wait for Sita outside the hit. Sita gets ready in her bridal clothes. She wears her jewelry. Lav says I will go and get Sita. Ram says no need, Sita will come out of hut herself, we have to wait here. Sita applies her sindoor. Sita opens the door and comes out. Everyone smile seeing her in her bridal wear. Everyone proceed to her. Kaikeyi asks Sita to come. Sita gets tearful eyes. She walks to Ram. Ram smiles. Sita walks along with Ram. Ram gets glad and walks ahead of her, thinking she is coming along. Sita stops. Ram turns to Sita and asks what happened, why did you stop. Sita says I can’t go ahead of here. Everyone get shocked.

Siya Ke Ram 24st October 2016 Full Written Episode 293 Watch Online

It starts thundering and gets dark. Ram asks why are you saying this. Sita says its not possible for me to return to Ayodhya again. Everyone get shocked. Ram asks Sita not to say this. Sita says my decision is final. Badra says no Mata, don’t say this and requests her. Lav and Kush look on. Badra says I m that unfortunate Badra, because of whom you are bearing all this, I have questioned wrongly on your purity and character, its my crime, I pressurized Ram to abandon you, give me death punishment, but return to Ayodhya, accept my request. Sita says no Badra, there is no question to forgive you, because you are not culprit, the society is the culprit who gave you this direction to your mind, and filled such thoughts, where you were not learnt to respect women, where society finds woman’s fault in injustice with women, you are just representing society, that mindset will not end by punishing you.

Kaushalya says we all came to apologize to you, for doing injustice with you, we all are culprits, forgive us, why are you refusing to come to Ayodhya. Janak is on the way and asks Shathanand about the way. Shathanand says its 10 miles away. Janak says its looking long distance. Shathanand asks him not to worry. Sita says today everyone is apologizing to me and came to take Sita, what about all those Sita whose problems and sufferings are not known to anyone, no one will go to take them, I m not just Ram’s wife, Lav and Kush’s mum, and Ayodhya’s Queen, I m also a woman, its my firstmost duty to protect my identity, if I return to Ayodhya, it will be injustice to all those suffering women who don’t know their crime, do you think I should not think of women’s respect and return to Ayodhya along with you. Everyone cry.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Precap: Sita says my character was stained and my purity was doubted, its not possible for me to return to that society, today I swear by water, earth, fire, air, sky, that I was born by the earth, today I will return to that earth’s lap forever. Ram gets shocked.

Siya Ke Ram 21st October 2016 Full Written Episode 292 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 21st October 2016 Episode 292 starts with Ram hugging his sons. Sita looks at Ram and passes by. Ram says Sita, She stops and cries. Ram folds hands and says want to make a request to you, I can’t raise Lav and Kush alone, for our family’s happy future, come back to Ayodhya. Laxman says yes, I have left you alone in this arid jungle, I m culprit, give me chance to repent, I want to take you back. Kaushalya asks Sita to accept their request and change her decision of not returning to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi says yes, since you are not there, we are living incomplete life, when everything is getting fine, do you want to leave Ayodhya’s residents in sorrow. Sumitra says if you don’t return, your Matas and sister’s lives will be incomplete. Sita cries and says forgive me Mata, I can’t return Ayodhya, and I can’t change my decision. They all get shocked. She walks ahead. Ram says its right, if this is your decision, I will also not return to Ayodhya, even Matas, sisters, and entire family, no one will return Ayodhya. They all nod. Kaikeyi says Ram said right, we all will stay here, we won’t return Ayodhya. Sita wipes her tears and says if your decision is this, its fine, let me give one day to leave from this ashram forever. They all smile.

Guru Vashisht gets tearful eyes looking at Sita and feels something inauspicious. Sita looks at them and leaves. Sumitra says thank God, Sita agreed to return to Ayodhya. Guru Vashisht thinks what did Sita mean by saying that, her meaning is not straight. Kaushalya says woman’s heart gets hard while bearing trouble, in such case, the decision is final, but your love made Sita change her decision, we are lucky that Sita agreed to come with us to Ayodhya. Ram says no, this is not result of my love and trust, its about Sita’s greatness, her heart is so big that she is always ready to bear our sorrows, she has forgiven me. Kaikeyi asks minister to go Ayodhya in evening and do preparations for Sita’s welcome. Minister says sure and leaves. Urmila says the auspicious moment when we all four sisters will stay together. Kaushalya says even Lav and Kush will come, Ayodhya will be free of vanvasi fate.

Sita tells Lav and Kush that she will make them have food today. Kush asks will you feed us. Lav says we liked to eat by your hands, but you taught us to have food on our own. Kush says now we have grown up. Sita says children will always be children for mother, today, let me feed you for the last time, then you have to eat food on own always. They look at her. She feeds them and cries. She says now you both are returning to Ayodhya, don’t upset Ram, obey his command, never disobey him. Lav says you are saying as if you won’t stay there. Kush says you yourself see how we stay as your and Ram’s obedient sons. Lav says yes, else you give us punishment which you feel right. Ram looks at the sky and thinks just this night passes any way, the sun ray will become witness of Siya Ram’s reunion. Sita comes and says Raghunandan, you did not have food till now, come. He says Sita and smiles….. He sits to have food and forwards hand to feed her. She takes food from his hand and feeds him. He looks at her and gets tearful eyes. Sita makes him wash hands. He says after many years, I felt content after having food, I left hope that I will get food made by you. She turns away.

Siya Ke Ram 21st October 2016 Full Written Episode 292 Watch Online

Sita says Lav and Kush are young, you have to take care of them a lot. Ram says yes Sita, we both will together raise them, you accepted to come Ayodhya from me and made my heart burden less, now I m waiting for new day. She says Sita’s life was incomplete without Ram, I got you and my life’s complete motive got over, my birth in Vasudha succeeded, permit me to leave. He looks on. She cries. He stops her and says I got something for you, wait. He gives her the bridal dress and ornaments. She says I have worn this and came Ayodhya. He says you will wear this and leave from here tomorrow. She takes it and says as you wish. He says you are not saying anything. She says I did not forget, I was seeing do you remember or not, give me my sindoor. Ram smiles and gives her sindoor. She asks him to apply sindoor to her. He applies sindoor. She cries and sees him. She leaves. Hanuman comes and tells Ram that Guru Vashisht called you.

Guru Vashisht recalls Sita’s words and is worried. Ram comes and greets him. Guru Vashisht says my heart is doubtful. Ram asks why. Guru Vashisht says your bad dream. Ram recalls and says now everything is happening well, all dangers are gone, so we should forget the bad dream and welcome the beautiful future. Guru Vashisht says I hope everything happens as you are saying, I pray that your trust wins over your bad dream. Ram takes his blessings and goes. Guru Vashisht thinks why do I feel that Sita’s heart has something else going on.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Serial Precap: Janak says Sita, you came here, at this time. Sita says I came to meet you and thank you, now permit me to leave. She disappears. Janak worries and tells Shathanand that Sita took some decision that big danger is going to come on her. Janak and Shathanand leave to find Sita. Ram thinks of bad dream and says is this bad happening related to that bad dream, I have to meet Sita right away. Ram proceeds to Sita’s hut.

Siya Ke Ram 20th October 2016 Full Written Episode 291 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 20th October 2016 Episode 291 starts with Sita holding Ram. She asks what are you doing, you did not do any crime. Ram says my inner soul knows my crime can’t be forgiven. She says but I did not hold you responsible, if you broke your promise and married someone else, I would have been sorrowful if you made me leave from your memories, you can’t be wrong, but if anyone is responsible for my sorrows, its my fate and time, the fate is such that Ram and Sita do not unite in this birth again. Ram looks on. She cries and folds hands, requesting him to take their two sons along to Ayodhya. Ram moves back and signs no. She says my Ansh will be with you, not me, I will be with you in their form, you will get Sita by them. Lav and Kush come.

Lav say no Mata, we don’t accept this, half life without father and half life without mother. Kush says either you both will unite else we will go away from your lives. They run away. Ram shouts and looks for them. Sita cries. Laxman asks what happened. Ram says don’t know, where did Lav and Kush go, they heard Sita saying that she will not return Ayodhya with us. Bharat says don’t worry, we will find them, they will not go far. They leave. Hanuman says I will go by air route to find them. Ram nods. Hanuman flies.

Laxman, Shatrughan and Bharat look out for Lav and Kush. Kaushalya asks Ram how will he convince Sita to come Ayodhya. Sumitra says we did not imagine that Sita will not agree to return to Ayodhya. Ram says I m responsible, I did big injustice by abandoning her, I knew this would happen, but we have to find Lav and Kush first. They get shocked. Kaushalya asks what do you mean. Ram says they got upset and went somewhere, don’t worry. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan went to find them. Laxman and Sita call out Lav and Kush. Hanuman too looks for them. Sita says don’t punish your Maa like this, where are you. Laxman says where did they go so soon. Hanuman sees Lav and Kush sitting on the mountain top and smiles. He goes to them and asks what are you both doing here, everyone is finding you, your mother, father, Kaka Laxman, everyone is worried, you both are sitting here, come I have come to take you. Lav says no, we agreed to you, but don’t force us to come along. Kush says we won’t go. Hanuman asks why. Kush says our Mata Pita is the reason. Hanuman asks what did they do. Lav says you know it, don’t fool us by sweet talk.

Siya Ke Ram 20th October 2016 Full Written Episode 291 Watch Online

Hanuman asks what do you want. Kush says we met our father and now we have to get away from mother, we did not think this. Lav says we will stay on mountain till Mata and Sita get together. Hanuman says running away from problem is not a solution, I will talk to Ram and Sita, come with me. Lav says no, if you try to take us…. Kush says we will go when Ram and Sita come to take us together, with the promise that they will stay together. Hanuman says its right, if you both want this, this will happen. He flies off. Ram says they both are not in jungle, then where did they go. Hanuman lands and greets Ram. Ram asks did you know anything. Hanuman says they are sitting on mountain top. Ram asks why did you not get them, come. Hanuman says no, they won’t come. Ram asks what. Hanuman says they said till you and Sita don’t go to take them together and decide to stay together, they will not come back to ashram. Sita looks for Lav and Kush. Ram informs her that Lav and Kush are sitting on mountain peak, they are saying till we decide to stay together, they will not come to ashram.

He says its Mata and Pita’s duty to guide the children, our duty is to give love to Lav and Kush, which they did not get before, to complete their life, we did what we had to, but our children’s life is infront of them, our duties can be left unfulfilled, come Sita, we will go together and get them. She says you don’t need to go anywhere, I know their nature well, I will get them. She says you don’t worry, I will not leave any duty incomplete, towards my children or husband. Sita goes to Lav and Kush. She says whatever you both did today, I did not expect this, did I give you teaching for this, come with me without any delay. LAv says but if our behaviour can make you sad, don’t we have right to get sad by your behaviour, was it right or our future what you did. She asks what do you want to say Lav. Kush says we decided we will not go anywhere till you and Ram come to take us together.

She cries and asks do you need your father’s love along mine, it means my love was never fulfilling for you, that’s why you did not understand me and took decision. Lav says no, we just want you and Ram to stay together. Kush says we want your happiness, so we decided this. She says if I return to Ayodhya because of you, it will be a compromise for me, not happiness, do you want this, that your mum lives such life that she has to bear insult, if you want your Mata to live without self esteem, I m ready to agree with you. Lav says no, our esteem and glory is by your self esteem, we accepted Ram as you wanted. Kush says we don’t want anything than your happiness. She says then swear on me that you both will do what I say. Lav says we swear that we will obey your command from today. She hugs them and cries.

Ram and everyone wait at the ashram. Sita comes there with Lav and Kush. Everyone smile. Sita says Raghunandan, Lav and Kush are your children, Raghukul’s future, today I got them to you. Ram says Sita, you have made my heart burden less, I have no words to thank you. She says from birth till date, I did my best for raising them, whatever I learnt from my dad, I gave them the knowledge, I gave them such values that they can obey Raghukul customs and Maryada, even if their upbringing is not upto the mark, forgive me. Ram says don’t say this, you raised them into a brave and good valued boys, no one could do this, even I could not give them such teachings. She requests Ram to accept Lav and Kush. Ram says I already accepted them. He opens his arms. Lav and Kush smile. Sita cries and signs them to go. Lav and Kush go and hug Ram.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Star Plus Precap: Ram says Sita, come back to Ayodhya for family’s happy future. Sita says I can’t return to Ayodhya. Ram says fine, then I will also not return, even this family won’t return. Sita says fine if this is your decision, give me one day time to leave from this ashram forever. Guru Vashisht thinks Sita’s meaning was something else, what did she mean

Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Full Written Episode 290 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Episode 290 starts with Sita talking to Ram. She says 12 years passed in raising Lav and Kush, I did not get time to think, but yes sometimes, they used to ask their father’s name. Ram cries and says I have taken away all your rights, but you had our two sons, I was alone in entire Ayodhya, I was with family in Rajbhavan, I had no one except your memories, I lost myself by losing you, I m culprit myself, don’t forgive me, let me burn in this fire of repentance, I just want to request you, come back with me to Ayodhya, Ayodhya and Rajbhavan are incomplete without you, my life is incomplete without you, come back and complete your Ram. Sita and Ram cry.

She wipes her tears and turns to him. She walks to him. He looks at her and folds hands. She shuts the door. Ram knocks door and calls out Sita. They both cry at either sides of the door. Ram says I deserve this insult. He leaves. Hanuman sees him and cries. Sita cries in the hut. Hanuman thinks to talk to Ram. Ram goes towards the jungle. He cries. Kaushalya says we were away from life’s happiness by being away from you both. Lav says we have three Dadi and three Mausi. Lav and Kush see Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. Kush says if we knew you are our Kaka, we would have not fought with you, forgive us. Laxman says there is nothing to apologizes, its matter of pride and happiness for us to lose to you. Kaushalya says its late, why did Ram not return with Sita. Kaikeyi says its been many years we met Sita, maybe she is hesitant to come infront of us. Sumitra says we will go there and see, come. They leave.

Hanuman goes to Ram and asks him not to get sad of Sita’s words, its natural that she is annoyed, you are her husband and have full right on her, you tell her by that right, she will agree. Ram says I lost all my rights that moment when I abandoned Sita, my crime is such big Hanuman, that I can’t say anything to her, and today the punishment Sita gave me is right. Hanuman cries. Ram says this is the right punishment that I burn in separation and repentance fire all my life. Hanuman says don’t say this, your decision to take Sita to Ayodhya is also of Praja, they want to see Sita sitting on the Queen throne, you have to convince her to come back, Lav and Kush’s lives will also change, if Sita does not come, your sons will also bear this punishment along with you and Praja, Praja can’t get free of this guilt, if not for you, for your sons and Praja, you have to do something and convince Sita, else it will be a big stain n Raghukul’s success and glory.

Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Full Written Episode 290 Watch Online

Kaikeyi asks Sita what decision did she take, don’t do this disaster. Sita says forgive me, I had no option, I rejected Ram’s proposal as I can’t go back to Ayodhya now. They cry. Kaushalya says what happened with you was totally wrong, not just Ram, we Matas are also culprit for that injustice, because disaster happened in Ayodhya in our presence, Sita I know you have faced many troubles and pain in 12 years, and that’s why you have become so harsh, think of Lav and Kush, they got family after a long time, rethink on your decision, come back Ayodhya. Sita says I always wanted Lav and Kush to get family and love, that’s why Lav and Kush returning to their Kul is right, but it won’t be possible for me to return. They get shocked and cry.

Kaikeyi says its natural for a person to do mistake, I did mistake to send Ram to vanvaas, Ram did life’s biggest mistake by abandoning you, but Sita you don’t repeat it, forgive Ram, Matas and Praja, else we can’t forgive ourselves. Sita says no, don’t say this, I m not angry and annoyed with anyone, what happened with me, I accepted it as my fate, but I have a request, you don’t force me to return to Ayodhya, else my life won’t have any option than Agyatvas/live somewhere alone where no one can find me. Matas cry and hug her. Sita goes out and cries. She sees Ram. Ram looks at her with hopeful eyes. Sita cries. Ram walks to her. She starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her. He says listen to me once, I accept your every decision, I know your inner soul is hurt by the sorrow I gave you, I can’t repent in this life, I have hurt your self esteem, I insulted your selfless pure love, I broke your trust. He holds her and says you have given sacrifices for me, I insulted your true dedication and belief. She gets away. Ram cries and gets on his knees. He holds her hand and says I accept whatever punishment you give me, but don’t punish Praja, Mata, sisters and entire family, I came to take you with everyone’s wishes, if you don’t return, their lives will also lose hope, like mine. She cries.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Serial Precap: Ram looks for Lav and Kush. Hanuman says I came to take you. Lav says we will go when Ram and Sita come to take us together. Ram says Lav and Kush are sitting on top of the mountain, come we will get them. Sita says you don’t need to go anywhere, I will get them.

Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Full Written Episode 289 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Episode 289  starts with Ram and everyone arriving at Valmiki ashram. Rishi does his aarti and welcomes Ram in Valmiki ashram. He says its our good luck that you came with your family. Ram says Valmiki is not here. Rishi says he has gone for Tapasya, but we will welcome you well. He asks Ayodhya Praja to come. Lav and Kush hide and see Ram. Ram sees them. They hide. Ram asks everyone to go inside. He goes to see Lav and Kush. Lav and Kush go. Hanuman says they both are naughty, stay here, I will get them. Ram says no Hanuman, father has to go infront of sons today.

Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti go to Sita. Urmila says that moment has come today, Sita and Ram will unite again. Mandvi says even this time Raghukul Praja tried to stop Ram, but he has broken all worldly bounds for Sita, why are you silent, come, its time to meet Ram. Urmila asks her to come. Sita says no Mandvi, I can’t go infront of Ram now. Mandvi asks what are you saying. Urmila says Ram has come to take you. Sita says Ram has abandoned Sita, and if a man abandons wife once, you know what it means, all my rights have ended along it, how shall I go infront of him, and by what rights. They cry.

Ram goes to find Lav and Kush. He calls them out and asks where are you two hiding. He sees them hiding behind the bushes. They try to leave and Ram comes infront of them. He asks what happened sons, why did you turn away, see I m standing infronf of you. Kush says we don’t want to meet you, did you not miss us, you never came to meet us. Ram says don’t say this, I have missed you a lot, I m unlucky father, I did not know my child is son or daughter, how would I come to meet if I did not know anything, its my fault, I came to rectify my mistakes. Ram sits and folds hands. He asks will you not forgive your father and cries. Lav and Kush cry. Lav says Pita shri, we got sorrow because of you, we are not annoyed, but Mata had to face many troubles and sorrows, when she had to be in Rajbhavan, she was wandering in jungle, we are annoyed with this.

Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Full Written Episode 289 Watch Online

Ram says being a king, I could not stop that from happening, but I always tried to keep Sita in Ayodhya with happiness, but because of Rajya dharm and Praja’s decision, I had to leave Sita, but its also true that Ram did not leave Sita from his heart and life, my eyes are witness of this, from that moment, I have been living in separation sorrow, guilt burden and repentance, will you not give a chance to me, I m culprit of three of you, till both of you don’t forgive me, I can’t go infront of Sita, I won’t have courage, forgive your father. He opens his arms for them. Lav and Kush run and hug Ram. Ram cries. Hanuman looks on and smiles. Lav says we tried to know our father’s name from Mata, but she did not tell us ever. Ram says I m responsible for this, I did not give any right to Sita, you could not understand her dilemma, but now I came to apologize for all my crimes. He asks them to come and meet their Pitamai. Hanuman says like Ram and sons united, I wish Ram and Sita also unite.

Kaikeyi says when I heard two boys made Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan lose, I was sure that they are Raghuvanshi, as no one else can fail Raghuvanshis. Ram gets Lav and Kush there. Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra hug them. Ram smiles and says I have to go to Sita now. Hanuman says come, I will take you to Sita’s hut. Ram says I have crossed many hurdles in life, but this journey is difficulty, I have to cross this distance myself. Ram walks to Sita’s hut. He calls how he has taken decision to leave Sita. He recalls Sita’s words and reaches the hut. Sita senses him, and runs towards the door. She stops herself. It thunders. They stand at the either side of the door and cry. The storm breaks open the door. Ram sees Sita standing behind the door and forwards hand. They cry. Ram says my crime is very big, I did big injustice with you, I can’t even apologize to you, I want you that world hates me forever, and even you don’t forgive me, I don’t deserve it Sita.

He says since 12 years, I was waiting for this moment, I always thought that when I come infront of you, how much will I talk, how and what will I say, but when I m infront of you today, I don’t have any words, I met my sons, there was no moment in 12 years when your thoughts, presence and worry was not with me, I always thought how are you and where. Sita says 12years passed in raising Lav and Kush, I did not get time to think anything, yes, sometimes, I felt helpless when our sons Lav and Kush asked their father’s name. They both cry.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Serial Precap: Ram asks Sita to punish him, not Ayodhya. She says the fate is Ram and Sita can’t unite in this birth. Kush says no, either you both will unite, else we both will get away from your life forever.

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