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Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Full Written Episode 273 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Episode 273 starts with Valmiki doing the aarti. Sita, and everyone pray. Sita smiles. Ram goes and sees Sita’s handprints on the wall. He touches that and gets sad. He imagines Sita with him. Sita keeps her hand over the print. Ram smiles seeing her. She says you in this Kaksh. He says yes, I m here in this Kaksh, your handprints are here. She sas after marriage, I have been with you in jungle for 14 years and then 12 years spent in jungle alone, such time gap has made the prints so blurred, same way our love has faded. Ram says no Sita, everyone can get erased and blurred, but not my love, till I m alive, no one can make your love out of my heart and soul, this love gives me strength to live life, that lights my heart like a Deepak and makes the darkness away, King Ram has made you away from Ayodhya, but no one can make you away from Ram’s heart, never. He holds her.

Kaushalya calls out Ram. Sita smiles and leaves from there. Kaushalya comes there in the Kaksh. Ram looks at Sita leaving. Kaushalya goes to Ram, and calls him out again. He sees Kaushalya…. She asks son, do you remember the special day today. Ram says yes, Sita came in my life today, in my wife’s avatar, she came as my entirety’s avatar. Kaushalya says yes, but not just your and Sita, Laxman-Urmila, Bharat-Mandvi and Shatrughan-Shruthkirti also, since Sita left for jungle, the three sisters are not happy, even on their special day, I m coming from their Kaksh, they all are very sad.

A rishi greets Valmiki and says our RishiBalak are getting kidnapped since few days, we don’t know who takes them and where, they go to get flowers from jungle and disappear, we have come to you, you see who is it, who is taking the kids, you can see that by your Divya sight. Lav and Kush see the dangerous hawk. Lav says Kush, we have to fight with him, our lives are in danger. Valmiki closes eyes and sits to see.

Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Full Written Episode 273 Watch Online

He sees the hawk, and opens eyes. He says I have seen by my Divya sight, it’s a violent bird, don’t worry, I will find solution to face this problem. Sita makes garlands. She asks Maruti did he see Lav and Kush, they are not seen since they got flowers. Hanuman says they will be close to ashram, don’t worry, I will find them and get them to you. He goes. A lady asks Sita why does she make garlands every year on this day, is this special day that she is making garlands. Sita tells lotus is for devotion and this white flowers is for love, I make these flowers garlands to show her devotion and love. She smiles.

Ram asks his brothers do they remember which day is it, what crime they did by forgetting, you three got married along with my and Sita’s wedding, you all should celebrate, you are sorrowful. Laxman asks how shall we celebrate our wedding anniversary in Sita’s absence. Ram says you all don’t think for yourself, atleast think for your wives, and their happiness. Mandvi says but Sita.. Ram says Mandvi you know Sita’s happiness is in your happiness, if we all stay unhappy, Sita will get upset, so we have to celebrate today. Sita makes Ram’s idol wear the garland. She says Raghunandan, the way you left me and doing a Raja’s dharm and protecting Kul maryada, same way, staying in jungle, I m also obeying Patni Dharm and Sanyasi Dharm and Maryada, its that day when you promised to protect me all my life, I m waiting for that day when I handover our sons Lav and Kush to you. She cries.

Everyone celebrate in Ayodhya. Ram looks on. Sita appears and asks Ram what are you doing alone here. Ram says when you are always in my heart, how can I be alone, but why do you go so soon after coming close to me, I had to talk a lot and talks are left incomplete, I won’t let you go. She says when I had to talk to someone in childhood, I used to make an idol and talk to it as much as I wanted. Lav and Kush see the Rakshas bird. The hawk flies down and turns to some wicked Rakshas. He laughs and says today I will capture both of you. Sita calls out Lav and Kush. Hanuman says Mata, I tried to find them, but they are not here around ashram, I think they went to jungle. Sita worries. Lav says we will capture you and take you to our Gurudev. The Rakshas laughs. Lav and Kush shoot at him. He defends the arrows. They shoot at him again. He tries to throw his weapon. They shoot arrows and make his weapon fall.

They aim at him and walk ahead. More Rakshas come there. The Rakshas laughs seeing his group coming. Lav and Kush get shocked seeing so many Rakshas birds coming. Valmiki prays. Sita comes to him and says Lav and Kush are nowhere seen in the ashram, don’t know where did they go, I m worried that they can be in some problem, you tell me where are they by your yog Shakti. Valmiki closes eyes and sees Lav and Kush surrounded by Rakshas birds. He says Lav and Kush are surrounded by danger in jungle, the Rakshas birds have surrounded them. Sita gets shocked. The Rakshas birds laugh. Lav and Kush stand in the middle. Sita asks what are you saying, my sons Lav and Kush are in danger. Valmiki says the Rakshas Lavnasur has kidnaped them. She asks who is he. Valmiki says he is Raavan’s nephew, he is an Asur, he has kidnapped many boys, all the boy’s lives are in problem, not just Lav and Kush. Sita says no one can harm my sons till I m there.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Ram says this challenge is given to me and I will end this. Sita takes Trishul to save her sons and leaves from ashram. The Rakshas says Ram will come here to save the boy’s lives and then he will not go back alive. He laughs.

Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Full Written Episode 272 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Episode 272 starts with Janak asking Sita to return to Mithila with him, her mother is waiting since long, Mithila residents are also waiting, come with me for my sake. She reminds what he said at the time of marriage. He recalls his words to give Agnipariksha to protect her self esteem. She says I m giving Agnipariksha even today, tell me how can I leave this incomplete and come with you to Mithila. Valmiki comes and says your father is saying right, I also feel you should leave for Mithila along with Janak. She says Rishivar, body is base of sorrow, pain and troubles, but how can the problem of soul end, even if I stay in Rajbhavan or van ashram, the pain to be away from Ram is same, the soul’s suffering will end when I see my Ram. She says I have a duty towards Raghukul, Ram’s child

I want to end my life journey by handing over the child to Ram. Janak gets shocked and says Sita, I came here thinking I will take you back to Mithila, but its my bad fate that Janak has to return to Mithila without his Janak Nandini, my blessing will always be with you. He blesses her and turns to leave. Sita cries. Janak stops and cries. He leaves. Days pass…..Sita pulls the water bucket from the well. Hanuman says why did you do this, I will do it. She says no, I will do my work myself. He asks did I do any mistake that you are not letting me serve you. She says no, you are serving me best, every person should do work themselves, when I m not able to work, I will call you. She pours water in the pot and takes it. He asks her to give the pot. He asks Valmiki to say.

Valmiki asks Sita whats the need to do all this, others can do this work. She says right, but you said Mata’s thoughts and behavior affects the child, I m doing this so that child understands he is Sanyasi’s child, not of a Maharani. She goes. She feels pain and drops the pot. She sits on the ground in pain. Hanuman asks are you fine. The ladies take her inside the hut. Hanuman asks Gurudev will everything be fine. Valmiki says it will be auspicious. Sita gets labor pain. The ladies deliver her child. Hanuman worries. Valmiki asks him to have patience. Sita screams. She delivers the babies. The lady gives good news to Valmiki that Sita has become mother, she has given birth to twin babies, two children will be playing around in our ashram now.. Valmiki and Hanuman get glad. Hanuman congratulates Ram from heart, as Ram has become father.

Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Full Written Episode 272 Watch Online

Sita sees her children and smiles. She moves the cradle. Lav and Kush grow up. They learn walking. Sita smiles seeing them. Years pass….. Hanuman/Maruti makes the boys sit on his back and gives them a ride. Valmiki teaches them ved puraan. Sita smiles and cries happily. Sita does tulsi plant puja and prays. A lady asks her about Lav and Kush, they are not seen in ashram today. Sita says they have gone to jungle to get special flowers for puja, they will come on right time. Lav and Kush are shown. Lav and Kush run in the jungle to get the flowers. They challenge each other to touch Sita’s feet first and both take different ways. Sita waits for them. They shout Mata and come there running. They reach Sita and fall to touch her feet. They both touch feet together and smile. Lav and Kush argue that they have touched feet first. Hanuman says just Mata can say that. They ask Sita. Sita says no one came first or second, you both came together and touched my feet together.

Valmiki says we have send you to get flowers for puja, where are the flowers. Kush gives the flowers. Valmiki says its aarti time, come. Kush asks Lav to come. Lav asks him to wait. Kush says come, I will tell you, we will come back till Mata ends aarti. Lav says Mata says its wrong to go without taking permission. Kush says once we went to have fruits and Mata told us that its not necessary to take permission for small things, we are going for such small thing. Lav says fine, but we will return soon. Kush takes him to the end of the cliff. He says what I want to show you, you will be happy seeing him. Lav asks what is it. Kush says he comes here always, see he is coming our way. A hawk flies to them. Lav and Kush get tensed.

Precap: A Rishi tells Valmiki about the Rishis getting kidnapped and asks him to find out who is doing this. Valmiki closes eyes and sees the hawk. Lav and Kush shoot at the hawk. The hawk takes form of a dangerous man. Valmiki tells Rishis about the violent dangerous hawk man.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd September 2016 Full Written Episode 271 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 22nd September 2016 Episode 271 starts with Ram meeting Janak. He says your daughter had to face many sorrows and problems because of me, I know your heart has anger and hatred for me, and also many questions in mind, the Ram who vowed to support and protect Sita forever, why did the same Ram abandoned your daughter, forgive me, I m not able to answer any question of yours. Janak says Ram, I did not come here to ask answer of any question, the world calls me by Rajrishi Janak, but today I did not come here as a father, I have come to get some knowledge from you. Ram gets shocked and asks what are you saying, knowledge from me. Janak says yes, I have come to ask you, how did you get so much patience and Dharm obedience in you, Rishi and Muni do tapasya for many years to get such patience

I have love and longing for my family, daughters, person can go against any custom and Maryada for his family, but you have left your beloved wife for Maryada and Praja palan, Sita was your life, you sacrificed her, how did you get such strength Ram, if I was in your place, I would have not taken such decision, for Rajdharm and Kuldharm, just a Lord’s avatar can take such decision, not any ordinary human, you are like Lord, you will be Lord for the world always. Ram holds his hand and says no, I m not Vandeni, I m just an unfortunate man, who has abandoned his innocent wife to obey Rajdharm, she was my future and fate, I made her away from me, I don’t know what will the world think of my relation, but I know that I have hurt myself and my beloved wife by this decision, I have given ourselves the sorrow of separation, you are great to praise me and forgive me, than questioning me about Sita. He cries and says forgive me. Janak holds him.

Hanuman asks Sita to have fruits, if she does not eat it then Ram… She looks at him. He says I mean if you don’t eat fruits, everyone will think Maruti is not able to take care of his Mata. She says but Maruti, I can’t eat so much fruits. He says fine, have this one. She says I will eat this, you go and play with your friends. He runs. She looks at the fruit and recalls Ram. Ram appears infront of her. She gets up. Ram asks why are you not eating this fruit. She says Raghunandan you here….. He asks where else can I be…. and feeds the fruit to her. She happily cries….. She smiles and says see what I made for our child…. She gets the clothes and turns to see…. She does not find Ram and cries, hugging the clothes.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd September 2016 Full Written Episode 271 Watch Online

Janak hugs his daughters and tells them that keeping desire in life is a sign of illiteracy, all the humans have one motive in life, that’s obeying Dharm, Ram has obeyed his Dharm, Sita is obeying her Dharm, and now you all also come out of your love and obey your Dharm and duty, obeying duty will become the strength and fulfillment of your life. He greets Kaushalya and Laxman. Kaushalya says Sita is Raghukul’s vadhu and will always be, but my heart was burdened by crime guilt, thinking Sita is in van now and I m your culprit, forgive me. Janak says no need to apologize, its not your mistake, this is just fate, its all written by fate which no one can erase, we have to accept this truth. She says whatever fate it is, but its true that Sita just got sorrow and troubles after coming to Ayodhya, in future no father of Mithila will send his daughter to Ayodhya. Laxman says I have left Sita close to Valmiki ashram…… Janak leaves.

Hanuman/Maruti eats many fruits. The kids ask how did he eat many fruits. Hanuman says its nothing, I had many fruits when I stayed in Anjan parbat and Sita gave me many fruits in Ayodhya, I ate many fruits in Lanka’s ashok vatika. Valmiki hears it. Sita comes hearing Hanuman and asks Maruti about his words. Valmiki comes and says Vandevi, Maruti is not saying about himself, he is saying about Hanuman. Maruti says yes Gurudev, I thought I will tell her about Ramvachan by becoming Hanuman so that it affects the kids, but I don’t think it affected them. He thinks to be careful else his secret would have come out. Rishi tells Valmiki that Mithila’s king is arriving to his ashram today. Sita says Pita ji.

Valmiki goes and welcome Janak in his ashram. He asks how did he come here, any special occasion. Janak says Rishivar, Mithila king Rajrishi Janak did not stand infront of you, I m here as Sita’s father Janak, Sita was left close to your ashram, do you know anything about her. Valmiki says if anyone came here finding Ayodhya’s king Ram’s wife, he would have gone back, but today a father has come to find his daughter, you would not regret to come, Vaidehi is in my ashram. Janak says you are great Munivar, where is my daughter. Valmiki says she is there in her hut, go….. Janak gets tearful eyed and goes to meet Sita. He enters the hut and calls out Sita….. He does not find her there and turns to go. He hears Sita’s cry and stops. He sees her behind the partition and asks does Janak’s Janki not wish to meet her father today. She cries and says a daughter who is called impure by the world, how will she come infront of her father. He says nothing gets true when world says, its ritual of the world to stain other’s character, the one whose heart is true, they should not care of people’s decision, you are very pure, the one who regarded you impure, they don’t know truth, you are Janak Nandini, Vaidehi, you are Mithila’s pride. She goes and hugs him.

He says I went to Ayodhya before coming here, will you not ask anything about your Raghunandan. Ram has become lifeless in your sorrow, he takes a breath, but his every breath has pain of separation and sorrow, like he is keeping himself alive for just Rajdharm and duty obedience, I can’t tell you anything by right, as a father’s right ends on a daughter when he does her kanyadaan, but I can just request you, come with me to Mithila.

Precap: A lady asks about Lav and Kush. Sita tells about her sons Lav and Kush, who went to jungle, they will come to ashram on right time. Lav and Kush run through the jungle and reach Sita. They touch Sita’s feet. Sita smiles.

Siya Ke Ram 21th September 2016 Full Written Episode 270 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 21th September 2016 Full Episode 270 starts with Sita wandering in the jungle. She falls weak and stumbles. Hanuman sees her and gets sad. He cries and says Laxman has been awake for 14 years to protect Sita, then Ram has killed Raavan and his entire Kul to save Sita, and today Mata Sita is wandering in this jungle alone, there is no one to take care and protect her, Prabhu Shri Ram said right. He recalls Ram. FB shows …..Ram says this land has been like burning heat for me, I m burning continuously, I m not getting peace, there is no one to understand me, everyone is seeing King Ram’s decision, but no one can to see what Ram is going through, just you can help me and end my sorrow, you can become Sita’s shield. Hanuman says protecting Sita will be my life’s motive now, it will be y good luck to serve her, I promise wherever Sita is, I will never let tears come in her eyes, I promise to take care of her forever. Ram asks him to promise of not telling Sita about my sorrow and pain, you will never tell Sita about my heart’s pain. FB ends.

Hanuman sees Sita falling. He takes disguise of a little boy and goes to her. He holds her and says Mata, I will get water for you. He rushes and gets water for her. He feeds water to her. He says I will get fruits for you. He gets fruits for her and asks her to have fruit, she would be hungry, my name is Bhanuti, my speed is faster than air, I stay in nearby ashram, I will go and get Gurudev, you sit here and have these fruits. He goes to call his Gurudev. He goes to a Rishi and asks him to open eyes, my Mata is wandering in jungle in bad state, protect her. Valmiki opens eyes and says Kesari nandan Hanuman. Hanuman comes in his true form and says yes, Ram has abandoned Sita to obey Raj Dharm and Maryada, Sita has to bear this punishment even when she is innocent, she is staying near ashram like an orphan. He cries.

Valmiki says this was fate which had to occur some day by any situation, where is Devi Sita, take me to her. Hanuman gets in disguise and takes him to Sita. They see Sita sleeping on the rocks. Valmiki thinks Mithila king’s daughter, Raghukul’s vadhu, who should have been living with all comforts in Rajbhavan, she is living here because of the society, the society has always been unjust to women, sometimes in Raavan’s avatar and sometimes in Dhobi’s avatar. He asks Sita to wake up. She wakes up and greets him. Valmiki says no need to say anything, I know very well what happened to you, you are not alone here, you are welcome in my Rishi ashram.

Siya Ke Ram 21th September 2016 Full Written Episode 270 Watch Online

She says no Rishivar, forgive me, the woman whose husband made her leave from Rajbhavan calling her impure, its not right to enter your ashram, your ashram can get impure by my steps. He says no, the girl’s steps which got happiness in Mithila, by whom Raghukul’s Maryada and prestige increased, by whose support, Ram is called Maryada Purshottam Ram, by whose touch even Agni dev got pure, the one who is very much pure like Ganga, can an ashram get impure by your steps, never, I want you to come there, I have written Ramayana, and I thought you and Ram will live happily in Ayodhya, this would have been happy ending, but fate has something else, come, you are welcome in ashram. Hanuman says I will tell everyone that Mata is coming. He rushes.

Valmiki tells her that Bhanuti will be at your service from today, you won’t have any problem, come. She cries and thanks him. He takes her to the ashram. A lady Guru Mata does Sita’s aarti. She welcomes Sita. Valmiki says her name is Vandevi, she will stay with us in this ashram, and we have to look after her happiness and sorrows. Bhanuti/Hanuman says come mata, I made a small hut for you. Sita smiles. Valmiki prays to Lord and says Sita has come in our ashram, we will take care of him, forgive me if there is any mistake done while serving her. The time passes. After eight months, Sita holds her stomach and comes out of the hut. Hanuman looks on. Sita imagines Ram and smiles. Ram disappears and she gets sad. She looks around. Sita feels pain in her stomach. Hanuman rushes to her and asks Guru dev, Guru Mata to see whats happening. The ladies take Sita inside. Hanuman cries and says Mata is having pain. Valmiki asks him to have patience, everything will be fine. Guru Mata says nothing to worry, there is one month left, then there will be baby’s laugh echoing in this ashram. Valmiki smiles and thinks Ram and Sita’s child will starts his life journey here.

Valmiki tells Sita that this is first Sanskaar of the child growing in your womb. He does her aarti. Guru does her tika and does aarti. Guru Mata says mother’s feelings and thoughts affect the child, so try to be happy always, don’t let your heart get sad. Valmiki says its good luck for any woman to become mother, this is such happiness which completes a woman. Janak comes to Ayodhya’s Rajbhavan. He greets Guru Vashisht. Kaushalya and Laxman look on. Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti come there. They cry and hug him. Shruthkirti says we could not stay away from Sita, but now we got away from her twice. Urmila says if you took all four of us back, Sita would have been with us today. Guru Vashisht says I understand the pain to get away from a children. Janak says I came to meet Ram, where is he. Laxman says Ram is in his Kaksh, come I will take you there. Janak stops him and says I want to meet Ram alone.

Precap: Janak asks Sita will she not meet him. Sita cries and says the woman who is regarded impure, how can she show her face to him. He says you are Vaidehi, Mithila’s daughter. Sita hugs Janak and cries. He asks her to come with him to Mithila.

Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Full Written Episode 269 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Episode 269 starts with Sita asking Laxman about Ram’s problem, why did he break his promise to be with his wife forever, what was his helplessness, I want to know it. He has left such a wife who has supported him in happiness and sorrow, in all difficult times, what situation arose that he has decided this, I accept this punishment, but tell me Laxman what is the reason behind this, why did Ayodhya King Ram did such a bad thing with his wife. Laxman says Lok Maryada. She asks what Maryada did I ruin. Laxman says no, even Ram knows you did not break any Maryada, but Praja does not believe this, they feel that a woman who has stayed as Asur’s detainee, she is impure and she can’t become Ayodhya’s queen, the Agnipariksha you gave in Lanka, Ayodhya’s Praja is not ready to believe it, that’s why Ram had to do this sacrifice.

She says even if Ram sacrificed me, society will always say that Ram has left Sita as Sita was impure, they will say even Ram had doubt on his wife’s purity, everyone will say Sita was impure, Ram’s decision will not end Praja’s doubt, but confirm it, he has punished me and proved I m wrong, he proved praja’s doubts right, now there is no meaning to live such stained life, Ram did not leave any option infront of me than death. Sita runs….. Laxman gets shocked and shouts no, stop.

She cries and runs away thinking of Laxman’s words. She reaches the end of the cliff. Laxman stops her and requests her not to do this disaster, this is not necessary. She says my Raghunandan’s love was basis of my life, when Ram has snatched that basis of my life and left me, whats meaning of this life. He says no, Ram still loves you, he has tried all possible things so that he does not leave you, he met Guru Vashisht, spoke to Matas and went between Praja, when he did not see any solution, he decided to leave Ayodhya’s crown, he was ready to leave everything and live with you in van, he did not wish to leave you even in his dream, his love for you is like pure and gentle like Gangajal, he loves you a lot.

Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Full Written Episode 269 Watch Online

She says I m not blaming Ram, he might have taken this decision for Raj dharm and Maryada, but there is no motive of life for a woman who is abandoned. He says there is motive, the child in your womb, you have to live for the child. Sita holds her stomach and cries. Laxman prays to Lord to protect Sita. He says its possible that you forgive me, but I can’t forgive myself, take care. He leaves. Sita sits crying. Sita’s sisters look for her in the palace. They see Bharat. Mandvi says they are getting late for Amrit bhojan, did you see Sita, where is she. They ask him. He says now you all have to do work without her, we all have to live without Sita. They ask what happened to Sita. Bharat says how shall I tell you, how to hurt you all, Ram has abandoned Sita. They get shocked. Bharat says Laxman has gone to leave her in Nirjal van.

Sita cries and asks Lord to guide her. Wind blows. Devi comes there. Sita greets her. Mata says Raghukul has just given you pain and sorrow, I have also bear this, I will not bear this now, I will punish Raghukul for this injustice, I will destroy Raghukul. She takes a fire ball in her hand….. Sita stops her and asks her to calm down. Mata says no, Raghukul has to bear punishment for doing this for you. Sita justifies Ram and says he has done it for Raghukul’s prestige and customs, he still loves me, calm down, I won’t get happiness by Raghukul’s destruction. Mata calms down and says a Mata can’t see her daughter in such state, come with me to our home. Sita says my duty did not get over, till I give birth to my child and handover to Ram, I promise the day I get free of my duties, I will call you and get in your shelter. Mata hugs her and leaves. Sita cries.

Kaushalya asks Ram what did you do, did you not feel right to talk to us before deciding this and doing this disaster. Sumitra asks why did you take this decision for one man saying wrong. Kaikeyi says my sense was ruined when I took that decision to send you to vanvaas, what did Sita do that you took this wrong decision. Urmila says we sisters regarded you as Lord, but you ruined our belief, you have punished Sita for her entire life without her fault. Kaushalya asks did you not think that Sita has your child in her womb, you did big crime by punishing her, I m your Mata, I will never forgive you for this injustice done with other Mata. Guru Vashisht looks on.

Guru Vashisht asks Ram to answer the questions, else this Mahapratapi Vansh will get stained, if he stays silent, then this ideal behavior will get ruined, you have to say why did you take this decision, why did you send Sita to van forever, what motive were you fulfilling. Ram says I did not abandon Sita, no Gurudev, no one can make Ram away from Sita, Ram did not leave Sita, but King Ram had to abandon his queen, because King has no right to decide for his personal interest, if King had rights, this Rajbhavan would not be without Sita, a king dedicates his entire life for the welfare of Praja and fulfilling their expectations, Praja is not ready to accept Sita as their queen, as she was held captive by Asur, they believe Sita is not pure, they are saying I should have not got Sita to Ayodhya, I m unlucky king Ram, I had to fulfill my RajDharm. Everyone cry. Ram says I asked you Maa, you told me that Sita’s purity and respect is decided by the society, I asked Gurudev, if King’s personal decision goes against Praja, what shall King do, you said there is no one dear to King, everyone is equal for a King, Praja and family is same, that’s why I had no option than to leave Sita, that’s why I had to leave my Sita. Ram and everyone cry. Ram apologizes to them, and leaves. Sita walks in the jungle and cries.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Hanuman spots Sita in the jungle. He gets shocked seeing her state. He takes disguise of a boy, and helps Sita. He tells her about his Gurudev’s ashram, and takes her there. Sita holds her stomach and falls down. Hanuman rushes to her.

Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Full Written Episode 268 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Episode 268 starts with Ram saying you said you had to go to jungle and take Rishi’s blessings. She says yes, when shall we leave. Ram asks Sita to prepare for going to jungle, we shall leave in Brahmamahurat. She smiles and thanks Mata. Ram cries. Sita thanks Mata for helping Ram in taking decision in Dharm Sankat situation. Ram leaves. Hanuman gets bananas and says I have visited Mata Anjani by Ram and Sita’s permission, I did many tasks at Anjan Pradesh, I should leave for Ayodhya, Mata Janki used to give me tasty fruits in Ayodhya, now I will gift her tasty fruits of Anjan Pradesh.

Laxman cries and goes to Sita’s kaksh. He steps back from the door. He recalls Ram’s command and stops. He enters the Kaksh and looks for Sita. He calls her out. Sita comes and says Laxman. He gets shocked seeing her in sanvasi clothes. He asks her why are you in sanyasi clothes. She says we are going to take blessings of Rishis, I have wish of not visiting them in Rajyasi clothes. He says chariot is ready. She asks about Ram. He says Ram is busy in some Rajya work, he asked me to take you, come. He goes out and cries. Antar mann kaise………..plays……. She gets flowers in a basket and asks Laxman to come. She steps out of her Kaksh and smiles. She stops Laxman and says this never happened that I had to go somewhere alone without Ram. He says Ram would have come if he could, its not his personal wish, he is bounded by Rajya work. She says but I have to meet him before leaving. He says we are getting late. She says but I won’t go without meeting him. He asks her to stop. She goes to Kaksh and knocks the door. Ram cries and does not answer.

Laxman asks Sita to come, we should not get late, maybe Ram is resting, he would be tired by much Rajya work, so he is not able to hear us. She says yes, you would be right, Ram would be sleeping, this never happened that I called Raghunandan and he did not hear me. She keeps a flower at the door. Ram reaches the door and cries. Laxman asks Sita to come. Sita turns to see the flower. Ram stands against the door and cries. Sita gets tearful eyes and leaves. Laxman asks her to come. The flower flies by air and gets inside the door. Ram picks the flower and sits crying.

Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Full Written Episode 268 Watch Online

Laxman and Sita are on the way. Laxman drives the chariot and cries. Sita sees the jungle and smiles. Its morning, Laxman and Sita walk in the jungle. Laxman asks Sita where are you taking me, there is no sign of Rishi’s ashram, why are you silent, do you know ashram route, why are you crying, where are we, are you hiding anything from me. Laxman cries and says I never imagined that you will stay in this nirjal van/arid jungle. She asks my stay in nirjal van, what are you saying, we are going to take Rishi’s blessings according to Ram’s command and then we will return to Rajbhavan. Laxman cries and forgive me, I m just following Ram’s command, and according to his command, you can’t return to Ayodhya. She asks Ram’s command. He says yes, Ram has sacrificed you to protect his Rajdharm and Kul. She gets shocked and drops the flower basket.

She asks why is he joking with her. He says I m not joking, I m saying truth. She says no Laxman, Ram can’t do this with me, I can believe anything, but not this, Ram can never get separated from me. Laxman cries. Sita looks at him. She asks Laxman to say once that he is saying lie, he misunderstood Ram, this can’t happen. Laxman says forgive me, but this is the truth, that Ayodhya’s king Ram has abandoned the queen Sita. She says Laxman, even if Lord tells this to me, I will not believe this, I did not do any crime that Ram gives me such big punishment, he never did injustice with anyone, and I m his Sita. Laxman says what you are saying should be true and what I m saying should be lie, but I m obeying Raja Ram’s command, and his command is that you can’t return to Ayodhya, and this nirjal van will be place to reside.

Ram says Sita, I know when you will know that Ram has abandoned you, whose love you believed so much, you will shatter, but its my bad fate that I had no option, I did not make you away from me, I have made my life, happiness and existence away from me Sita, I know you will never believe my decision, but you have to accept this as this is fate of Ram and Siya’s love. Sita shatters and cries. Laxman shouts Bhabhi and cries. He asks Sita is she fine. She says the woman who is abandoned by her husband, how can she stay fine, if you know Ram’s decision, you will know the reason, can you tell me why Ram left me, what was my mistake that I got this big punishment, does Ram doubt on my purity after Agnipariksha, I always obeyed Patni Dharm, what mistake did I do that Ram left me, did my service, love and care had anything less, why did he turn his face away, his love and faith were always basis of my life, and now he has abandoned me, why Laxman.

Laxman says no Bhabhi, Ram’s love and faith is firm for you like sky and land, your husband did not give this command, Ayodhya’s king Ram gave this command.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Star Plus Hotstar Precap: Sita says society will always say that Sita was impure, and that’s why Ram has abandoned me, Ayodhya king Ram has not left any option for me than to give up my life. Laxman gets shocked and asks her to stop. Sita cries and runs.


Siya Ke Ram 16th September 2016 Full Written Episode 267 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 16th September 2016 Episode 267 starts with Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan going to Ram, and asking him to command. Ram apologizes to them. Laxman asks why are you apologizing. Ram says I have taken decision, I m giving up this throne. They get shocked. Bharat asks what are you saying, after so many years, Ayodhya’s fate has brightened. Ram says you three are capable of managing the Rajya. They apologize if they did any mistake. Laxman stops Ram and asks whats the reason by which you are helpless to give up the throne. Ram says not helpless, this is the solution, I have to sacrifice the throne or Sita, I have sacrificed the Rajya throne. Shatrughan says we don’t understand, why to leave Sita. Ram says Sita was captive by Raavan, so she is regarded impure by Badra.

Laxman says Badra is fool, who is he to doubt on Sita’s character. Ram says he is representative of the Praja, he is Praja’s voice, everyone agrees with him, a king should be ideal for Praja, all my decisions will be followed by them, I can’t punish Sita for her innocence, and I can’t break Praja’s trust, I have just one way to leave Ayodhya with Sita. Bharat says no, don’t do this, we all will explain Badra, no one will ask you to leave Sita. Ram asks to how many people will you explain, its better you do your Rajya duties. Laxman says every problem has a solution, you don’t have to do this. Ram says I have taken the decision, I have to leave Ayodhya. He leaves.

Sita prays to Mata and says help Ram in taking the decision, and end all his dilemmas, the moment I stepped in Ayodhya, I realized that Raghunandan is his Praja’s Ram, but I request you that bless Ram to be ideal king for Ayodhya’s Praja. Ram goes to the ancestors’ hall and greets them. He says I have vowed to become king and serve Praja, but I failed to keep my promise today, forgive me, the woman who has always supported me in my life, I can’t leave that woman, I know this incident will be first and biggest one in Raghukul, but I have no option that to do Rajya tyaag, that’s why my ancestors, I sacrifice the throne forever to do my Pati Dharm.

Siya Ke Ram 16th September 2016 Full Written Episode 267 Watch Online

He hears his ancestors telling him that his Pati Dharm obedience will get justice for Sita, but ruin Raghukul’s tradition, as he is breaking his vow which he took before sitting on the throne, you are independent to decide, but remember Raghukul is immortal in the world because of the Maryada and customs, if you leave, Raghukul will end and your motive to get born in Raghukul will be ruined, the ancestors hardwork will get ruined, Raghukul’s bright sun will set, Raghukul’s end is certain after you leave. Ram worries.

Ram says my decision serving personal interests can’t be above Rajya Dharm, never. The brothers come and ask him to get up. Laxman asks whats the matter. Ram says to protect Raghukul’s Maryada, customs and traditions, I don’t have any option, I have to obey the tough RajDharm, I have to sacrifice my wife, Sita. He cries. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan get shocked. Ram says Sita has to bear vanvaas in this life once again, this is our fate. Guru Vashisht senses the happening and opens eyes. He says Ram, what hard decision did you take, you will protect Raghukul’s prestige, but you have stained your bright character. He recalls Ram’s words. Ram asks Laxman to do this work, you have to drop Sita to the jungle. Laxman says but…. Ram says no one should know this, go Laxman. Laxman cries and says this is not right, how can I do this, Sita Bhabhi is like my mother, can any son leave his mother in Nirjal van, I know its sin for me if I disobey your command, but I accept this sin.

Ram says Sita is Raghukul’s Maryada, question raised on her is question on Raghukul, if I stop her for my personal happiness, it will be bad for Raghukul’s prestige, I have to stop this. Laxman says forgive me, I accept to die, than doing this disastrous step. Ram says its right, then Bharat will do this work. Bharat cries and says no, I don’t have courage, you don’t put me in this Dharm Sankat, what will I answer Sita if she asks me, I can’t lie to her, and I can’t even speak out truth. Shatrughan folds hands and says the work which Laxman and Bharat can’t do, how can I do this, forgive me too. Ram says Laxman, you have always freed me of problems and sorrow, you will do this work. Laxman says this work…. Ram stops him from saying anything and says this is command of your king Ram. The brothers cry. Ram asks Laxman to remember, no one should know about this, not even Sita. Ram goes. Laxman asks him to stop. Laxman cries and says how will I do this, I had vowed to protect Sita always and protected her during 14 year vanvaas, how will I do this, forgive me. Bharat consoles him.

Ram sees Sita sleeping. He cries and stops himself from holding her. He turns to leave. His arm cloth gets stuck to her dupatta and he stops. He frees the cloth and gets away crying. Sita wakes up and calls him out. He stops. She says you came to me and going without saying anything, whats the matter, He says nothing, you were sleeping, so I did not feel right to wake you up. She says I was waiting for you, you were saying of some decision before leaving, did you take that decision. Ram cries and nods, saying there can’t be more tougher decision than this. Keeping Dharm, customs, Kul in mind, I have taken the decision. She says I had belief on you, did you come to say this to me. He says you said you had to go to jungle and take Rishi’s blessings. She says yes, when shall we leave. He asks her to prepare, we will leave in some mahurat. She smiles.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Laxman asks Sita where are you taking me, we are going to take Rishi’s blessings and then we will return to Rajbhavan. Laxman cries and forgive me, Ram has sacrificed you to obey his Rajdharm. She gets shocked. Ram sits in his Kaksh and cries.
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