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Siya Ke Ram 26th August 2016 Full Written Episode 252 Watch Online | Ram kills Raavan

Siya Ke Ram 26th August 2016 Full Episode 252 starts with Ram saying one fights with cowardliness who are not sure of their power. Raavan says Ram, I have done tapasya to get these Mayavi powers, this is not cowardly thing, if you had these Mayavi powers, you would have also used this, you know the truth, Brahmadev, Vishnu, Mahadev and even Kaal can’t kill me, as Lankesh is Ajay/invincible and Amar/immortal. He laughs and asks Ram not to lose so soon, fight with me. Trijata tells Sita that Ram is fighting with Raavan, that avatar of Ram is of a ideal husband and ideal love. Ram takes bow from Raavan and shoots at Raavan. Raavan disappears and asks Ram not to lose soon.

Hanuman meets Vibhishan and tells him that Ram and Raavan are fighting since long, but Raavan is getting saved by his Mayavi powers. Vibhishan gets thinking. Raavan asks Ram where will you find me, I m everywhere. Ram shoots arrow and Raavan disappears. Hanuman asks Vibhishan is there no way to kill Raavan. Vibhishan recalls placing Amrit kalash in Raavan’s navel. Vibhishan tells Ram that there is Amrit in Lankesh’s navel, by Amrit’s power, he is not dying, Lankesh will die when you break the Amrit kalash by your arrows. Raavan gets angry seeing Vibhishan with Ram. Ram turns and runs away. Raavan laughs seeing him. Ram jumps in air and shoots at Raavan’s navel. Raavan gets shocked and holds his stomach. Blood oozes out of his stomach. Everyone look on. Raavan falls down on the ground and goes through much pain. Vibhishan looks on.

Ram Kills Raavan Ram Ravan FInal Battle Yudh FIght Video

Raavan says I can’t die, I m immortal. He removes the arrow from his stomach/navel, and throws it. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan says Ram, you can’t kill me. He tries to get up and falls down. Vibhishan shatters seeing Raavan’s state. Ram looks on. Mahadev and Parvati see Raavan in his final moment. Vibhishan cries and sits near Raavan. Ram and Laxman walk to Vibhishan. Ram holds Vibhishan. Ram says Laxman, a great warrior and Gyaani is leaving from this world, go and get some Gyaan in his last time. Laxman says the enemy, who has always followed Adharm all his life, what Gyaan can be expected from him. Ram says if person is enemy, it does not mean he has no knowledge, we have punished him for his Adharm and sins. He praises Raavan and says you will acquire knowledge from him, go Laxman. Laxman goes to Raavan and greets him. Raavan cries. Laxman asks Raavan the significance of his life. He turns to go, and Raavan stops him calling him Sumitra kumar.

Siya Ke Ram 26th August 2016 Full Written Episode 252 Watch Online | Ram kills Raavan

Laxman stops and sits near him. Raavan says in war ground, being on death bed, this warrior does not have knowledge, sense and might, but just repentance tears, even then you want to know my life’s meaning, so listen, every man takes birth by some reason, my life’s aim which I got to know is…. its to tell the world that how ego becomes reason for all sins and Adharm deed, ego is person’s biggest enemy, person should not be proud of his knowledge, love, power, devotion, money, glory, sacrifice…. the person who wins over his ego, his heart does not have wish to win over the world, he does not have anything to lose.

Raavan says its not that I did not know this before, but this is my life’s Viranbana, that I knew everything, even then I have sunk in ego of power, knowledge, and glory, today this ego is ending my life and also became a reason for my kul destruction, I m dying with this burden and regret, but I will never get Mukt/free. Mahadev says its true, Raavan’s life will get Mukt and successful when he knows his truth. He puts some light on Raavan. Raavan gets visual of Vishnu giving two choices of 7 births as friend and 3 births as enemy, and Raavan/Jai choosing to have 3 births as enemy. He turns and looks at Ram.

Raavan gets up a bit and sees Vishnu in Ram. He says in heart…. Prabhu, I m such a fool, I knew I m fighting with Shri Hari Vishnu and did not realize it in my ego, you have done all this Leela for my Mukti, you are so great. He folds hands and says in heart, you are great, there is no one with more sympathy and compassion than you, my life is blessed seeing you, one birth got less in returning to your Lok. He smiles. Ram and everyone fold hands and greet Raavan. Raavan takes a last breath and drops his head.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Hotstar Precap: Ram shoots arrow at Raavan and Sahastra Raavan is born. Sita says a woman will kill you and takes Kaali’s avatar to battle with him.

Siya Ke Ram 25th August 2016 Full Written Episode 251 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 25th August 2016 Episode 251  starts with Raavan opening eyes and laughing. Ram and everyone turn to see. They hear Raavan’s laugh. They get shocked seeing Raavan. Raavan says vanvasi, you think of me as an ordinary human like you, you fool I m Trilokpati Lankesh, the one who could kill me did not get born in this world. Ram asks him to look being out of his illusion, like day end and night starts, same way after birth, death is definite. He takes a bow to shoot arrow.

Raavan laughs and gets 10 heads. He says I m Dashkandar Raavan, you ordinary human can’t imagine my powers, leave about killing me. Ram prays and shoots ten in one arrows, that strike Raavan’s ten heads. Raavan’s ten heads fall away. Sugreev and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan laughs and gets his head back. Ten Raavans get formed and they all laugh. Ram and everyone get puzzled. Hanuman thinks why is Raavan not dying, he is getting beheaded and getting head by magical powers again. Raavan says you thought to make me lose in Lanka, and take Sita, you forgot even air stops, everything gets still and Nakshatras’ direction changes on my command, Lankesh will punish you for your mistake. Raavan shoots, and ten weapons go to strike Ram. Ram prays and defends by shooting arrow, which destroys all of Raavan’s weapons. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram signs them to stop.

Kaikesi smiles and continues yagya with Vishravas. Raavan says you will take birth and die again and again, but can’t kill Raavan. Ram says to end Adharm, just one birth with Dharm is enough, all Mayavi powers has to end for sure to protect Dharm. He gives his bow to Laxman and keeps arrows. He takes out a sword. Raavan took gets his sword. Ram stops his army and goes to fight with Raavan alone. Hanuman thinks Raavan is not dying, there is surely some secret, no one except Vibhishan can know this, I have to find Vibhishan. He leaves. Ram fights with Raavan and kills all Raavans one by one, by stabbing them.

Siya Ke Ram 25th August 2016 Full Written Episode 251 Watch Online

Ram sees the last Raavan. All the Raavans fall down. Everyone look on. Raavan gets angry and runs to Ram. Ram kicks him away and shouts. He throws the sword. Raavan starts laughing again and asks are you doing mistake to challenge me to have a power battle/Bal yudh with you by throwing away sword, I will have more fun to kill you by my hands. Hanuman looks for Vibhishan and wonders where did Vibhishan go. Ram and Raavan fly in the air and strike each other. They both land back and continue fight. Ram jumps and kicks on Raavan’s chest. Raavan falls down. Mayasur tells Mandodari that Ram and Raavan’s war started, I don’t know what will be the result. They get worried.

Raavan gets up and throws Ram away. He holds Ram by his neck and suffocates him. Laxman and everyone look on. Ram gets away Raavan’s hands and throws him. Ram then holds Raavan by his neck. He drags Raavan and suffocates him by pressing hard on his neck. Ram holds Raavan’s head against the ground and gets all anger out, thinking of Sita’s kidnapping and troubles. Raavan closes eyes. Ram looks at him and leaves him. Laxman goes to Ram and holds him. They ask about Lankesh. Ram shows them Raavan. Raavan opens eyes and says Ram, the one whom death could not fail, how will an ordinary human like you kill. He gets up again and disappears. Raavan laughs aloud and gets high in air. Ram looks at him.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Vibhishan tells Ram about the Amrit placed in Lankesh’s navel, Raavan will die when you break the amrit kalash by your arrows. Ram shoots arrows at Raavan. Mahadev tells Parvati that Raavan’s life will be successful and he will get Mukti when he realizes the truth of his life.

Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Full Written Episode 250 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Episode 250 starts with Vibhishan apologizing to Ram. he says I can’t see today’s war by my eyes, I can’t see my Asurkul’s destruction more. Ram says I understand your state, you stay in tent here. They all leave. Shank is blown. Raavan laughs and comes in his air chariot. Raavan says Shri Hari and his vanar sena, Ram you will be responsible for their death. He shoots magic arrow, that kills many vanar in one go. He laughs and asks Ram to save them. Raavan shoots down many vanars. Ram looks on.

Hanuman says Raavan will fight by cheat and power in today’s war, you have to be careful. Sugreev angrily goes and says Raavan, you fight from sky, land or underground, I will not leave you alive. He throws his gada to hit Raavan’s chariot. Raavan gets a jerk and shoots arrow at Sugreev. Sugreev falls down by the blast. Ram says Sugreev and worries. He asks Hanuman to arrange treatment for wounded warriors. Ram thinks I know what Raavan is doing, but Raavan can’t change his destiny. He calls out Raavan and says its not bravery to kill vanar from far, come infront of me and fight. Raavan says everyone has plan and weapons to fight, if you don’t have any medium and plan, then accept your failure infront of me, else you and your vanar sena are standing infront of Kaal today. Raavan shoots at Ram. Ramm shoots an arrow and both arrows collide and blast. Their fight continues. Ram stops Raavan’s attacks. Raavan shoots some black smoke. Ram prays and blows that black evil power.

Raavan gets angry and shoots some huge ball. Its smoke creates a dense layer infront of everyone. Hanuman says Raavan is at much height, I will take you to height, you will find it easy to fight. Raavan shoots arrows, and Hanuman hits the arrow with gada. Laxman shouts Hanuman. Ram says no Hanuman, this can risk your life, I have to make Dharm win today, no one can come between me and Raavan, go and protect the sena. Hanuman agrees. Ram prays and gets an arrow. He shoots at Raavan. The arrow blows up the chariot’s wheel. The fire gets blown off. Raavan laughs and says Ram, you want to break this chariot, its Yaksha’s chariot, no human can break it in this world, no warrior can fail the person riding this chariot. Ram says one more deceive.

Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Full Written Episode 250 Watch Online

Trijata tells Sita that Lankesh has attacked vanar sena by sitting in his Divya chariot, no one is able to stop his attacks. Sita asks her not to worry, Mata Gauri will surely help Ram. Raavan’s chariot goes far. Ram runs after him. Raavan shoots at him and laughs. Ram also shoots at him. Ram gets saved by his arrows. Ram runs to the mountain. Raavan shoots at the mountain, and it blasts. Ram jumps down. Laxman says Bhaiya, Hanuman too worries. Raavan laughs and sees Ram.

Mahadev and Parvati look on. Parvati says the war happening in Lanka’s land, everyone is witness of this, the way Raavan is killing vanar sena by riding Divya chariot and showing his power, it seems its not possible for Ram to fail him. Indradev comes there and greets Mahadev. He says Mata Parvati is saying true, you can help Ram in such time. Mahadev says no Devraj, Ram does not need my help in this Dharm yudh, he needs you, you can become his helper. Indradev asks how. Mahadev looks at him. Indradev smiles and leaves.

Ram shoots at the chariot. The chariot disappears. Ram looks around. Indradev comes there. Ram greets him and says Indradev you here in battle ground. Indradev gives him a chariot, and says your father Dasharath helped all Devtas in their service, and its Devtas’ duty to help you, you can use this Diyva chariot, then Raavan’s cheat will not work, you can see Raavan, accept this small gift from all the Devtas. Ram thanks him. Indradev goes. Ram gets in the chariot. He sees Raavan’s chariot. Raavan gets angry and shouts Indra, you helped my enemy in the war, I will punish you. Ram says this is the difference, entire world helps one who walks on Dharm path, and the one who follows Adharm, gets alone, like you. Raavan looks at Ram.

Raavan says vanvasi, Indra’s chariot is not suiting you, you spoke of Dharm and customs, why did you take help from Indra, did you get scared of Lankesh. Ram says this is not help, war is of equality, I told you to come infront of me, you did not agree, so I came infront of you now, attack. Raavan and Ram fight by shooting arrows. Ram says not by cheat, fight like a warrior, come on attack. Ram shoots and Raavan’s bow falls down. Ram shoots again and Raavan’s shield falls down. Raavan holds himself. Ram shoots again and Raavan gets beheaded. Raavan’s head falls down. Laxman, Hanuman and everyone get glad seeing this. Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram gets down the chariot. Laxman hugs him. Ram feels incomplete victory. Raavan opens eyes and smiles. Raavan starts laughing. Ram and everyone get shocked seeing him.

Siya Ke Ram Hotstar Star Plus Precap: Raavan says you can take many births and die, but you can’t kill Raavan. Ram pierces sword in his navel and strikes him many times. raavan still gets alive and laughs. Hanuman thinks Raavan is not dying, there is surely some secret, I have to find Vibhishan and know about it.

Siya Ke Ram 23nd August 2016 Full Written Episode 249 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 22nd August 2016 Episode 249 starts with Raavan talking to Vibhishan. He says you went to my enemy Ram, even then you broke all your Maryada, you become Kul’s enemy, you are reason of Meghnadh, Kumbhkaran, Ahiravan, Dhundraj, Vajramushti’s death, your survival is not good for me. hanuman thinks to take Vibhishan back safely before Ram’s anushtaan gets completed. Vibhishan says I did not wish bad for Lanka and Asur clan, I never thought to do bad to you, I always wanted you to leave Adharm and sins, and come on Dharm path, I wanted good for Asur clan, no one took my words seriously, even Meghnadh, Kumbhkaran and Kaikesi did not understand, I request you to return Sita to Ram and apologize, Ram will forgive you. Raavan shouts Vibhishan. Hanuman hears that and looks down to some dark place. Raavan says

no Vishnudhaari can be greater than Lankesh, this is proved in the war, now Lankesh will the world’s Swami, not Vishnu. He gets his sword and is about to kill Vibhishan. Hanuman enters there and picks the tree to which Vibhishan was tied. He flies away with Vibhishan and the tree. Raavan gets angry. Hanuman gets back Vibhishan to their tent place. Sugreev asks Vibhishan is he fine. Vibhishan says yes, when Hanuman is there, wrong can’t happen with any Ram’s devotee, does Ram know this. Sugreev says no, we did not tell Ram, else he would have left shakti puja and gone to find you. He asks soldiers to protect Vibhishan, there should be no mistake.

Ram does the Aradhna and keeps the lotus infront of the Devi idol. Sita prays to Maa Shakti Swaroopa infront of Akhand jyot and says Ram is praying to you, he needs your blessing, accept his puja and bless him to protect Dharm and customs. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Mahadev asks Parvati why does she look worried. Parvati says Ram is praying to Devi Shakti Swaroopa as a human, whoever does this Aradhna, has to prove his devotion, but the one who has pure heart and doing Shakti puja with a pure intention to protect the world, the one who is Narayan, how can I test him. Mahadev says Bhavani, fate is definite, fate does not differentiate, just do your duty, Ram will do his Dharm and duty.

Siya Ke Ram 23nd August 2016 Full Written Episode 249 Watch Online

Ram keeps lotus and prays. Parvati says Ram, I m helpless because of the fate, so I have to test your devotion as a devotion. She puts some light and disappears a lotus. Ram keeps another lotus and then extends one for the last one. He wonders where did the last lotus go, if I don’t keep it, the Aradhna will be incomplete, if I go to get flower, the Aradhna will be ruined, what shall I do Devi. He recalls Kaushalya’s words that his eyes are like lotus. He says Mata called me Rajeevnain, it means my two eyes are like lotus. He takes an arrow and points to his eye. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Ram pierces the arrow under his eyes. It starts bleeding. Devi Parvati appears behind the idol and stops Ram. Ram greets her.

Parvati says you were going to give me your eye for the lotus, I have accepted that lotus already. She shows the last lotus in her hand, your Shakti puja completed, I m pleased with your Aradhna, tell me what do you want. Ram says vanar sena and I are fighting the war for Dharm, just bless me that Dharm wins and Adharm loses in the war. She asks him to fight without worry, your Dharm and you will definitely win, you will win in the battle ground tomorrow. Ram greets her.

Vishravas and Kaikesi do the yagya. A smoke appears and forms the Sahastra Raavan. Kaikesi smiles and thinks now no one can fail my son Lankesh, now Ram’s death is definite. she laughs and says my wait is over, my son’s protector, Asurkul’s shield, Sahastra Raavan is created. Mandodari comes there. Kaikesi asks why do you look scared. Mandodari says my heart is filling with fear and sorrow thinking of war, Lankesh’s warrior got killed, he is going in war ground alone tomorrow. Kaikesi asks who told you Lankesh is going alone, Sahastra Raavan will go along him.

Mandodari gets shocked seeing Sahastra Raavan. Kaikesi says he will be like shadow with him, he will fight with Raavan in the war. Vishravas says no, Sahastra Raavan can’t go in war ground. Kaikesi asks why. Vishravas says till he does not get a life in him, how can he go. Kaikesi asks why is that delayed then. He says that’s not in my hands, I can’t just do Anushtaan to get life in him, after that Sahastra Raavan will get life on right time. Kaikesi asks him to start Anushtaan then, we have to bring him to life before sunrise. Sita thinks everyone of Raavan’s warriors died, Raavan was proud of them, now its Raavan left.

Raavan looks at his throne. He sees the Rajya Sabha chairs vacant. Ram talks to Laxman. Sita is restless and holds patience. She prays. Laxman says you look worried. Ram says no, I m not worried, I m thinking for the result of the war starting with sunrise, the war will end Sita’s sorrow and bring light of Dharm. Sita says every ray on sunrise will end Raavan’s Adharm, sins and darkness will end. Raavan laughs. She says it will initiate Dharm and customs, and truth light will be spread in entire Lanka. Raavan says tomorrow’ sunrise will be witness of Ram and vanar sena’s destruction, and Lankesh’s victory. He laughs.

Precap: Trijata tells Sita that Raavan has cheated and attacked vanar sena by sitting in his Divya chariot, no one is able to stop his attack. Sita says Mata Gauri will surely help Ram. Ram runs to the top of the mountain. Raavan in his chariot, laughs and shoots arrow to blast that mountain.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd August 2016 Full Written Episode 248 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 22nd August 2016 Episode 248 starts with Raavan saying how is this possible, my body has no wound, all wounds healed on its own. Vaid says its possible if someone has taken Devta’s Amrit, but you did not have such Amrit, how did this get possible. Raavan asks Vaidraj to leave. He asks Mayasur why are you silent, I did not get blessing to get immortal, whats the reason for my wounds healing on own, is there something I don’t know, tell me. Mayasur says your wife Mandodari has the answer, you can ask her what did she do going Chandralok. He tells Raavan that Mandodari has placed Amrit in his navel. Raavan says great, it means I m immortal, Amrit is in my navel, Brahmadev’s blessing too got changed now, I have become immortal forever. He laughs and tells Mandodari that she did wife’s duty always, I could not do this, even Brahmadev could not bless this to me, you did this for me, I m thankful to you.

Hanuman looks for lotus and thinks I did not get lotus in entire Lanka, just Sita can help me now. He flies to Sita and greets her. She asks you here Hanuman, is everything fine. He says yes, but I want your help. She asks him to say without hesitation. He says Ram decided to do Shakti puja and he needs 108 lotus, but I did not get any lotus in entire Lanka. She smiles and asks him to come with her. She plucks lotus and gives him. He takes the basket and says I m returning with 108 lotus by your blessing and help, now Ram’s shakti puja will be fulfilled, now allow me to leave. She blesses him. He leaves.

Mandodari says yes Lankesh, I have placed Amrit kalash in your navel to protect my husband, not by any other intention. He says you did right, see I became immortal because of you, no one can kill me now. Mayasur says no, even after placing Amrit kalash, you are not completely immortal. Raavan asks what do you mean. Mayasur says you have placed Amrit kalash in your navel, if anyone knows this secret and ruins the kalash, your immortality will end. Raavan says that’s possible if anyone knows this, no one knows this except you and Mandodari.

He finds Mandodari worried and asks her why is she silent, why does she not say that no one knows this secret except her. He asks her is there anyone who knows this secret, tell me. She says yes, there is someone else who knows this secret. He asks who is that. She says Vibhishan. He gets shocked. She says its Vibhishan, who has placed Amrit kalash in your navel. He gets angry and says Lanka traitor Vibhishan, he has to die for my immortality, before he tells this secret to vanvasi Ram. Mayasur says its possible that Vibhishan already told this to Ram. Raavan says if Ram knew this, he would have shot first at my navel, now Vibhisha’s final time has come. Mandodari cries.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd August 2016 Full Written Episode 248 Watch Online

Hanuman gives lotus to Ram. Ram thanks him. Hanuman says I did not get lotus in entire Lanka, then I went to Sita, she gave me these flowers. Ram sits to do Shakti puja. He says I swear to do Devi Shakti’s Aradhna, accept my prayers. Laxman says Ram will not get up from his place till shakti puja gets completed, we have to stay here so that no asur power creates hurdle in the puja. Raavan goes to some cave. He calls out Shankini and Dankini. Shankini and Dankini come there and laugh. they ask how did you remember us today, maybe you have some work, tell us what you want, whose life shall we take. Raavan says I will punish him death, just get him to me. Dankini says wait for us here, we will fulfil your wish. He asks them to hear whom to get. They says we know the one who broke your trust. They laugh and leave.

Ram’s Aradhna continues. Everyone stand behind. Shankini and Dankini come there and see Vibhishan with everyone. They say how we will get him. Laxman says its late night, we have to head for war tomorrow, you all go and sleep, I will be here with Ram and protect him. Everyone go. Laxman asks Hanuman to go and rest. Hanuman says no, I will stay here till Ram’s puja gets completed, till then I can’t rest. Laxman smiles. Shankini says Vibhishan got alone now. Dankini says but how will we kidnap him. Vibhishan goes inside his tent. They smile seeing vanars/ Nar and Nir. They take disguise of Nar and Nir.

They get inside Vibhishan’s tent and wake him up. They show the fire and ask him to come with them fast. They take Vibhishan out. Vibhishan says fire caught just my tent, why did we come so far. They get to true form and laugh. Vibhishan asks the women who are they, leave me. They take Vibhishan and fly away. He shouts to Sugreev, Nar and Nir to protect him. Sugreev shouts Vibhishan ji. He rushes to Ram. Ram is still praying. Hanuman asks Sugreev why do you look scared. Sugreev tells him about Vibhishan. Hanuman says it will be big disaster if anything happens to Vibhishan, if Ram knows about Vibhishan’s kidnapping, he will leave Shakti Aradhna midway and go to find Vibhishan, no we will not tell anything to Ram till Shakti Aradhna completes. Sugreev asks what other option do we have. Hanuman says don’t worry, I will find Vibhishan. He flies off.

Shankini and Dankini tie Vibhishan and laugh. he asks why did you get me here, leave me. Raavan comes and holds both of the asur women. He throws them away and says how dare you attack on Lankesh’s younger brother, he is my dearest brother, I will kill anyone who hurts my brother, because just I have right to kill my brother Vibhishan. Vibhishan gets shocked. Hanuman looks for Vibhishan and says don’t know where did those asur women take Vibhishan. Raavan says Vibhishan, I always loved you as my younger brother, I gave you freedom for your Aradhna, you always went against me, but I did not think to kill me when you left Lanka and went to my enemy Ram, even then you broke all your Maryada, you become Kul’s enemy, you are reason of Meghnadh, Kumbhkaran, Ahiravan, Dhundraj, Vajramushti’s death, your survival is not good for me, you have to die.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Ram looks for lotus and says one lotus is missing. He says I will pay my one eye instead that lotus to Devi and complete my Aradhna. He takes a bow to hurt his eye. Kaikesi smiles seeing Sahastya Raavan, and says now Ram can’t fail my son.

Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Full Written Episode 247 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Full Episode 247 starts with Raavan saying attack. His army runs towards vanar sena. The war begins. Sugreev tells Asur that its last day of all sinners, you all will die along Raavan. Asur says Sugreev, we will catch all vanars and take to Lanka, we will keep you alive, you will ask why did this day not become your life’s last day. He laughs. Sugreev fights with him. Raavan smiles seeing the battle. Few Asur soldiers fall down. Asur devil Upajh throws the snakes on vanar sena. Laxman comes infront of him. Sugreev fights with the Asur and shouts. Ram and Raavan look on. Jamvanth throws the Asur soldiers far. Upajh throws snakes at Laxman. Laxman shoots the arrow and kills all of the snakes. Upajh sends more snakes and Laxman shoots again.

Upajh throws black smoke and Laxman shoots arrow at him. Hanuman sees Asur holding Sugreev and hits him. Raavan looks on worried. Hanuman gives his gada to Sugreev and beats Asur with his hands. Hanuman lifts Asur and breaks his bones. Raavan gets angry seeing this. Laxman chants mantras and Upajh sees Naags around Laxman. He gets shocked seeing Laxman’s Seshnaag’s avatar and stands defenseless. Laxman shoots the arrow at Upajh’s neck. Raavan gets angry. Raavan and Ram shoot arrows and it bursts in the air by collision. Raavan shoots again. The arrow passes by Ram. Ram turns. Raavan laughs. Sita waits in ashok vatika. Ram shoots arrow at Raavan’s chariot, and the roof umbrella falls down. Raavan looks on angrily. Ram shoots at him and Raavan’s bow falls. Raavan takes weapons and Ram’s arrows make all his weapons fall down. Raavan faces many arrows and one hits his chest. He gets protected by the Kawach, and removes the arrow. He breaks the arrow and throws away. Ram thinks why are my attacks not affecting Raavan.

Raavan takes a thunder bolt from the sky and gets a heavy bow. He says Ram, you had to die by Raavan’s hand, your life’s motive on earth for fulfilled. He laughs and chants. Ram and Raavan aim arrows at each other again. Sun sets and its gets dark. Ram lowers the bow. Raavan says Ram, if I want, I can make you reach death door in a moment, but I won’t do this today, because I want you to live with my fear and terror, because even Lord can’t save you from my hands tomorrow. He keeps his bow. Ram and his army get together.

Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Full Written Episode 247 Watch Online

Raavan comes back to the palace. Mandodari, Mayasur and Sulochana look on. Asurs chant Lankapati Raavan ki jai. Raavan signs them to stop. He asks Mandodari does she has doubt in her heart again, that Vishnu avatar and Leeladhaari, he was looking unsuccessful to protect his life from me, if I wanted, I could not killed him and won this war, but I did not do this, I wish that Ram sees my total power before dying, so that he does not do such mistake again. He sees Sulochana in widow clothes. He says Sulochana, I did big mistake by not going in war before, if I went in war ground before, my brother Kumbhkaran and my dear son Meghnadh would have been infront of me, but I will take revenge for Meghnadh’s death, I will take revenge of everyone’s deaths. Mandodari says I will do arrangements for your cure. She asks Sulochana to come and they leave. Raavan tells Mayasur that your daughter should understand this day is very imp for me, I showed fear of death to Vishnu, Mandodari should understand my might and power, that I m best husband for her, I m Trilokpati Lankesh. He leaves.

Sita writes a letter. Trijata says this war is going on since long, but today it was difficult for Ram’s vanar sena, many got killed today, such big incident happened and you are not listening to me. Sita says I heard each word said by you, but I need your help now. She gives letter to Trijata and says you have to make this bhojpatra reach Ram anyhow today. Trijata takes it and leaves. Vaid raj cures the injured vanars. Ram and everyone look on. Jamvanth says you look worried by today’s war, but many Lankesh’s many warriors got killed, whats there to worry, now its sure to win. Ram says no, till Raavan is alive in war, the result can be anything, this war is still dangerous and difficult for us. Vibhishan says Ram is saying right, Lankesh has many magical powers than whats seen, Lankesh is safe by his Aradhna and powers, it won’t be easy to fail him. Trijata comes there and greets Ram.

She gives the letter and says Sita has asked me to give this to you, allow me to leave you. She leaves. Ram sees Sita’s letter and gets emotional. Ram says my heart was restless today, I was worried about war’s result, but like always, Sita made me recall Shakti mantra and took away all my worries. Ram tells Hanuman that he will also do Shakti Aradhna, he needs 108 lotus for this. Hanuman says sure and flies to get lotus. Ram thinks Sita, you are my true power, vanar sena came with me to end Raavan’s Adharm, Lanka will have Dharm and world will get better because of you.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Raavan says Amrit in my navel, it means I m immortal, I have become immortal forever, Mandodari does anyone knows this secret. She says yes, Vibhishan. He says before he tells this secret to Ram, he has to die. Asurs kidnap Vibhishan and fly away. Sugreev sees them and shouts Vibhishan.

Siya Ke Ram 18th August 2016 Full Written Episode 246 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 18th August 2016 Episode 246 starts with Hanuman asking Ram and Laxman to get up. Sita sits chanting. The Mayavi effect from Ram and Laxman get away. Ram and Laxman open eyes and see each other. Ram says Hanuman… Laxman asks Ram where are we. Ram says it seems Pataal lok. Hanuman says yes. Laxman asks how did we come here. Hanuman says Raavan’s brother Ahiravan got you both here to sacrifice you to please Dev Pataalika. Ram asks is vanar sena safe. Hanuman says yes, they are waiting for you, we will leave now. Ram asks how will we go. Hanuman says Jai Shri Ram and gets into giant size. He asks them to come, and sit on his shoulders. Ram and Laxman sit on his shoulders. Hanuman flies.

Sugreev says why is Hanuman taking much time to come. Vibhishan says its not easy to fail Ahiravan, he is big Mayavi and tantric, that’s why hanuman is getting late. Hanuman comes there and gets Ram and Laxman along. Vibhishan says Ram and Laxman… Sugreev says its good Vibhishan knew of Ahiravan and your kidnapping. Vibhishan thanks Hanuman for serving Ram and Laxman. Ram says if anyone’s well wisher is Hanuman, such person’s life can never fall in problem, I m lucky to get a weel wisher like Hanuman. He tells Hanuman that you got info about Sita, and then got Sanjeevani plant to save Laxman’s life, and today you saved me and Laxman, and ended Ahiravan, no one else can do this except you, you did many favors on me, I can’t get free of this favors all my life, you are with me and this is my life’s biggest achievement, Raghukul will be thankful to you always. Hanuman cries and says you don’t say this to change devotee’s life motive. Ram says no.

Hanuman says my life’s motive is to serve you, my life has no existence without you, if you thank me for my service, then what will be meaning of my service, its my first most duty to serve you, everyone see vanar with bad sight, if anyone takes vanar’s name at night, they don’t get happiness by food, I m happy to serve you. Ram smiles. Hanuman says I just request you, that you always keep your devotee along with you.

Siya Ke Ram 18th August 2016 Full Written Episode 246 Watch Online

Trijata goes to Sita and gives good news. She says Hanuman got Ram and Laxman safe from Pataal lok. Sita smiles and thanks yogmata for reviving Ram and Laxman from that Mayavi powers. She says my suhaag is alive because of you and thanks yogmata. She tells Trijata that the time has come when Adharmi Raavan will die. Raavan chants standing in fire, and some weapon get inside his body. Raavan gets totally armored by weapons and laughs. Vishravas and Kaikesi do the yagya. Some light appears. She smiles. He says its just one phase completed, we need more time to get a power like Sahastya Raavan. Raavan tells soldiers that its not personal rivalry war, but for Asur clan and values, its not just mine, but your war too, its war to protect coming Asur generations, we have to win this war, else Asur clan will end, Lanka’s name will end forever.

Vibhishan tells Ram about Raavan’s weapons, his protective shield, no one can break his arrows. Laxman says let him come in battle ground once, he won’t get time to lift weapons. Raavan tells his army that its time to get glory for Lanka, we have to win and the winning flag should be raised in Lanka. Ram says we should not underestimate enemy, his capabilities will be seen in war ground, we will see Raavan tomorrow, he is not just a great warrior, but also a Gyaani and Vidvaan, we should respect Raavan, such combo in any human is not an ordinary man, Raavan is exceptional. Sugreev asks are you praising Raavan. Ram says yes, sin and Adharm are his deeds, we will punish him in war, but it does not mean we don’t respect Raavan’s gyaan which he got by his upasna and Aradhna. He asks Nar and Nir to protect Vibhishan in war tomorrow. Vibhishan asks why, I don’t fight with anyone. Ram says we declared you as Lanka’s future king, till the war ends, its our duty to protect you till war ends.

Mandodari goes to do tilak to Raavan and he stops her. He says intentions towards the warrior and trust are imp than this aarti, trust that warrior succeeds and come, where there is no trust, aarti has no meaning. He leaves. The asur soldiers play shank. Raavan comes out in his chariot, guarded by his army. Hanuman and vanar sena chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan goes ahead. Raavan thinks Vishnu had to do human leela to kill me, I made Vishnu helpless to roam in jungle, I kidnapped Rams wife and he could not fo anything, and today he has come and stood in battle ground with this weak vanar sena, I m really great and all Devtas have bowed down their heads. He tells Ram that he won’t let this war go on till sunset, I won’t give you chance to go, sun will set after seeing yours and entire vanar sena’s death. Ram prays and pulls the bow string. He leaves the bow string and it created a sound. Sita says this is Ram’s Dhanush’s sound, it means that Dharm yudh between ram and Raavan started. Ram and Raavan ask their armies to attack.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Raavan aims at Ram and shoots. He laughs. Laxman shoots at a devil. Raavan says Ram, you had to die by Raavan’s hands, your time on earth got over. Ram and Raavan shoot arrows at each other.
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