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Siya Ke Ram 21th june 2016 Full Written Episode 202 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 21 june 2016 Episode 202 starts with Meghnadh coming to Sita. He sees her sleeping and calls out Sita. Sita wakes up and sees her. He says Lankesh commanded me to get you to mandap. She says Raavan’s son Meghnadh, I m seeing for the first time that a son is supporting father in Adharm. He asks her not to give lecture, its my topmost priority to support my father and obey his commands, so I want you to come with me. She says I m not helpless to obey Raavan, he will be punished for his sins. Meghnadh says I can punish you right now, Raavan is marrying you, think its your good luck. She says no, you are egoistic like your father, and you are also full of Adharm, you will also die along with your father. He gets the sword and asks her to be quiet, else he will be helpless to kill her.

Ram tells Tara that Bali is dead, but his duties are not fulfilled, just you can fulfill his duties, Sugreev will sit on the throne and manage Rajya, but he will need your guidance in Dharm and all customs, you have to manage your son Angad too, can you get free of all these duties? Tara cries seeing Bali. Ram asks Sugreev to calm down, we have to conduct Bali’s last rites. Jamvath says according to Shastra, Bali’s son Angad has to do the last rites. Ram says sure, and asks Hanuman to get Angad soon. Hanuman says sure and goes.

Sita says you can’t do anything in the world, you are servant of your father by your body and mind, you have no right to take a decision. He shouts and says you crossed all limits, if you don’t come with me to the mandap, I have to drag you on the ground and take you. She asks why are you hesitant, fulfill your wish. She goes and sits. Meghnadh walks to her. He holds her hand and gets a shock. He gets away from her. Sita appears bright. He tries holding her again and is pushed away. He falls on the ground and sees her. She looks at him. He leaves.

Angad is shown. He stands at the top of the mountain. The monkeys climb the rope and asks Angad not to lose balance else they all will fall. Angad says friends, don’t worry, rocks can fall, but not Angad’s foot. Angad steps on the rope, and pulls them upwards. The monkey call Angad powerful and asks if he will come to Gurukul. Angad says no, I have to go to my Nana shri’s home. They leave. Hanuman comes to Angad. Angad greets him and asks why do you look worry, tell me. Hanuman says I got a sorrowful news. He tells him everything. Angad gets shocked and cries. Hanuman asks him to come along to Kishkindha, everyone I waiting for you there. Angad says sure

Siya Ke Ram 21 june 2016 Episode 202

Angad comes with Hanuman. Ram tells Angad that Bali died by my hands, your heart would have anger for me, its natural. Angad says Hanuman told me everything, I m sad for my father’s death, but I have no bad feelings for you and Sugreev in my heart, my father went on Adharm’s path, you have freed him from Adharm and wrong customs path, I have got much love from Sugreev, I don’t have any anger in my heart. Ram says you are behaving according to Dharm, I m proud seeing this Angad, would you like to manage Kishkindha’s work. Angad says I would be thankful for your consideration, but Sugreev is like my father, when he is there, throne does not suit for a son, let me just stay as a sevak. Ram says right, Laxman go to Kishkindha and announce about Sugreev’s Rajya Abhishek and give Yuvraaj’s post to Angad. Sugreev asks how will this be possible without you. Ram says I can’t enter any Rajya, according to the promise I gave to my father, so Laxman will go with you to Kishkindha for this auspicious work. He tells Sugreev that our every moment is precious, Sita is waiting for us in Lanka. Sugreev says I understand, I will send all the monkey army to Lanka, they will find Sita and inform us. He leaves with everyone. Ram says just some waiting, I m coming soon to free you from Raavan.

Raavan sits in the mandap and is waiting for Sita. Kaikesi looks on. Pandit sees Raavan smiling. He asks when will the bride come. Raavan says mantras should not stop. Pandit continues mantras. Raavan asks Kaikesi why is this getting delayed. She says Meghnadh would be coming. Raavan says don’t know why Mehgnadh did not bring Sita till now. Meghnadh comes and says Pitashri. Raavan smiles thinking Sita came. Kaikesi says Meghnadh, you came alone. Raavan turns to see. Meghnadh says forgive me Pitashri, I failed to get Sita. Raavan gets angry and says you have killed Indra on my saying, you could not get Sita, that ordinary woman. Meghnadh says she is not an ordinary woman. Kaikesi says Meghnadh is right, it won’t be possible to get Sita against her wish. Raavan smiles and says so what if Sita can’t come here, I can go to Ashok vatika, now Lankesh and Sita’s marriage will happen there.

He asks pandit to proceed towards Ashok vatika. Sulochana comes there and tells Raavan that Mandodari. Raavan asks what happened to Mandodari. She says Mandodari is sitting in fire and going to sacrifice her life. They get shocked. Raavan and everyone rush to see her. Mandodari sits in the fire ring. Sita and Trijata look on. Raavan and everyone see Mandodari in the middle of the flaming ring. Mandodari requests Raavan to leave thought of marrying Sita, else this fire of is her Pativrath Dharm, in which a Sati Stree will get burnt to ashes.

Precap: Mandodari tells Raavan that she never went against him and always obeyed her Pati vrath Dharm, if you don’t agree to me, no one can stop me from entering this fire.

Siya Ke Ram 20th june 2016 Full Written Episode 201 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 20th June 2016 Episode 201 starts with Bali asking who are you to punish me for my crimes. Ram says Dharm and Adhram, sin and good, all these are not related to one Rajya or person, its related to world, if any person is sad by Adharm, the world is also affected, if any person sees Adharm going on and does not try to end it, then the person is also guilty like the one doing Adharm. He tells Bali, your death is close, accept your Adharm, this is the last chance to get free of your sins, repent, else you won’t get free of it ever. Bali recalls how he evilly eyed Roma.

Bali says ego is so strange, that it does not break when death is infront of him, and person forgets to see the person opposite him, forgive me, you freed me from this Adharm and sinful life. He folds hands and says I now you relieved me of this sinful life. Tara comes running and cries seeing Bali’s state.

The marriage mandap is set. The servants do the needful arrangements. Kaikesi tells Raavan that wedding arrangements got completed, wedding should be done soon. Raavan says I m very happy seeing the arrangements, my incomplete dream will get completed today. Meghnadh asks what dream. Raavan says to marry with all rituals. Meghnadh says I will get Sita. Raavan commands him to get Sita here. Meghnadh levaes. Mandodari looks on.

Trijata goes to Sita and says Lankesh did all arrangements for marriage, mandap and yagna are made. Sita smiles an shows the beautiful flower to Trijata. Trijata says danger is close to you, try to understand. Sita asks her to see the flower, it seems so happy and without any worry that someone can pluck it anytime. Trijata says I m worried for you. Sita says just our Karm is in hands, we can obey Dharm, we can’t control anyone, similarly, Raavan’s behavior and deeds are not in our control, we can’t stop or explain him, let him do anything, I will do whats in my control.

Bali apologizes to Tara and says I have walked on Adharm path and did injustice with you, forgive me. Tara holds him and cries. She says no, I was just worried that you are not able to see the truth because of your ego, when will you see that truth, now when you have realized the truth, it got very late, nothing can change now. Bali says if you forgive me, then many things will change Tara. She says no, you have regretted for your mistake and repenting too, you don’t need forgiveness now. Bali says Kesari Nandan, you also explained me a lot, but I did not listen to you, its good luck to have a good friend like you, Sugreev has this good luck, whatever I told you, I told that mistakenly, forgive me. Sugreev turns his face away. Bali says Sugreev, I can’t even apologize to you, my senses got ruined to regard you as my enemy, my soul is not leaving as you did not forgive me till now, I deserve this. Bali cries and says its my last wish that I leave my soul infront of you, will you fulfill my wish, tell me Sugreev. Sugreev cries and sits near Bali. He says you loved me as a father and gave me teaching, but today I became an orphan. Bali says now I can die happily, as you have forgiven me, you accept my son Angad too.

Bali asks Sugreev to give father’s love to his son, which he could not give. Sugreev nods. Bali thanks Ram as he got his family’s love in his final time. He says this is the result of good deeds of my last birth that I came infront of you in my final moment. He dies. Tara shouts no and cries. Sugreev cries too. Everyone look on.

Siya Ke Ram 20th June 2016 Episode 201

Meghnadh is stopped my Mandodari. She says I know you are going to take Sita to mandap. He says this is Raavan’s command. She says you always obeyed Raavan’s command being a dutiful son, without thinking is Raavan saying right or wrong, did you ever obeyed to your mother, did you think about my respect, is Lankesh’s marriage with Sita not my insult, you know this and helping your dad, do you want to do this. He says forgive me, its son’s Dharm to obey a father’s command. She shouts Dharm can’t be fulfilled by obeying Adharm, its necessary to obey mother, along obeying father, like Raavan commanded you to get Sita to mandap, I command you to leave from here without getting Sita. Meghnadh goes to her and says I would have obeyed you for sure, if Lankesh was just my father, but he is Lanka’s Swami, I would have gone against father’s command, but I can’t go against Lanka king’s command, I can accept to Putra Droh, but not Rajya droh, forgive me. He leaves. She cries.

Tara tells Ram that you have punished my husband for his Adharm and injustice and did his Uddhar, I request you to fulfill my last wish. She says by the arrow, you have freed Bali, you free me of this life by the same arrow. Ram and Laxman get shocked. Tara asks Ram to take the arrow. Hanuman asks what are you saying, do you think Ram did a crime or Adharm by killing Bali. She says no Hanuman, I did not mean this, how can I blame Ram, he has killed my husband and protected Dharm, customs and justice, I respect Ram for this. She says Ram, I m a Pavi vrata woman, after my husband’s death, there is no meaning of my life, so I request you to make me reach heaven, free me of this life.

Jamvanth says Devi, you are free of crimes, and Ram does not punish anyone free of crimes. Tara says wife is tied to husband by deeds and Dharm, like they have equal right in happiness and sorrow, if either of them does Adharm, both are guilty, not any one, so Ram won’t get any stain by killing me. She asks Ram to accept her request. Ram takes the arrow from her hands. Hanuman, Jamvanth and Laxman get shocked.

Precap: Meghnadh tells Sita that its Raavan’s command to get you to mandap. She says I m not strained to do this, you will also face death along with your father. He angrily takes out his sword. Sulochana goes to Raavan and informs him that Mandodari is giving up her life and has sat on the funeral pyre. Raavan gets stunned.

Siya Ke Ram 19th june 2016 Full Written Episode 200 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 19th June 2016 Episode 200 starts with Sugreev and Bali’s fight going on. Sugreev says I will punish you for all the crimes, for not believing me, for making me leave Kishkindha, for snatching my wife. He beats Bali. Laxman says its right time to shoot Bali. Ram says no, let Sugreev get his revenge and punish Bali, if I try to shoot before that, Bali will try to cheat. Bali stops Sugreev and pushes him away.

Bali thinks to use his vardaan/boon and take Sugreev’s half powers to kill him. He smiles. He pulls Sugreev’s half powers from him. Ram and Laxman look on shocked. Sugreev turns weak. Bali laughs.

Kaikesi is in her Kaksh and worried thinking of Sita. She sees the fire in her Kaksh and gets scared. She calls out Daasi, and says its all fire around, come fast. The Daasis come and ask what happened, why are you scared. Kaikesi says its all funeral pyres burning in all the four directions. Daasi asks where. Kaikesi sees everything fine. Raavan comes and asks what happened Mata. Daasis leave. Kaikesi says I m seeing burning funeral pyres everywhere. He says its nothing like that here, did you give clothes to Sita. Kaikesi says since I met that unlucky woman, I m seeing burning funeral pyres around, its big abshagun. He asks funeral pyres, abshagun, what are you saying. She says Sita is not any ordinary woman, she has strange powers, marry her soon…….He says sure Mata.

Trijata says if there was any other woman instead you, she would have broken, but you are getting more courageous when problems are increasing, what’s the secret, is this just by love and devotion. Sita says I m taught that situation is not good or bad, our thinking makes it good and bad, our intentions control our happiness and sorrow, devotion for Lord and love for Ram are the basis for my courage, I m not seeing anyone with good or bad perception, here in Lanka….someone wants to kill me, insult me, but there are some people who want to protect me, and respect me, I don’t have any expectations from anyone, I just have hope. Trijata asks is hope not a type of expectation. Sita says expectations makes us desire things, when the result is not according to our desire, we get upset, but hope is like a light, that’s why a hopeful person does not get upset in any situation, he always has hope that something good will happen, this gives courage to bear sorrow, if result is not according to expectation, hopes gives courage to bear the result, I have lived my life like this. Trijata says I don’t understand your words completely, but I know it has truthfulness of Lord.

Laxman says Bali is doing Adharm by taking Sugreev’s powers, this is against the rules of the battle. Ram says yes Laxman, the right time has come now. Bali beats Sugreev. Ram aims at Bali.

Siya Ke Ram 19th June 2016 Episode 200

Roma cries and says I have dedicated my love, Stree Dharm and everything to Bali, to save Sugreev’s life, now I feel my sacrifice has gone waste, Bali will end my husnand’s life today. Tara consoles her and says Adharm’s sword can be powerful, but can’t cut the shield of truth and Dharm, Sugreev knows no one can stay infront of Bali’s powers, even then if Sugreev challenged Bali coming out of Rishi parbat, there is some reason, which we don’t know. Roma says no, I think he challenged Bali in his anger.

Bali asks Sugreev to get ready for his death, and laughs. Ram says move Sugreev. Bali beats Sugreev. Sugreev comes in the path of the aim. Ram tries to shoot Bali. Laxman says no, wait. Sugreev falls down. Bali steps on his chest and laughs. Laxman fumes. Ram aims at Bali and shoots the arrow, when Bali was going to hit Sugreev with his weapon and kill him. Ram’s arrow hits Bali’s chest. Bali falls down. Sugreev looks at Ram. Ram nods.

A guard informs Tara about Bali getting wounded by the arrow, it seems his end is close. She gets shocked. Bali says Dasharath’s eldest son Ram. I heard you do justice, this is not right to challenge me for battle and killing me like this. Ram says if I challenged you and fought, I would have fought, according to the battle, I would be regarded Kishkindha’s king, but now I m staying as a sanyasi, Raj path is useless for me, I did this to help Sugreev, I did not do this to add up my prestige. Bali asks why did he shoot him by hiding and cheating him, why this death for a powerful man like me. Ram says the sins you did, its very bad, such sins are prohibited even in animals’ society, when you showed such bad behavior, there was no option than to kill you this way, result is according to your bad deeds. Bali says no Ram, your words can’t calm my heart, death should be according to the person’s environment, your society rules are different than our rules, you are Dasharath’s son, you are Raghukul’s responsible person, but your goodness is just your pretention. Bali says remember, I will be killed by your arrow, but your bright future and good behavior will never get free of the stain of killing me. Ram looks on.

Bali says the world is against this work, I m not sad for my death, but how will you prove your Adharm right. Ram sends Laxman. He says the one who dipped in Adharm.Dharm and righteous words don’t suit him, about my deeds, I m ready to pay for my deeds, but being afraid of the result, I can’t ignore my duty, I heartily accept all the consequences of my deeds, your end is close, recall all the sins you did, where did your Dharm go when you made Sugreev leave from kingdom and tried to kill him, did you not remember your Dharm when you eyed Sugreev’s wife badly, who was like a daughter for you, you were a king also, not just answerable to relations and duties, did you not remember any Dharm then. Bali says I did crime in my Rajya, not yours, you did not have any enmity with me, then why did you shoot at me, who are you to punish me for my deeds. Laxman, Ram and everyone look on.

Precap: Tara runs to Bali. Bali feels sorry to not listen to her, and facing this day. Tara cries. Mandodari asks Meghnadh did he not think of his mum’s respect by supporting his dad in remarrying and doing this Adharm. He says its my Dharm to support my father. She says walking on Adharm’s path is not any Dharm Meghnadh.


Siya Ke Ram 18th june 2016 Full Written Episode 199 Watch Online

Ram meets Hanuman

Siya Ke Ram 18th June 2016 Episode 198 starts with Ram hearing Hanuman chanting Jai Shri Ram. Ram says who is doing my name’s Jaap. He goes and sees Hanuman doing the Jaap. He calls out Kesari Nandan. Hanuman opens his eyes and sees Ram. He says Ram and gladly greets Ram.

Ram asks why were you doing my name’s Jaap, Hanuman. Hanuman folds his feet and says this name is within me. Ram says get up and holds him. Hanuman says its like my inner heart always echoed this name, I failed to hear that sound, till I have met you, I got the motive of my life, now you are my Prabhu/Lord, my Aradhya/worship. Ram asks why are you saying this. Hanuman asks are you testing me, you are not identifying your bhakt/devotee and Sevak/servant, come with me. He gets Ram to the top of the mountain and says when I did not meet you, when I did not know about you, I made this drawings. Ram sees his drawing. Hanuman says but after meeting you, I have no doubt that this is you. Ram looks at him. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on and smile. Ram asks but Hanuman, how is this possible, you made this without meeting me.

Hanuman says before sun rises, the light ends darkness, same way your image has lightened my identity, I have seen this image even in my dreams, I used to make the drawings on these stones, I used to get happy and excited with devotional feelings, you are my Guru, I was waiting to meet you, so to calm my heart, I left my everything and came to this mountain, I started waiting for you, I was sure you will surely come to this jungle one day to meet your devotee, now my waiting is over, now accept me as your sevak and make my life’s aim completed. He holds his feet. Mahadev says Hanuman has given Prabhu’s place to Ram and founded Lord Vishnu’s status in the world, Hanuman’s love, dedication and selfless service for Ram will set up Ram’s status as Lord in the world. Ram says seeing you Hanuman, I thought of my younger brother Bharat, I got away from him because of vanvaas, but you have taken his place, you are like my brother Bharat, and brother’s place is not in feet, but in heart. He hugs Hanuman and smiles.

Kaikesi meets Sita and says Lankesh loved many women, but its first time that I came to meet one of those women, think its your good luck that I m standing infront of you, I came to give you such chance, after which Mandodari will also become your Daasi. Sita says you made this Samrajya/empire by dedicating your entire life, listen to me carefully, you gave me a chance, now I m giving you a chance, to save this Samrajya, if you don’t listen, then all of this will shatter into a shred, there is still time, explain your son. Kaikesi says I m Raj mata of Asur kul, no one had courage to talk to me like this, I wish to punish you and show your crime. Sita asks why are you hesitant, I m standing infront of me, punish me if you want. Kaikesi fumes and shouts foolish woman…. She walks to Sita angrily. She stops seeing the fire protecting Sita. She gets shocked seeing Sita’s powerful avatar and goes back.

Sugreev tells Ram that he is ready to battle with Bali. Ram says Sugreev, remember that I will kill Bali just to install Dharm and justice, my arrow will pierce Bali’s chest, but he will get punished by you, you are not punishing your brother, but a culprit, if revenge is in heart, the burden can’t get off from heart, don’t miss this chance and fight with your total powers, without getting afraid, you have to fail Bali, you are going to punish Bali for his crimes, you are with Dharm, and Dharm is with you, have this belief. Sugreev says this time, I won’t return getting scared or failing, I will come back alive and by winning, I promise you. Hanuman says Jai Shri Ram, and gives a garland to Ram. Ram makes Sugreev wear it. Ram says this is not just a garland, this is the garland of your victory, I will not have any illusion in identifying you and Bali. Sugreev says Jai Shri Ram along with others, and asks Ram to permit him to go for the battle. Ram nods. Sugreev leaves. Ram looks on.

Siya Ke Ram 18th june 2016 Episode 198

Vibhishan is praying to Lord. Mandodari comes there and sits there crying, recalling Sita’s words. Vibhishan hears her cry and stops his prayers. He turns to see. He goes to Mandodari and asks her what happened. She says supporting injustice and crime is also a type of crime, Lankesh is walking on the path of Adharm, knowing this, I always tried to protect him, you have alerted me many times, but I did not listen, I have placed Amrit kalash in his navel and safeguarded him forever. He asks whats the matter, tell me clearly. She says I met Sita today, she is not an ordinary woman, after meeting her, I felt like I was blindfolded till now, now I can see complete truth, its first time I m regretting for my crimes. He says its good sign to realize the mistakes, because after realizing mistake, there is possibility to rectify the mistake. She says now I know what I have to do, Stree Dharm is imp than Patni Dharm, I will sacrifice anything to fulfill Stree Dharm, I would also go against my husband if needed. He looks on.

Sugreev goes to the palace and calls out Bali, challenging him for the battle. He says you think you will stay here happily after snatching my wife and everything, come out, I will punish you for your sins. Bali comes and says its good you came here yourself, I will kill you before you reach Rishi Parbat. Sugreev runs. Bali shouts coward, stop. Sugreev says I will punish you such that you did not imagine. Bali shouts to him asking him to stop. Sugreev asks him to come. Ram and Laxman hide behind tree and look on. Sugreev says you were like a father for me, than elder brother, I loved you like a son, and respected you, I accepted all the punishments given by you, today you are more than an enemy for me, you did big Adharm, even if I die today in this battle, I will free Kishkindha from your Adharm, get ready for your death Bali. Ram aims at Bali.

Precap: Ram aims, and kills Bali. Bali says Ram, I heard you are righteous. Ram says you had to pay for your bad deeds. Bali tells Ram that whatever you do, your life will never get rid of my stain of killing me.

Siya Ke Ram 17th june 2016 Full Written Episode 198 Watch Online

Ram Laxman Kills Bali

Siya Ke Ram17th June 2016 Episode 198 starts with Trijata going to Sita. She asks the Asur women to keep an eye and no one should not informed about this matter. She wakes up Sita. Sita asks you here at this time, is everything fine. Trijata says yes, come with me. Sita asks where. Trijata says you called me Mata, trust me, come with me. Sita says but…. Trijata holds her hand and takes her. A lady asks is everything fine. Trijata says yes, and takes Sita ahead. Trijata and Sita reach the river. Trijata says Sita you have bear much troubles here in this sin and Adharm land of Lanka, go now and meet Shri Ram, a beautiful future is waiting for you, leave. Sita asks what are you saying, shall I leave being afraid of this Lanka, do you know the meaning, what will society say if I do this, did you think of it, you are equal to my Mata, do you want to stain your daughter forever. Mandodari comes and says I don’t want this to happen. Sita looks at her. Mandodari says I want to protect my husband’s life, so I request you to leave Lanka.

Pandits check the kundlis. Raavan says now I will ruin your love and belief’s pride, Sita you will know tomorrow, to whom did you challenge. He asks when is the shubh mahurat. Pandit says there is shubh mahurat, but… Raavan shouts but what…. Mandodari says I know Sita, you will have to face many family and society problems, but I request you to understand a wife’s pain, my life’s firstmost motive is to protect my husband’s life, Lankesh wants to marry you, I don’t want him to marry you forcibly. Pandit says shubh mahurat is not for marriage, but for repentance, if any person repents by true heart, his lifelong sins will get cleared, he will become pure and without any sin, if any person does Adharm in this mahurat, it will be disaster if you forcibly marry Sita tomorrow, your life and Lanka’s future will be in problem. Raavan gets angry and says for a knowledgeable person like me, all these books are the waste, what way will they guide me. He burns the books and says I will marry Sita tomorrow, that moment will be regarded most auspicious in the world. He leaves.

Sita says I understand your worry, but you are also a woman like I m a woman before being Ram’s wife, so a woman is going to ask a question to another woman, I want you to answer it as a woman, not as Lankesh’s wife. She says wife’s duty is to protect a husband, so you want to protect Raavan, but as a woman, you should stop your husband from doing sin and Adharm, he would have misbehaved with many women like me, even then you want to protect your husband, a wife is support to husband in all his good and bad deeds, are you not becoming a part of his bad deeds by doing this, I will go from here, but what will happen then, your husband will get any other woman and behave badly with her to keep his ego, nothing will change if I go, just because my presence is making you fear for Raavan and Lanka, so you want to make me leave, would you fear the women by whom you did not have any fear, did you help any helpless woman in past, answer me Devi, don’t you think I should stay in Lanka till everything change or ruin in Lanka, it's better for Lanka to end than being a sin land. Mandodari stops her, and says I also have a question, will you be able to answer.

Siya Ke Ram 17th June 2016 Full Episode

She says if your husband’s behavior was like Lankesh, what would you do. Sita says if my husband went on Adharm’s path, I would have tried to stop him, if he did not listen to me, I would have left him, punishment is result of sin, if Ram was there in Raavan’s place, I would wish same that he gets punished for his sins, even if I have to give up my life, I won’t go till Raavan does not get punished for his sins, the question is not just about me, my respect and safety. She goes back. Trijata and Mandodari look on.

Mandodari goes to Raavan. He smiles seeing her. She looks at him with tearful eyes. He asks why do you look upset, are you upset because of my and Sita’s marriage, you used to say that the problem for me is Sita, as she is stranger for me, now I m going to marry her, I m getting rid of a big danger. She thinks Sita said right, I have protected a Adharmi till now, so I m equally responsible for his sins. He says I know what you would be thinking, it's natural to be insecure, that whether you will get respect or not, you will always be a queen forever, now get happy. She looks at him angrily. He leaves. She thinks of Sita’s words.

Ram sits crying alone and sees Sita’s jewelry. He recalls her words. She asks if I get lost in jungle some day then….. He cries holding her bangles and other ornaments. He says Sita, I did not imagine to get away from you, you are bearing punishment of my bad fate, I got vanvaas and you had to roam in jungles, killing the Asurs and Dharm Sthapana were my duty, I had to bear the punishment for Surpanakha’s insult, but you are bearing the revenge and Adharm.

Sita asks Trijata what are you doing Mata. Trijata greets Sita and says I m greeting an exceptional woman. She says an ordinary woman spends her life in the worry of her family, you are extra ordinary, you sacrificed everything for Dharm. Sita says no, I m also a commoner. Trijata says it's natural to lose trust on Lord by such fate that you got here to Lanka, what's the reason for this unbreakable trust on your husband. Sita says trust is very imp in any relation, I did not trust Ram and I'm here, the mistake I did, I can’t repeat it, if I leave Lanka, it would mean that I did not trust Ram again, that I believed that he would not come to free me. Trijata cries and says your trust will surely win, Ram will surely come to free you from Lanka, this is not just your belief now, but mine too. Ram says you are bearing punishment of my fate, but I have belief that you are stronger than me, you would balance yourself, I know even if I break, you will always keep your patience and courage, but I know, you have belief that I will surely come to free you, I promise you that I will not break your trust. He cries and says your Ram will surely come.

Siya ke Ram Precap: Kaikesi tells Sita that she came to give her a chance such that if Sita agrees, then even Mandodari will be Sita’s servant. Sita gives her a chance to save Lanka. Kaikesi shouts foolish woman. Ram tells Sugreev that you are going to fight with Adharmi Bali. Sugreev says, this time, I will fight till my last breath or die, but I won’t come back by leaving the fight, I promise you, Ram.

Siya Ke Ram 16th june 2016 Full Written Episode 197 Watch Online

Raavan desperate to marry sita

Siya Ke Ram 16th June 2016 Episode 197 starts with Mandodari telling Raavan that not just you, all the culprits who agreed with you for Sita haran, why did you kidnap Sita and kept her as hostage in garden, is this not a crime, should there not be punishment for this. Kaikesi asks her not to forget the queen’s prestige, its becoming your nature to get against Raavan’s every deed, I think Sulochana got courage to do this work from you. She says Lankesh, Raavan says no Mata, Mandodari is saying right, culprit. I m a culprit, as I captured a helpless woman, that’s why you are blaming me Mandodari, its right, Sita won’t be helpless from tomorrow, I m announcing, I will forcibly marry Sita. They all get shocked. He asks Meghnadh to hurry up and do arrangements for marriage. Mandodari cries.

Ram comes to Rishi Parbat. Hanuman sees Sugreev wounded. Sugreev tells Ram that you did not do this right, if you did not have to beat Bali, why did you call him to insult me, why did you challenge Bali. Ram says I know your trust has got hurt, there is a reason that I did not shoot arrow. Sugreev says what could be the reason, you are Raghuvanshi and had to fulfill promise. Ram says you and Bali looked identical, if I shot arrow, you could have got shot, that’s why I could not shoot Bali. Sugreev says no one can fail Bali, if you lose again, Bali will kill me. Ram says this time I will shoot arrow. Sugreev asks how will you differentiate between me and Bali. Laxman comes and asks Sugreev not to worry, we found a solution for this. He shows a red white garland. Ram says this time, you will challenge Bali yourself, Sugreev Dharm’s victory is possible when there is courage to stand against Adharm, don’t worry, this time Dharm will definitely win.

A man announces that Raavan is coming to the garden. Trijata gets away from Sita hearing Raavan is coming there. Raavan walks to Sita. Raavan says I came to inform you, its my marriage tomorrow, with you, Sita gets shocked. Raavan says you will become Raavan’s wife tomorrow, be ready to fill sindoor of my name in your maang tomorrow, I thought you are special and gave you time to think, I gave you respect so that you marry me by your wish, but you have rejected my proposal and insulted me many times, but not anymore, you made me helpless to marry you forcefully. He turns to leave. She says Raavan, you are Gyani, don’t you know a married man can fill sindoor just once, Ram has filled sindoor in my maang, you have much ego to be powerful, but I will show you the power of Patni Dharm. Raavan shouts Sita, this decision will be made tomorrow, Raavan will fail or you will become my wife, Raavan did not lose to anyone till date. He leaves.

Trijata asks Sita what will happen now, how will you get protected by this Adharmi. Sita says don’t worry, one who has Dharm along, no Adharm can happen with such person. A lady tells Trijata that Mandodari is calling her. Trijata leaves.

Siya Ke Ram 16th june 2016 Episode 197

Trijata meets Mandodari. Mandodari says you maybe knowing that Raavan is going to forcibly marrying Sita, I can’t let him do this Adharm, we have to stop this. Trijata says command me. Mandodari says there is just one way to make Sita leave from Lanka. Trijata says yes, this is right way to stop Raavan from doing Adharm, but this work is not easy, Sulochana also tried, but she was caught. Mandodari says Sulochana did mistake to trust Meghnadh, I won’t do this, so I called you, I m sure no one can do this work except you. Trijata says don’t worry, its my responsibility to make Sita run away from Lanka. Mandodari says fine, hear my plan carefully, at night I will wait for you with the boat man, you meet me near the river, along with Sita. Trijata says sure.

Roma does aid to Bali’s wounds. Bali says Roma, I m happy getting you, you would have forgotten Sugreev, that coward Sugreev won’t be alive for long time. Roma and Tara get shocked. Roma says but you promised me that Sugreev will be not harmed. Bali says yes, but he will keep coming between us, you can’t accept me heartily, once he dies, you will stay with me peacefully, tell me. She cries. He holds her and wipes her tears, saying tears don’t look nice in your eyes, you are my wife, not that coward Sugreev’s wife, get smile on your face now. He laughs. Tara looks on and thinks Bali’s Adharm has reached to the top level, its bad for a wife to think this, but now I wish that you get punished, that you die.

Ram stands alone somewhere and cries. Laxman says you really need rest. He also cries. Ram says Sita is waiting for me there, shall I rest here, resting for a moment is also not possible for me, being away from Sita, there is darkness in my life as Sita got away from me, when we get away from someone, we realize the value more, by getting away from Sita, I m realizing every moment that my life has no basis without her, she has sacrificed everything and came with me, for my sake, and I could not protect her. He cries. Laxman says no, Ram looks at the sky and says when I see my moon, I get more restless for Sita, don’t know where is she and in what state.

Sita also looks at the moon. She says like you are seeing me here, same way you would be seeing Ram there too, right? She smiles and moon will he convey her message, tell him not to worry for me, I m protected here, I m waiting for him every moment. Ram says I had to protect her, but today I feel all my efforts are waste, till I find Sita, there is no end of my sorrow and pain. Laxman says I can’t see you in this state, I m the reason for your sorrow, if I did not leave her that day, she would be with us today, I m culprit, I did big crime by breaking your promise, I should get punish, you punish me severely. Ram says its not your mistake Laxman, Raavan is the culprit, he will get punishment for sure.

Precap: Raavan asks for mahurat. The pandit tells Raavan to repent tomorrow, if you marry Sita, you and Lanka will get ruined. Mandodari asks Sita what would you do if your husband did Adharm. Sita says I would have left him by ending all ties..

Siya Ke Ram 15th june 2016 Full Written Episode 196 Watch Online

Ram Laxman Helps Sugreev to Defeat Bali

Siya Ke Ram Episode 196 starts with Sugreev saying Bali takes opponent’s half powers, I have seen this, its impossible to fail him. Laxman says even making Ram lose is impossible. Ram says no, Bali has Brahmadev’s blessings, we have to think about it and do something that it does not harm Brahmadev’s blessing and also kill Bali, it will be right that I won’t go infront of Bali in the fight. Hanuman asks Prabhu then how will Bali get killed. Ram says Hanuman, you will challenge Bali from Sugreev’s side. Sugreev says challenge from my side, no… Ram says Bali will come hearing the challenge, Sugreev will fight with him, but that Adharmi will die by my hands. Hanuman says Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai.

Sita says I m bearing this sorrow every moment, whom should I share this sorrow with. She holds a tree and says you are Ashoka, free of every sorrow, whoever comes to you gets free of sorrow, I will share my sorrow to you. Trijata comes and asks what are you doing Sita. Sita says I was talking to this Ashok tree and sharing my sorrow, what are you hiding Mata. Trijata says I made something for you. Sita asks her to show it. Trijata shows Lord Vishnu’s idol. She says this is my Shri Ram I have seen. Sita says he is not Ram. Trijata says this may not be your Ram, but I have seen him in this avatar, just Sita is not waiting here for you Prabhu, I m also waiting for you. Sita smiles.

Surpanakha asks Sulochana why did you get me here. Sulochana says they want to kill you. Surpanakha says I won’t run like a coward, I will kill Sita. Sulochana says you worry for your love, you trusted your brother and now he is after your life, he wants to kill you and asked my husband Meghnadh to kill you. Surpanakha gets shocked and cries. She says you also thought I m Sita’s culprit, why do you want to protect me now. Sulochana says you were doing crime before and I was against the crime, today someone wants to kill you and do a crime, I want to stop that crime. Surpanakha says I always thought bad of you, forgive me, you did favor on me by saving my life. She gets on the boat. Sulochana asks her to leave fast. Surpanakha nods and leaves.

Meghnadh comes there and shouts Bua ji Sulochana gets shocked seeing his anger. He says Raavan’s rule is to deal with criminal’s supporters as the criminals, you will be punished Sulochana, arrest this woman.

Hanuman meets Bali. Bali asks why did you come here. Hanuman says I got king Sugreev’s message. Bali laughs and asks what king, which kingdom does he have. Hanuman says all the monkey kings have chosen Sugreev as their head, if you knew this, you would have not laughed and got worried, King Sugreev has challenged you to fight with him, he will do arm wrestle with you and fail you, he will punish you for the Adharm and other crimes. Bali laughs and says he will punish me, that coward has this courage to challenge Bali, I think he forgot the old beating, if he had belief, why did he not come to challenge me, I would have killed him. Hanuman asks him are you scared of Sugreev’s challenge. Bali fumes and says I will be scared of that coward..? I would have not wasted time by fighting with him, but you provoked me, where is that coward. Hanuman says Sugreev is waiting for you in wrestling ground. Bali says that fool is not waiting for me, but his death. He leaves. Hanuman smiles and says for whom is death waiting, you will know this after going there.

Siya Ke Ram 15th june 2016 Episode 196

Sulochana is chained and arrested. Raavan says I thought you are sensible and knows Rajya work being Meghnadh’s wife, you have disappointed me, your work was against Raavan’s command, this is called Rajya Droh, why did you do this Sulochana. She says Pitashri, forgive me, I have disappointed you as Kulvadhu, but its my duty to protect Kul’s prestige, you have kidnapped Sita for your sister’s sake, and today you are ready to kill your sister, which customs are these, is these politics to kill your sister right, then its good I don’t know any politics and plannings, if this is Rajya Droh, I accept the punishment. Kaikesi and Mandodari look on.

Meghnadh asks Sulochana to control her tongue. Raavan says you will be punished for sure, but you will yourself decide your punishment. Sulochana says give me death, whats the benefit of being a part of this family where women are not respected, where relations are not kept, is this not a Kul Dharm to protect a woman, and if Kulvadhu protects a woman, its Rajya Droh, I m not afraid of punishment, Lanka will be ruined if this is Lanka’s customs. Meghnadh keeps sword on her and shouts Sulochana. She says I gave this chance to you before, don’t miss this chance to kill me today. Mandodari shouts Meghnadh and stops him. Mandodari tells Raavan that every culprit should get punished equally, if freeing Surpanakha from jail is crime, then kidnapping a helpless woman is also a crime, if Sulochana is culprit, then you are also culprit.

Ram and Laxman hide behind the bushes. Sugreev waits for Bali. Bali comes there and says its good you called your death yourself, I was waiting for this day. Sugreev says even I was waiting to punish you for doing immoral with my wife. Bali asks are you not afraid to die, how did you coward get this courage. Sugreev says this is Dharm’s power, there is no fear, I have no devotion for you in my heart after what you did with my wife, you are just a Adharmi for me, Kishkindha is ruining and Praja is upset with you, now its my duty to end this Adharm from my Rajya. They both start fighting. Ram aims at them. Sugreev and Bali with same looks, and clothes create uncertainty. Ram gets confused seeing them. Ram aims at them and looks at them Sugreev and Bali hit each other and fight continues.

Ram asks Laxman who is Bali between them. Laxman says both brothers look same. Ram and Laxman look on. Sugreev thinks why is Ram waiting, and not shooting the arrow. Bali hits on Sugreev’s head. Ram says its tough to identify these brothers, if my arrow shoots Sugreev, it will be a disaster. Laxman says it will be right if you don’t shoot arrow, why did Sugreev not tell us that his brother looks like him. Bali overpowers Sugreev. Sugreev thinks Bali will kill me, I have to kill him and reach Rishi Parbat. He puts soil in Bali’s eyes and runs. Bali runs after him. Ram and Laxman look on.

Siya Ke Ram Precap: Raavan informs Sita that he is going to marry her tomorrow, be ready to have sindoor of my name. Sita shouts Raavan. Sugreev is wounded and tells Hanuman that no one can make Bali lose. Ram comes there. Sugreev asks Ram why did you challenge Bali by my name when you did not had to kill Bali.
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