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Siya Ke Ram 29th July 2016 Full Written Episode 232 Watch Online

Shree Ram Kills Kumbhkarna

Siya Ke Ram 29th July 2016 Episode 232 starts with Hanuman saying Jai Shri Ram and pushing Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran says great, there was no mighty warrior come who moved Kumbhkaran back in war, who are you brave monkey. Hanuman says I m Ram’s devotee Hanuman. Kumbhkaran says the one who lit fire in Lanka. Hanuman says yes, I will make you lose today. Kumbhkaran says I m impressed seeing your bravery and power, and your words. Hanuman asks him to go back or die by fighting. Kumbhkaran says I m pleased seeing monkeys’ unity, but I chose to fight with Ram. He laughs. Hanuman says we have to stop Kumbhkaran any way. Laxman takes Ram’s permission and goes.

Trijata tells Sita that Vibhishan explained Kumbhkaran to walk on Dharm path and leave from the war, but Kumbhkaran decided to do brother’s duty towards Raavan, he entered the battle ground, this day is very difficult. Laxman shoots arrows on Kumbhkaran and warns him not to walk ahead. Kumbhkaran clears the arrows off his body and says finally, you came infornt of me Ram. Laxman says you have face Ram’s brother Laxman before facing Ram.

Kumbhkaran says you have cut my sister’s nose, you are the cause of all this. Laxman asks him not to judge wrong without knowing all facts, it was your sister’s mistake that day. Kumbhkaran says what was wrong and what was right that day will be decided in war today. He throws a weapon at Laxman. Laxman shoots arrow and bursts his weapon. Kumbhkaran gets angry. Laxman prays and shoots arrow at him. His leg catches fire. Kumbhkaran flows off fire. He prays and gets a miraculous fire round. Everyone look on. Kumbhkaran throws the fire ball towards Laxman. Laxman shoots arrow and blows off the fire. Kumbhkaran gets shocked again. Laxman prays and tells Kumbhkaran that your life got over now. He shoots at Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran gets shot at shoulder, and removes the tiny arrow.

He throws it and says Laxman, you are not any ordinary human, you have failed all my Divastra, I took decision that I will just fight with war, before coming in war, but you made me helpless to change my decision. He prays and gets a huge weapon. Vibhishan tells Ram that this is Mahadev’s Trishul, no weapon in trilok can stop this. Kumbhkaran says Har Har Mahadev and throws trishul at Laxman. He laughs. Ram worries and shouts Laxman. The trishul stops near Laxman’s face. They see Hanuman holding the trishul by all his power. Hanuman turns the trishul towards a mountain. Kumbhkaran gets shocked. The mountain bursts by the weapon. Vibhishan says Hanuman saved Laxman from this big problem, but there is bigger problem, that’s Kumbhkaran’s anger, Brahma, Indra and Mahadev’s Dhyaan gets ruined by his anger, just you can save vanar sena by his anger Shri Ram. Ram goes to Kumbhkaran.

Siya Ke Ram 29th July 2016 Episode 232 Online

Trijata asks Sita not to worry, Kumbhkaran can create problem for vanar sena, but I m sure Ram will fail all problems. Sita says I know, but I m worried, Ram did not kill any innocent person, its first time that two Dharm followers will fight against each other, one Dharmatma will die in this Dharm war, as she has taken Adharm path. Kumbhkaran sees Shri Vishnu’s avatar in Ram, and gets shocked. He thinks why is he seeing Vishnu in Ram…. He recalls Lord Vishnu’s words about his births, and how Vishnu will kill him in his different avatars, and do his Mukti from the world. He thinks Ram is Narayan, he took birth on earth to free us, and Sita Mata residing in ashok vatika is avatar of Mata Laxmi. He prays in heart, and greets his Leela. He stops himself from folding hands, and says no, if I fold hands, he will forgive me, my Mukti won’t be possible, I have to get death by Prabhu Shri Ram’s hands any way.

He asks Ram not to think and fight, as warriors do not think when they stand in battle ground, warriors uses weapons. He says lift your weapon Ram and fight with me. Ram says Vibhishan told me that Dharm stays in your heart, and you did not do any Adharm in your life, you are just obeying your duty towards your brother Raavan. Kumbhkaran thinks does he not want to kill me, no this can’t happen… Ram says you are pure hearted man, and I have no enmity with you, so I can’t punish you in war, I request you to return. Ram folds hands. Kumbhkaran says no, this can’t happen, I came to fight with you, its insult in world for brave warrior to return without fighting. Ram says according to Raghukul tradition, we don’t shoot arrow at any innocent man.

Kumbhkaran thinks if Ram does not kill me, how will I get Mukti. Ram goes back. Laxman says whats this, Ram is coming back without killing Raavan’s brother. Kumbhkaran asks Ram, where are you running like cowards. He lifts a huge boulder and throws at Ram. Laxman shouts Bhaiya. Ram turns and shoots arrow at boulder. The boulder bursts. Kumbhkaran gets bigger rock this time. Vibhishan and everyone look on. Ram shoots arrow at Kumbhkaran’s hand, which falls off. Vibhishan worries for him. Kumbhkaran prays and gets a weapon in his hand. Ram shoots at him and arrow tears off his second hand too. Vibhishan cries.

Ram shoots at Kumbhkaran, while Kumbhkaran was going to step on Ram. Kumbhkaran falls back and sits. Ram’s army chants Jai Shri Ram. Kumbhkaran says whats my bad fate, when you are infront of me, during my last time, I don’t have my hands to greet you, my life got blessed by getting death from your hands. He falls down. Vibhishan shatters seeing this sight and cries. Ram holds Vibhishan. Vibhishan says after knowing Kumbhkaran will die in the battle ground, I could not save him. he apologizes to Kumbhkaran. Ram says any loved one’s death is very painful, but sometimes we know the result and still we do what destiny makes us do, that’s why forget sorrow and be proud, that Kumbhkaran knew the consequences and still did his duty towards Raavan, that’s why the world will know Kumbhkaran as Dharmatma Kumbhkaran. Ram looks at Kumbhkaran.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Kaikesi goes to Raavan and decides to stop the war, and return Sita to Ram. Raavan goes to Sita angrily and says Ram has killed my brother Kumbhkaran, I will not leave you alive.

Siya Ke Ram 28th July 2016 Full Written Episode 231 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 28th July 2016 Episode 231 Watch Online starts with Angad telling about Kumbhkaran, he is mighty and very huge, he can hit or army in one go. Sugreev says yes, he will try to scare our army, we should do something. Laxman says we should kill him before he attacks our army. Ram says no, we should let him come close and then surround him so that he does not get any chance to win. Vibhishan gets tearful eyed. Ram holds him and says I know your sorrow, like you love your brother, I also love my brothers, a good well wisher brother can’t think or see his brother’s bad, Kumbhkaran’s heart is pure and clean, but if he is supporting Raavan, it will be counted in Adharm deed, as Dharm has one path, which can’t be left or changed.

Asur soldiers play the shank. Kumbhkaran comes there laughing and earth shakes up. He scares vanar sena and they all fall down. They run away and he laughs. Laxman says Vibhishan, your brother Kumbhkaran looks very huge and powerful. Hanuman asks how does he get food in Lanka, how do they arrange his food. Vibhishan says he loves food, he eats food which is consumed by entire Lanka. Laxman says I heard he sleeps a lot. Vibhishan says yes, Brahmadev was pleased with him and asked Kumbhkaran for a boon, Kumbhkaran wanted to ask for Indrasan and his tongue slipped and he said Neendrasan, Brahmadev blessed him to sleep for 6 months and stay awake for one day.

Sugreev stops Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran asks him to move off his way, I came to fight with Ram, not you. Sugreev hits on his foot. Kumbhkaran kicks him away and laughs. He shouts Ram, where are you, come forward. Ram looks on. Laxman asks Ram to command him, he will see Kumbhkaran. Vibhishan asks Ram to allow him, I want to request Kumbhkaran to come back to Dharm path. Laxman says he won’t agree and may hurt you. Vibhishan says no, he is my elder brother and would not hurt me, I want to do my duty to stop my brother from going on Adharm and injustice path, maybe he will leave from war. Hanuman says it’s a good thought, if you can explain Kumbhkaran and if he gets on Dharm path, then Lankesh will win. Ram nods to Vibhishan.

Siya Ke Ram 28th July 2016 Episode 231 Online

Vibhishan goes to Kumbhkaran and asks for blessings. Kumbhkaran says you already got blessings, what can I bless. Vibhishan asks him to bless him to be rigid on Dharm path. Kumbhkaran says you chose your path, now move off from my war path, else I will forget you are my brother. Vibhishan asks shall I understand that you also sacrificed me like Raavan. He cries. Kumbhkaran takes him on his hand. Kumbhkaran says you know this is not truth, I can’t leave you ever. Vibhishan asks did I do any crime by taking Dharm path. Kumbhkaran says Dharm and Adharm, right and wrong, its not our work to decide this, its decided by country and situation. Vibhishan says thing that changes by place is not Dharm, one that has selfish greed is wrong, we can’t change Dharm, but can decide to choose Dharm or Adharm. Kumbhkaran says you can’t influence me with your words, person obeys Dharm by his values, like you have left kul and everyone for your Dharm and Gyaan, same way I regard it as my Dharm to protect my kul and everyone, I can’t see who is on the either sides now. Vibhishan says don’t you believe that supporting Raavan in Adharm is going against Dharm. Kumbhkaran says we are Raavan’s two hands, you left Raavan, like Ram’s brothers are with him, you should have been with Raavan, you did not do brother’s duty, you will be called Lanka’s traitor Vibhishan, if we all die during war, promise me that you will do our last rites according to Shastras, because its just you who will be alive after the war’s end. He drops Vibhishan back. Vibhishan cries. Kumbhkaran says go from my sight, because you are my enemy in this war, not my brother. Vibhishan goes away.

Ram tells Vibhishan that the worry on your face shows Kumbhkaran rejected your proposal and wants to fight for Raavan’s sake. Vibhishan apologizes. Ram says no need to apologize, you gave a chance to Kumbhkaran to come to Dharm path, but he decided in Raavan’s favor, its not your mistake, we get result based on our deeds and decisions, Kumbhkaran has to bear result of his deeds today. Kumbhkaran laughs and says I heard there are many big warriors in Ram’s army, but the vanar are just vanar, no one has potential to fight with me. Angad challenges him for war. Kumbhkaran laughs. He asks Angad who is he and asks for introduction. Angad says my might is my introduction. Kumbhkaran says I don’t have time, I came to end Ram and his army, either give me introduction or move off my path. Angad says I m powerful Bali’s son. Kumbhkaran says Bali’s son, Ram killed your father and you came to lose life in this war by helping Ram, you ashamed your father, I won’t be hesitant to kill such a bad son. He is about to put his foot on Angad. Everyone look on. Hanuman comes in between and uses his gada to stop Kumbhkaran’s foot.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Laxman aims arrow and shoots at Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran gets a magical weapon to throw at them. Vibhishan tells Ram that its Mahadev Shiv’s weapon, no one in trilok can stop it. Ram shouts Laxman as Kumbhkaran throws the weapon.


Siya Ke Ram 27th July 2016 Full Written Episode 230 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 27th July 2016 Episode 230 starts with Raavan guiding the soldiers to wake up Kumbhkaran by all powers. He says this is my brother who doesn’t care for me, and Ram’s brother Laxman is always with Ram, Kumbhkaran is not waking up and I m making efforts to wake him, and Laxman always keeps his life at stake for Ram.

Ram goes to Laxman and gives him fruits. Laxman asks why did you get this. Ram says you always take care of me, is it not my duty to care for you being your elder brother. Laxman makes him sit and says serving you is my life’s motive, my life will get blessed, this is my Dharm and duty. Ram smiles. The soldiers make sound and hurt Kumbhkaran’s feet. Sita hears the sound. Sita says I think celebrations are happening in Lanka. Trijata says no, all this dhol nagada are to wake up Kumbhkaran. Sita asks what. Trijata says Kumbhkaran impressed Brahmaden and made the wish to get good sleep, so he sleeps for six months, then eats food and sleeps again, Raavan is making efforts to wake up Kumbhkaran.

Sita recalls Laxman and says Lankesh is doing this to wake up his brother, and on the other hand Ram’s brother Laxman promised to stay awake to serve Ram, like Raavan is doing this to wake up Kumbhkaran, Ram would have never done this, Raavan is sinner and making his brother part of his sin. Meghnadh asks soldiers to use all their powers. Raavan says Kumbhkaran won’t wake up this way, get tasty food for him, he will wake up and then inform me. He leaves. Meghnadh asks soldiers to get delicious food as soon as possible. The food is brought and placed there. Meghnadh says if Kakashri does not wake up by using all the food, then its tough. The food smell wakes up Kumbhkaran. He gets up and smiles seeing the food. He says but, who dared to wake me from my sleep and why. Meghnadh says there is danger over Lanka, that’s why Raavan asked me to wake you up, he wants to meet you soon, Lanka needs you.

Trijata says Lankesh can wake up Kumbhkaran, but Kumbhkaran will never support him in his sins, because there is Dharm and good things in his heart. Sita says you are right, Kumbhkaran came to ashok vatika and greeted me as Devi, he is also good man like Vibhishan. Kumbhkaran says if Ram has reached here and failed all our warriors, he won’t be any ordinary human, I met Sita in ashok vatika, I felt she is some great Devi. Raavan says you mean I should not take revenge for Surpanakha. Kumbhkaran says you should have taken revenge as a brave man, but by doing this cowardly thing, you kidnapped a woman and made our ancestors ashamed, Surpanakha was my sister also, if you woke me up and told me that matter, I would have told how to take revenge, any decision without good thinking takes Rajya towards destruction, I think you did not think anything in order to take revenge, you made Vibhishan leave from Lanka.

Siya Ke Ram 27th July 2016 Episode 230 Online

Raavan says I did not wake you to hear this about Dharm. Kumbhkaran says you did not hear me and Vibhishan, that’s why this is happening. Raavan asks him to go and sleep if he has no power left, I don’t need any coward brother, think about Dharm, Dharm says a brother should help another brother in tough time, rather than finding way to insult the brother. Kumbhkaran says I m doing same and obeying my duty, I m not doubtful, I m your younger brother, its my duty to save you from any danger till I m alive, younger brother is friend and servant, till tomorrow’s sunrise, both sanyasi’s heads will be in your feet, but if I get killed by them, understand that they are not ordinary humans and no one can fail them, so return Devi Sita to Ram and apologize to him for your crimes, we lose or win this war, don’t forget, what you did is wrong. Raavan gets angry. Kumbhkaran leaves.

Vibhishan tells Ram that its big disaster. Ram asks what disaster. Vibhishan says Lankesh woke up Kumbhkaran from his sleep, that’s why earth is shaking, he will come in war instead Lankesh, he is my dear brother, he is a great man, he follows Dharm, he did not do any sin in his life, but Lankesh has made him part of his sin today. Sugreev says Kumbhkaran can stop himself from entering this war. Hanuman asks Ram shall we tell Kumbhkaran not to enter the war. Ram says Kumbhkaran is obeying duty towards brother, that’s why he decided to enter the battle ground, we should do our preparations.

Mandodari says Pitashri, you always stayed against Raavan, how did you decide to help Lankesh in this way, you are supporting Adharm. Mayasura says there is one way to stop Raavan, by supporting him, we have to show him difference between Dharm and Adharm, a big incident at home can make him realize his mistake. Kaikesi blesses Kumbhkaran and says I m proud of you, as you are going in battle ground for Lankesh, I bless you to win… Kumbhkaran says don’t bless me to win, just bless me to be on Dharm, man gets powerless if he gets against Dharm. Kaikesi asks what are you saying, Ram killed our big warriors, he is out enemy, you have to kill Ram for asur kul prestige and Raavan’s good, you have to come victorious.

Trijata says Kumbhkaran is going in war, not with bad enmity for Ram, but to do his duty towards Raavan. Sita says its pride to have brothers like Kumbhkaran and Vibhishan, he could have placed Gyaan in the world, and he is using his brothers for destruction. Kumbhkaran says Raavan has forced Ram for this war by his Adharm. Kaikesi says I think you lost your senses by your sleep, you forgot my values and Asur kul Maryada. He says its not time to think of your values given to me, its time to think of values you gave to Raavan, I will go in battle ground to do my duty, when the world talks about mother’s duty, what will you answer, will you say, you sacrificed your three sons for your ego, we were born by great Rishi Vishwa, you should have given us good teachings and values, Rishi kul’s values and customs, but you gave us ego and hatred, world is won by love and compassion, not by power and pride, I don’t know the result of this war, but if Asur kul gets destructed, Lankesh and you will be equally responsible.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Vibhishan asks Kumbhkaran did he choose Adharm path by leaving Dharm path. Kumbhkaran says move away from my way, else I will forget you are my dear brother. Kumbhkaran laughs and asks who is powerful enough to fight with him. He goes to step on Ram and his army.

Siya Ke Ram 26th July 2016 Full Written Episode 229 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 26th July 2016 Episode 229 starts with Raavan in Ram’s disguise, saying Sita, I have to come to end all your sorrows, we have to bear so many troubles in this life, I did not rest for a moment, I continued to search for you, see I have come. Sita looks at him with doubt…… Ram looks around and says Lankesh has kept you here, in this garden….. you are Raghuvansh’s prestige, Raghukul’s vadhu, Janki’s daughter, Raavan kept you here. She says no, not Lankesh, I have decided to stay in this garden myself, that sinner did many yagya to get me, he has given many proposals to make me his wife, but I rejected his proposals always, I told him that he can’t take my husband’s place ever, and asked him not to try to become Ram, that sinner and cheater Raavan told me that he killed my husband Ram, but who will tell that fool that my husband is Lord of Kalyaan, who can harm him. Raavan gets angry. She says Raavan is such a fool, he is regarded as Gyaani and Shiv bhakt, how can he be so foolish, I m getting laugh on him. Raavan controls his anger, and says Sita, but now I have come, believe me. Sita moves back, and Trijata gets puzzled. Raavan says I will punish that Raavan for all his crimes. He walks to her, and Sita gets away.

She gets sure that he is Raavan and speaks against him to provoke him to get to his real form. She says….. Raavan….. the man who kidnapped a woman and insulted her, he has written his and Asur kul destruction by his own hands, now even Lord can’t forgive him. Raavan thinks what is she saying, did she identify my real form. He says Sita, believe me, I told you, I will punish Raavan for all of his crimes, I came to take you, come. She asks him who are you. Raavan gets shocked and says Sita, its me, your Raghunandan Ram, are you not identifying me. She says whoever you are, your Mayavi avatar can’t cheat me. He says what are you saying, its me Ram, for whom you were restless, look in my eyes, you will see my truth. She says I can see the truth in eyes, its Raavan’s eyes who kidnapped me in saint’s avatar, but not anymore, none of your cheat can deceive me foolish Raavan. Raavan gets angry and comes to his real form. Trijata gets shocked. Raavan says Sita, you lost your last chance, I tried hard to get you, but your husband and entire vanar sena have to pay for your deeds, you will be responsible for their death.

She says seeing Ram, everyone’s sorrow ends, person gets free of curse by taking Ram’s name, you took Ram’s avatar, I m sure your soul will get some change, you will get some sense for sure. He leaves angrily.

Siya Ke Ram 26th July 2016 Episode 229

Meghnadh asks Raavan what happened, where is Sita, did your plan work. Raavan recalls Sita’s words. Kaikesi asks what happened, you took Ram’s avatar and now this thinking…. Raavan says I did big crime by kidnapping a woman, we have to return Sita to Ram, and announce to end the war. Mandodari and Sulochana smile. Kaikesi says this coward talks do not suit Raavan, if you do this, Asur kul will laugh on you. He asks Asur kul will be proud of me that I tortured Sita and did not obey Dharm and Maryada, will they be proud of me for bad sins? He leaves. Mandodari says Raavan took Ram’s Divya avatar for couple of moments, and he starts regretting for his deeds, when he apologizes to Ram, his entire sins will be washed off. Meghnadh asks Mandodari to stop praising Ram and goes.

Raavan goes to his Kaksh, and sees his inner soul telling him that he is happy with war ending decision, return Sita to vanvasi Ram soon, when anyone goes to apologize to Ram or takes his avatar, then …. He says your decision to apologize to Ram is right, when Lankapati Raavan will apologize to Ram infront of everyone, think how much proud will you feel, fall in Ram’s feet, if Vanvasi Ram does not forgive you, then cry holding his feet, then he will forgive you, you are trilok pati Lankesh, you got scared of Ram, how can you be such weak person, no you can’t be that mighty Raavan, you can’t be Lankesh. Raavan gets angry and breaks mirror. He shouts I m Lankesh, not weak, I m supreme, I will end Ram’s existence by killing him.

Vibhishan prays in the tent. Ram comes there and says you two brothers have so much difference. Vibhishan says Shri Ram, there was a time, when Lankesh was great Shiv devotee, a big Gyaani, he used to love all of us, he was happy and promised me that I can live my life independently, so I left Asur life and walked on Krishna’s devotion path, but because of Lankesh, our relations changed, I have followed Dharm path by leaving Adharm, but world will always see me with disbelief. Ram says decision to walk on Dharm path is always tough, so person takes the easy Adharm path, but whoever has courage and belief to walk on Dharm path, the world always remembers them, that’s why the world will always remember you Vibhishan.

Raavan says tomorrow will be last day of Ram’s life, Meghnadh do preparations for my departure. Mayasura comes there and says you won’t go in war Lankesh. Meghnadh greets him as Nanashri. Raavan walks to Mayasura and greets him. He says you here…… Mayasura says Lankesh, you would be shocked seeing me here, but you are my daughter’s husband, so I have to think of your good, I did not come to stop you from going in war, war started and now it can’t be stopped. Raavan says I m blessed that you came here by forgetting the anger and annoyance against me, what message did you come to give me. Mayasura says the army fights war, I did not come to stop you, but I came to explain you war plan. Meghnadh says Nanashri, I will go instead Pitashri.

Mayasura says no, you are prince and Lanka’s future, you won’t go. Raavan asks who will go then. Mayasura says war needs mighty warriors, and also huge looking, seeing whom enemy’s army gets shaken up. Meghnadh asks who is such man. Mayasura asks him to think. Raavan says my brother, Kumbhkaran, he is huge and powerful, he is best in all Rakshaks, Ram and entire vanar sena will die by his anger, Kumbhkaran will go in war tomorrow. They smile. The soldiers beat the drums and make sound by playing shank to wake up Kumbhkaran. Raavan and Meghnadh come there. Raavan says make more sound, wake my brother Kumbhkaran up.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Kumbhkaran says if I fail in war tomorrow, then understand that those vanvasis are not ordinary humans, apologize to Ram and beg for your life, return Devi Sita to vanvasi Ram. Raavan gets shocked. Kumbhkaran goes in the war and laughs. Ram looks at him..

Siya Ke Ram 25th July 2016 Full Written Episode 228 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 25th July 2016 Episode 228 starts with Meghnadh asking Raavan how can you become Ram, how is this possible. Raavan says this is the only solution now to get Sita. Kaikesi asks what happened in battle ground that you took this decision. Raavan says its Ram’s effect, I understood why Sita loves Ram, and what is Ram. He praises Ram and says I did not see such patience, belief, Dharm obedience, tolerance, promise keeping, responsible warrior skills in any man, how is it possible that all qualities are in one person, I understood why Sita rejected me, she can reject Raavan, but not Raavan in Ram’s disguise, I will take Ram’s avatar and meet Sita. Kaikesi asks how is this possible. Raavan says no one would have imagined that Raavan can become Ram, even Sita would have not thought this, when I use Mayavi powers and take Ram’s avatar, Sita will accept me. He leaves. Mandodari thinks if Raavan succeeds to take Ram’s avatar, it will be big disaster.

Sugreev says Ram stopped the war before the start. Sita tells Trijata that Raavan lost without battling. Angad asks what are you saying, how did Raavan lost. Sita says Dharm and Adharm were standing infront of each other, Raavan and Ram can’t be meaningless, the result will be bad. Sugreev says we have to make Raavan lose by our power, it will be waste to explain Dharm and customs to Raavan, you can imagine that our heads bowed down to Ram, but Raavan was not affected standing infront of Ram. Hanuman says your thoughts are not like a warrior, we have to make Raavan feel his failure, we have to make his ego break, so that he realizes his mistakes, and he gets weak mentally. He tells Sugreev that Ram has tried to do this by his talk to Raavan, the effect will be seen when right time comes. Trijata says yes, you are saying right, my pride and sins ended when I saw Ram. Sita says Dharm’s Jyoti ends all the ego and crimes.

Ram comes to Laxman. Laxman asks did you not sleep yet. Ram says I felt your pain. Laxman asks what pain can I have, Raavan is such Adharmi, why did you not kill him, I felt Sita will get free and we will leave for Panchwati, and stay happily, I was thinking this sunset will be end of darkness, I felt you and Sita will unite, but that also did not happen. Ram holds Laxman and says I understand your pain, even my heart wanted the same, to end this war today itself, but Laxman, benefit of the world is bigger than individual person’s benefit, this war and every decision will be an example for entire world, we have to place such Maryada for world, which will guide coming generations, we have to see about people and their betterment by being righteous in this war. Laxman agrees.

Siya Ke Ram 25th July 2016 Episode 228 Watch Online

Raavan does the Anushtaan and asks pandit why is it not affecting. The pandit says it seems its impossible for you to take Ram’s avatar. Raavan kicks the havan angrily and also the pandit. He says you have no right to stay alive if you can’t give me Ram’s avatar. He is about to kill pandit, and Mandodari comes to stop. She asks him will he win if he kills innocent people, there is big difference in you and Ram’s thinking and behavior, if Ram is Dharm, you are Adharm, if Ram is truth, you are lie, if Ram is light, you are darkness, if Ram is pure, you are impure, your soul failed to get Ram’s Divya avatar, if you want to become like Ram, you have to accept his good things, you have to make your soul pure. He gets angry and puts sword on her neck, shouting Mandodari. She cries and says this is biggest problem of my life, that I can’t end my life when if I want, I have dedicated my entire life to you, you have right on my life and death. She gives his sword to him and asks him to kill her, and free her of her cursed life. He says no, I can’t kill you, but no one can stop me from becoming Ram. He leaves. She throws sword and cries.

Raavan goes to top of the cliff and calls out Mayavi powers, saying I have failed you all in war, you all are bonded to the promise to you, I m calling you now, come infront of me and protect me……. It thunders….. five Mayavi asurs come and ask him to command. Raavan says I want to get Ram’s avatar. Asur asks do you mean Dasharath’s son Ram. Raavan says yes. Asur says its impossible, Ram has Divya lok and special powers, no one can take his avatar.

Raavan says I did not call you to hear no, you have to make me take his avatar. Asur says Ram is just truth, even if you take his avatar, then you can’t take any other avatar in your entire life, you will lose all your mayavi powers by his goodness, becoming Ram means Raavan’s end, don’t do this. Raavan says I will get everything if I become Ram, just obey my command without any delay. The Mayavi asurs pass some powers to Raavan. Raavan gets Ram’s avatar. He says finally, Raavan has become Ram. He laughs.

Some Daasis run and shout for help. Meghnadh thinks why did Raavan take long to come. He asks Daasis whats happening. They say Ram has come here, save us. Meghnadh asks are you mad, its impossible for Ram to come here. Raavan walks in Ram’s avatar. Kaikesi and Mandodari get shocked. The soldiers and everyone surround Raavan in Ram’s disguise. Meghnadh gets shocked seeing Ram, and says you did right to come here, your death is definite today. He takes out his sword. Raavan shouts Meghnadh, and everyone get shocked. Meghnadh says Pitashri, you…. Raavan laughs and says yes Meghnadh, its me Lankesh, and like you got fooled by my avatar, even Sita will get fooled by my avatar, and accept me. He laughs is his evil way.

Sita is still praying in ashok vatika. She hears Ram’s call and opens her eyes. She gets shocked seeing Ram walking to her. Trijata and Sita get surprised. Sita says Raghunandan and runs to Raavan. Sita happily cries and goes close. Trijata happily cries and says I did not think Ram and Sita will unite so soon, but Lord has united them well today. Sita cries seeing Ram.

Siya Ke Ram Star Plus Precap: Raavan talks to his persona, and says beg Ram for your life, hold his feet. Raavan in Ram’s disguise tells Sita that she has been in sorrow for much time, and he has come to end her sorrow. His talk makes her doubtful.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd July 2016 Full Written Episode 227 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 22nd July 2016 FullEpisode 227 starts with Raavan coming in the battle field along with his army. Ram walks towards him. Laxman worries, and Hanuman stops Laxman. Ram recalls Mareech’s words, Chatayu’s words, and Hanuman’s words about Raavan kidnapping Sita, and Sita’s message. Ram gets tearful eyes thinking of Sita’s kidnapping, and all the torture she faced in Lanka.

Ram says Raavan, if my arrows have not ruined you and your army, the reason is just one, I want some answers from you, and you can just answer when you are alive. Laxman says why is Ram getting emotional, he should shoot and kill Raavan. Hanuman says no, he is not just your brother, but a good doer too, he is seeing Raavan not just as his enemy, not also with his truth, Ram knows he will kill Raavan, he is sorrowful that world will lose a knowledgeable man like Raavan because of Raavan’s pride. Laxman says Ram should not delay to kill the Adharmi Raavan.

Raavan asks is this vanvasi Ram, I did big mistake, he does not look a warrior, he feels sorrowful man who is in sorrow to lose his wife, he looks very ordinary, that’s why I did not get any protection from Brahmadev, Ram is saying he did not kill me as he wants to ask me question. He laughs and says this is called covering up cowards, Tridev gets shaken by my name, I can kill you in a moment, but its said, we should respect last wish of the dying person, Sita says you follow Dharm, rules and customs, if you know Naagrik life rules, then you should have taken permission of king to enter the area, you stayed in my area Panchwati in 10 years and killed my Asurs, you have ruined the rules. Ram says no, I was just staying as vanvasi and I have right to stay anywhere, it was my Dharm to punish your Asurs, who was troubling others.

Raavan asks was it Dharm to cut a woman’s nose. Laxman asks why is Ram talking to Raavan, he should kill Raavan. Ram says I did not say it was Dharm whatever happened with Surpanakha, but you should have talked to me, why did you kidnap Sita, the one who wants justice does not cheat. Raavan says Sita’s crime was that she was your wife, I wanted to punish you, I knew there can’t be bigger punishment for any man than to snatch his wife, that’s why I snatched Sita from you Ram, I can see sorrow on your face, here if you insult anyone, result is also insult, you insulted my sister and I insulted your kul by kidnapped your wife.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd July 2016 FullEpisode 227 online

Trijata chants Om namoh…… Sita sees Trijata and smiles. She says Mata, what are you doing. Trijata says I m born in Asur kul, my Dharm was Asur Dharm, then one day, you came in my life, then you changed my thinking, since my eyes have seen Ram, I realized how to lead my life, I did not do any Dharm work in my life, but today I m praying so that Ram wins in this war of Dharm and Adharm, so that Lankesh dies and you get free. Sita says I m sure Dharm will win in this war, Ram will win, but Ram will not kill Raavan till Raavan realizes his entire sins, only then Ram will free Raavan of Asur clan.

Ram says Raavan, I heard, no one is as knowledgeable as you, but you aren’t. Raavan says you doubt on my Brahma Gyaan, you see today what’s called Gyaan. He starts proving his Brahma Gyaan. Everyone look on. Raavan laughs and asks did you see Brahma Gyaan. Ram completes the lines, and the Vedcharan Gyaan. He says you have said Vedcharan Gyaan, which you obtained by reading Ved and puraan, this is not BrahmaGyaan, its obtained by getting in Brahma tapasya which would have made you free of all sins and ego, but you obtained Vedcharan Gyaan, which made you egoistic, you have incomplete Gyaan and because of it, you will become reason of entire Asur kul destruction, you should have used your knowledge to do good, but you used it for wrong. Raavan says its good, you talk well to cover your cowardness, I heard Raghuvanshi sacrifices life when they break any promise, you also broke your promise, why are you alive then, why are you shocked, you promised Sita that you will protect her, you took seven rounds with her and promised to stay with her always, how did you protect her, she was kidnapped, your promise broke, you have no right to be alive, don’t you have courage to commit suicide.

Ram says I have come here to fulfill my promise to Sita, I came here to do Pati Dharm, she was kidnapped by cheat, so no promise broke, if I could not make her free from your clutches, then promise will break, but that won’t happen, I will take her back with me safely. Raavan laughs and says till I m alive, this is not possible. Ram says you don’t realize your end is close, this is because of your ego, there is still time, accept your truth else… Raavan asks else will you kill me, how will you kill me, by hiding behind tree or shooting arrow, coward battle with me, don’t waste time Ram. Laxman gets angry. Raavan shouts battle with me coward. Ram takes an arrow and stops. Raavan laughs and asks what happened, are you afraid seeing Raavan infront of you, did all your Gyaan disappear, accept your truth that you are a coward.

Ram says Raavan, this is Dharm yudh and there should be obedience of battle rules, there can’t be war after sunset, even if there is biggest enemy infront of you, war will begin tomorrow, but you don’t believe in Dharm yudh, you can cheat if you want. He leaves. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan gets angry. He returns to his palace.

Raavan is worried. Kaikesi, Mandodari, Meghnadh and Sulochana come there. Kaikesi asks how did this happen, how is Ram alive after you went in battle. Raavan says its because I did not feel right to kill him today, he has solved all our problems. Kaikesi asks what solution. Raavan smiles and says Ram is the solution himself, I decided I will become Ram. They get shocked. Raavan says that Ram on whom Sita completely trusts and whom Sita trusts.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Sita talks to Trijata and says Raavan and Ram are going in war, and this will have a bad result. Raavan says Sita can refuse to me, but she can’t refuse to Ram, I will go to Sita in Ram’s disguise. He gives an evil grin.

Siya Ke Ram 21th July 2016 Full Written Episode 226 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram 21th July Episode 226 starts with Vibhishan says that’s Vajramushti, it means door opening is also Raavan’s cheat. Vajramushti asks where is Ram. Hanuman asks him to face Ram’s devotee first. Vajramushti laughs and says you are so tiny, and wants to fight with me. Hanuman gets into his huge form and fights with Vajramushti. Everyone look on. Vajramishti is not affected and laughs. Ram stops Hanuman, and says he wants to fight with me.

Vajramushti says you should have seen yourself before challenging Lankesh, you are so small that any asur can make you lose, but you are Lankesh’s enemy, it will be my good fate to fight with you. He laughs. Hanuman keeps his hand and asks Ram to come. Ram steps on his palm. Hanuman smiles. Vajramushti says if you came before, some of your vanar sena would have not saved. Ram says destiny has set time for everything, like your Mukti by my hands today. He shoots an arrow and Vajramushti moves. Vajramushti says Ram, you don’t even know to aim right, fighting with you will be Lankesh’s insult, I will kill you. Ram signs to Hanuman.

Hanuman smiles and turns taller. Vajramushti says you would be thinking you will safe yourself by going higher than me. He laughs. Ram looks at his neck skin and shoots the arrow. Vajramushti bursts. Sugreev and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Hanuman leaves Ram down. Laxman says now I understand why Ram was seeing Vajramushti carefully during the war. Vibhishan says I knew about Vajramushti’s weak point, before I could say, Ram has seen it. Ram says yes, I have seen his neck was the weakest part of his body, so I attacked there. They all chant Jai Shri Ram.

Raavan shouts impossible to kill Vajramushti, who did this. Asur says Ram. Raavan says Ram, I gave you enough chances, not anymore, you will face Trilokpati Lankesh in war tomorrow. Sugreev tells Ram that we need more warriors in Uttar/north. Hanuman catches a vanar. Nar says he is not our vanar, he is surely sent by Raavan, we should kill him. Vibhishan says no, he is spy, but mine, not of Lankesh. The spy gets to his true form and tells them that Raavan is coming in war to fight. Sita is still praying. Raavan comes there and says I m going to battle tomorrow, I will put Ram here in your feet, and you will marry me infront of Ram.

Siya Ke Ram 21th July Episode 226 Watch Online

Laxman says we were waiting for this moment, Lankesh will come in battle ground, but not go back. Raavan says your Akhand Jyoti will not be able to save Ram from my hands. Sita tells him that Adharm is always destructive, you kidnapped me and did Adharm, that’s why your gold Lanka got burnt, your son Akshay Kumar died, but I m here, I m fine as I follow Dharm, you could not harm me, its good you decided to go in battle, its right and beneficial for world if Adharm ends soon. He gets angry and gets his sword. He shouts Sita and says I won’t give you such an easy death. He leaves.

Ram says Laxman, anger is always reason of sin and destruction, this is Dharm yudh, we have to win by peace and battle plan, Raavan is coming tomorrow, he has anger in him, his anger will become a reason of his destruction, till I punish Raavan for his Adharm and every sorrow given to Sita, I will not free him from this asur land.

Kaikesi asks Raavan why did he decide to go to battle ground suddenly. Meghnadh says when son is capable to battle, father does not need to go, I will go. Kaikesi says Meghnadh is saying right, whats the need for Raavan to go. Raavan says I rule on three loks, I can control water, air, Kaal and even fire, everyone agree to my decision, if I sit like this, all my warriors will get killed, Ram and his vanar sena’s confidence will increase, Ram will feel no one is capable in Lanka who can fail him. He sees Mandodari worried and asks why is he seeing everyone’s faces tensed, do they feel Lanka warriors can’t fight with Sanyasi Ram, I will clear this myth, I will end all tension, I will prove that danger is on Ram and his vanar sena, not on Lanka. He leaves. Mandodari worries.

Raavan gets ready and wears all his battle costume. Mandodari does his tilak and he stops her, saying I don’t need this tilak if you doubt my victory. She says I have always prayed and hopes for your victory. She does tilak. Kaikesi smiles and blesses him to win. Raavan leaves. Mandodari thinks I want Raavan to win today, but according to Dharm.

Raavan goes to the battle ground. Kaikesi says today, my son is going in this war for the first time, he will return by ending this war, he will fail those Sanyasis, who did foolishness to dream of winning over Lankapati Raavam. Mandodari and Kaikesi look on. asur soldiers play the shank. Ram, Laxman, Vibhishan, Sugreev and Hanuman see Raavan coming in his chariot. Asur soldiers chant Lankapati Raavan ki jai, and Ram’s army chants Jai Shri Ram. Ram walks ahead. Raavan smiles seeing Ram and his vanar sena.

Siya Ke Ram Serial Precap: Ram says Raavan, it was my Dharm to punish your Asur warriors. Raavan asks Ram was it Dharm to cut a woman’s nose. Ram says if you felt I did wrong, you should have talked to me, why did you kidnap Sita, what was her fault. Raavan says Sita was at fault, as she is your wife.
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