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Siya Ke Ram 29th may 2016 Full Written Episode 179 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 29th may 2016 episode starts with Raavan asking what happened, why did you stop. She says I can’t come ahead. He says its my insult. She says forgive me, I have promised my Devar that I can’t go out of this Rekha, I will be happy to give you this food, you please walk ahead and take this food. He thinks both Sanyasis have tried best to protect Sita, but they don’t know Raavan’s cleverness, I will take Sita anyway today. He tells Sita that he will return without Bhiksha, but he can’t enter her ashram, its fine if she does not want to give him food, but she insulted him, she will bear punishment, its such sin that there is no repentance, you don’t want to cross this Rekha for them, they will get away from you forever. He curses her. She gets worried. He turns to leave and waits for her to stop him.

Mandodari and Vibhishan meet Kaikesi. Mandodari asks Kaikesi to save Raavan and Lanka, and stop Raavan from doing this Adhram, just you can protect Raavan. Kaikesi says protecting Lankesh? It’s a wife’s duty to support husband, but you always became hurdle for his way, you don’t have any other way, so scaring me saying about the Grahs. Vibhishan says no Mata, I have checked Raavan’s kundli, its Grah and Nakshatra’s bad affect on Raavan. Kaikesi laughs off and says you don’t know Lankesh has captured those Grahs and their movement, he controls the Grahs, there can’t be any foolish thing than this. She asks Vibhishan not to give Gyaan like his father, Raavan and Lanka don’t need your knowledge. Vibhishan tells her how wrong expectations make a person blind, it may turn late till she understands this. He asks Mandodari to come.

Sita recalls Laxman’s words and Rishi’s curse. She thinks its not right for the guest to return without food, no Rishi has left from this ashram without having food or Bhiksha, its against Raghukul’s tradition, I have to stop him. She asks Rishivar to stop. Raavan stops and asks do you still want to insult me. She apologizes for her behavior and asks her to forgive her, but try to understand her state. She says I have to protect my promise, its my Dharm, if I break my promise, it will be bad for me, but it will be worse if I let you go from here without Bhiksha and ruin my kul Dharm. She says I can’t let my Kul Dharm break, I will break the promise given to my Devar, I will give Bhiksha to Rishi by crossing this Rekha. He looks on. Sita steps out of the Rekha. She asks him to take the Bhiksha. Raavan throws away the food. She asks what did you do. He laughs and says I did not do anything till now, I will do it now, your haran. She gets worried. He holds her hand and laughs. She looks on shocked……. She asks who are you. Raavan turns into his true form. She gets shocked seeing Raavan. She recalls Raavan’s humiliating words in her Swayamvar. She says Lankapati Raavan…. He says yes, you will become Raavan’s Daasi now. He laughs. She cries and tries to get herself freed. Ram and Laxman run through the forest. Sita says Adharmi Raavan, you did not do right by cheating a woman. Raavan says cheat? Your husband did cheat by insulting my sister Surpanakha, I m just taking revenge, its not easy to escape after anyone insults Raavan’s sister, come to Lanka, decision will be made on you there. She gets away and steps inside the Rekha. He laughs. She gets shocked seeing the Rekha gone. He says you can’t go anywhere now. Ram and Laxman run towards the ashram. Hanuman goes to that mountain and says Suryadev told me about his mountain, Brahma’s son Jamvanth will be here. Jamvanth sits doing tapasya. Hanuman walks inside the cave and asks Vishnu’s devotee Jamvanth to open his eyes. He greets Hanuman. Jamvanth also greets him. Hanuman asks do you know him. Jamvanth says I was in Anjan state before. Hanuman asks why did you come here. Jamvanth says I came here to do Narayan Aradhna, as I did not have any special reason to be there, why did you come here. Hanuman says I think that special moment has come, Suryadev has sent me here, Sugreev’s life is in risk, you can protect him from Bali. Jamvanth asks what happened to Raavan. Hanuman says we have to leave early, I will tell you everything on the way.

Jamvanth meets Sugreev and blesses him, saying Adharm will lose in Dharm fight, your father always taught both your brothers to protect Dharm, but Bali’s behavior makes me regret, but I m sure Bali’s end is near, no one can protect him now. Hanuman says you know Bali since his childhood, there will be some way to fail him. Jamvanth says Bali gets his enemy’s half powers too and gets more powerful, you have to find someone or such weapon that can limit Bali. Sugreev asks where to find such someone. Jamvanth says the man who can shoot all the seven trees together can make Bali lose. Sugreev says its impossible. Hanuman says where will we get such brave man. Jamvanth says whenever Adharm happens, someone will come to end the evil Adharm, no one to find him, he will himself come to us to end this Adharm. Sita runs away and hides. Raavan laughs and says Sita, this is useless to try to get saved from me, I had to do so much to kidnap you, do you know how much I planned to kidnap you, I have sent Mama Mareech as Swarn Mrigh, it was my plan to make him call Laxman from Ram’s voice. She gets shocked. He says you were innocent and did not understand my plan. He sees her dupatta and laughs. He asks her to come out. She comes out. He says no one can save you from me today. She pushes the wooden stand on him. he throws that again and disappears. She tries to run. He appears infront of her. She gets away. She takes a knife and warns him that if he tries to come close to her, she will kill him. She throws the knife and he holds her. He says you are also skilled in wars like those two Sanyasis, but this is useful infront of Raavan. He breaks the knife. 

Precap: Sita scolds Raavan asking him about his cheat to kidnap a woman, if he calls him trilok Swami. He says this is not called cheat, its called well planning. She asks him to fight with Ram. Ram is seen running towards ashram. Raavan says I will fight with Ram and kill him by my hands too. Raavan laughs.

Siya Ke Ram 27th may 2016 Full Written Episode 177 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 27th may 2016 episode starts with Sita asking Laxman what are you thinking now. He says I will go to find Ram, you have to promise me that you won’t go outside ashram. She says fine, I won’t go outside ashram. He says its possible Asurs can come inside ashram, so I have to secure this ashram, I m going to make a Rekha/line to secure you and ashram. He holds an arrow and says Lord, if I have sincerely served my brother like a true brother, with true efforts, if I served my Bhabhi like a son, give me such powers that no Mayavi power, Asur or Adharmi cross the line I stretch here. He prays. He gets a lightning powers from the sky in his arrow. He thanks Lord and takes the lightning arrow. He makes a Rekha there on the ground. Sita looks on.

Laxman says Bhabhi, this is the Rekha made your Devar Laxman, who is equal to your son, no evil power can cross this Rekha, there are many Asur powers who take avatar of birds, animals or Rishis, in any situation, you will not cross this line, you and this ashram are secured with this Rekha, this Rekha will hold power and significance by your promise, if you promise to not go out of this Rekha, its power will be intact, if you step out of this Rekha, its power will end. She says fine, but you now proceed towards the jungle. He says sure and goes away from the ashram. Akampana looks on. He sees Sita alone and goes to inform Raavan. He says Sita is alone in ashram now. Raavan says my revenge time has come, now Sitaharan will happen, those Sanyasis will know what is the meaning of cutting nose.

Akampana asks what is the command for me now. Raavan says your work is completed, whatever will happen now will be from my side, go to Lanka and inform everyone that Lanka will get a new maid, Raavan’s Daasi, tell Surpanakha not to let her revenge fire calm down, Sita will fall to Surpanakha’s feet and beg for her life…. revenge, insult, Sita….. He fumes and walks to the ashram. Mandodari tells Vibhishan that her heart is restless and worried since Raavan went to Panchwati, you have knowledge of fortune telling, can you see Raavan’s kundli and tell about his future problems, if there is any danger. He says sure, I will see his kundli and predict his future. He checks the kundli and gets worried. She asks is there anything to worry. He says according to Grah and nakshatra, Lanka and Raavan’s future isn’t safe, I feel Raavan will do big Adharm, which can become a reason of Lanka’s destruction. She says Sitaharan, what can be bigger Adharm than that, we have to stop Raavan from doing this. He says but that Adharm is very close now, we can’t stop him so soon. She says Mata Kaikesi, just she can help us now. Sita worries and says I hope Laxman did not get late to reach there. Raavan walks to the ashram. He smiles seeing Sita…. Sita says now just Prabhu Shiv Shankar and Mata Parvati can help me. She prays to Mahadev and Parvati to protect Ram. Devi Parvati says fate is such, problem is coming on Sita, and she is praying for Ram. Mahadev looks on. Raavan laughs and says that moment has come, when Raavan will take revenge. Sita goes to tulsi plant and prays. Raavan walks close to the ashram’s entrance and stares at her. He recalls Surpanakha’s words. Parvati says this time is not bad that Sita is going to get kidnapped, but its because a woman is going to get burnt in two men’s war, I m afraid that in future, evil men can take Raavan’s step as an example and torture women like this. Raavan steps ahead and gets back by the Laxman Rekha. He says whats this and steps again. He is pushed away and thinks what kind of power is this, it seems a protection line, maybe those Sanyasis made this by their Divya Shakti for Sita’s security, they forgot every Divya Shakti is waste infront of Raavan. He tries to break that Rekha by using his powers. He fails and says this Rekha can’t fail me, I have to think some other solution.

Laxman shouts Bhaiya….. Ram calls out Laxman. Laxman says I m here, I m coming. He meets Ram and asks are you fine. Ram says I m fine, but you here. Laxman asks about that call, that was not yours. Ram says no, that was Tadaka’s son Mareech’s call, we got cheated, where is Sita, I told you not to leave Sita alone, why did you come then. Laxman says I was not coming to you, but Sita asked me to go to you, she commanded me to leave, when I did not agree to you, she tried to end her life, what could I do. Ram says Sita is in problem, we have to reach ashram soon, come. They both run hurriedly towards the ashram. Raavan smiles and takes a Rishi’s avatar. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Raavan smiles holding the empty utensil, and says I can’t go inside this Rekha, but Sita can come out of it. He starts acting and says Bhiksham Dehi/give me alms….. Sita is lost in her prayers. He shouts asking for Bhiksha/charity….. She hears him and turns to see. Sita says forgive me Rishivar, I could not hear your call while doing Shiv Aradhna. He says foolish woman, no Devta is greater than the guest, you insulted me. She says forgive me, I was thinking something in worry, come, you are welcome in the ashram. He thinks if this Rekha was not here, I would have not needed your welcome. She asks him to come. He asks don’t you know about Rishis, I don’t enter any family oriented/householders ashram, go and get food for me here, else I will go. She says sorry, I will just come. He smiles and moves back. She looks at him and walks to him. She stops near the Rekha recalling Laxman’s words. She gives him food. Raavan says its insult if Bhiksha is giving by hesitance, don’t you know this, why this dilemma. She recalls Laxman’s warning. She looks at Raavan….. He thinks does Sita get doubt on me…. 

 Precap: Raavan asks is it imp to insult me more. She says I will break the promise to my Devar and do my Raghukul Dharm to give Bhiksha, as guests are like Lord. Raavan smiles as she crosses the Rekha. He throws away the food and laughs. She gets shocked. .

Siya Ke Ram 26th may 2016 Full Written Episode 176 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 26th may 2016 starts with Sita asking Laxman why is he waiting, just go and protect Ram. Laxman says I know Ram well, wait for some time, truth will be out. She asks are you saying this after hearing his call. He says I m sure its not his call. She asks why, don’t you identity his voice. He says I know his voice well, I can identify his voice even in sleep. She asks then who will call out in his voice. He says my guess was right, this deer is Mayavi and its his call. She asks him how can he stand so carefree after saying its Mayavi power, you have to go to Ram and protect him, if Ram is trapped in some plan then, there is no time to think, just go. Laxman asks her not to worry, Ram is the one who saved everyone, what will I protect him, his one arrow killed Tadaka, entire Asurs, and the Asur army, he has alone made Dandakaranya free of Asurs, he does not need help, the truth is that deer is in problem right now, not Ram, you don’t worry. Sita says I have seen Laxman not worrying for Ram for the first time.

Mareech says I did not wish to die by that sinner’s hands, so I chose to die by your hands, forgive me. Ram asks whats Raavan’s plan, what does he want. Mareech says Sita….. and dies. Ram says Sita….. and worries. Sita reminds Laxman his motive to come in jungle, its true that Ram is brave, but can’t you go to protect him on my saying, this danger is not ordinary, Chatayu has alerted us about Raavan, maybe its Raavan’s plan, he may have surrounded Ram alone in the jungle, you don’t know Raavan, else you would have not stayed here, you have been with Ram as his shadow, today Ram needs you, just go, listen to me, don’t leave me alone, don’t know in which danger I have put him by sending him after the deer. He says you are right that this can be Raavan’s plan. She asks him to go then, what are you thinking, will you go or not.

Laxman says no, if this is Raavan’s plan, then his aim is not Ram, its you. She asks how can you say this Laxman. He says if Raavan had to attack Ram, he would have done this before, but he did not do this, he left and wanted to take Ram out of ashram, so he has sent that Mayavi deer, so that he can harm you. She gets shocked. He says I did not forget my motive to come here, its my duty to protect you and Ram, I m not going as its Ram’s command to not leave you. She says I m also commanding you to go and protect, without any delay. Laxman apologizes folding hands and says its Ram’s command, till he comes back, I don’t go anywhere leaving you, even when you send me away from ashram. She takes the bow and arrow….Laxman asks what are you doing. She says if you can’t go, I will go to protect Ram. He says stop, this is not right. He comes in her way, and says its not right for you to go out of ashram, try to understand me. She asks him to move off her way. He takes the Dhanush from her and says I m not going anywhere leaving you, I will not let you, try to understand, our one mistake can become a curse for entire life, go inside ashram. Raavan tells Akampana that its all happening according to my plan, Mareech played his role well. Akampana says Mareech made Ram may miles away from Panchwati, even if Ram wants to return, it will take much time. Raavan says its good news, but why are you worried. Akampana says Laxman is still there, Sitaharan is not possible. Raavan says the way Mama Mareech has called Laxman in Ram’s voice, Laxman has to leave from ashram. Akampana says they knew about your arrival here, Laxman will doubt and not leave from ashram. Raavan says he will go for sure, you don’t know women’s nature, if Sita believes her husband is in danger, her senses will go nil and she will just think of Ram’s life, she will cross all Maryada and send Laxman to Ram, you just see, Laxman has to leave from the ashram. He shouts Surpanakha, your revenge moment is close, very close……

Hanuman flies in air and goes to meet Surya Dev. He greets Surya Dev. Surya Dev says you have saved my son, I m thankful, I was worried that Bali would try to hurt Sugreev, but you have protected him. Hanuman says the promise I gave to save Sugreev is my Dharm now, nothing will happen to him. Surya Dev says you have to be alert, you will need some knowledgeable man to understand Bali’s plan and answer him, who can become a minister in this Dharm yudh. Hanuman asks who can it be, where will be get him. Surya Dev says such person is there, Brahma’s son Jamvanth….. Hanuman says Jamvanth? Jamvanth is shown. Surya Dev says there is no one more sensible, knowledgeable than him, he is born for such special motives, he is immortal, he will be on earth till the end, Jamvanth will help when there is problem. Hanuman asks where will I get him. Surya Dev says he is doing tapasya on some mountain, its time for his special part in this yug now. Hanuman says I will surely go to meet him, and greets him. Sita says you did not obey my command today and disrespected me. He says no, I have vowed to protect you. She says I m thinking there is no one who loves Ram more than you, but I understand I was wrong, you just pretended to protect him, you cheated him, you were waiting for this time. He cries and asks what are you saying. She says yes, your love, service and care was a show, you were waiting for Asur powers to get Ram you would be happy today as this chance came. He asks her to punish him, but not stain his feelings for Ram and his character, my life is to serve you both, I m not going to Ram by leaving you, as I m bounded by my duty towards Ram’s command, this time my Dharm is to protect you. She asks what will be Sita’s life importance when Ram won’t be there. He asks what are you saying, if anything happens to you, how will I face Ram. She asks if Ram is not there, whom will you face. He asks how can she say this. She says I have identified you today in this tough time. He asks her to say what to do to prove his dedication. She says there is just one way, go to Ram and protect him. Ram recalls Chatayu’s warning. He realizes Mareech’s words meaning and wonders does Raavan want to harm Sita, Sita is definitely in danger, I have to reach ashram soon. He runs. Laxman requests Sita not to send him, and cries folding hands. She asks will you go if I m not alive. She holds an arrow to hurt her neck. Laxman stops her. She says no Laxman, you made me helpless to give up my life to send you to protect my husband, this is only way to make you free of Ram’s command, I m doing Shree dharm to protect my husband’s life. Laxman says no, I m going, please move away his arrow, I m breaking Ram’s command for the first time in my life, please move away this arrow. She moves away the arrow. Her neck gets bit hurt by the arrow tip. Laxman looks on worried. 

 Precap: Laxman makes a Rekha and tells Sita that no Asur power can enter this. Akampana tells Raavan that last hurdle got clear too. Raavan says now Sitaharan will happen……

Siya Ke Ram 25th may 2016 Full Written Episode 175 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

The Episode starts with Ram running after the deer. Mareech runs very fast. After some distance, Mareech stops by getting Ram away from the ashram. He thinks if Ram catches me, my plan will fail, just Mayavi powers can make me free. He disappears. Ram says he is definitely any Mayavi Asur who came to cheat us, it will have some hidden motive, did his motive was to make me away from ashram, so that Asurs can attack on ashram, I have to go back soon. Mareech looks on and thinks Ram may have known my plan, I have to stop him. He calls out Ram and praises him, asking is Ram afraid of him. Ram asks who are you, what do you want from me. He thinks Laxman is enough to protect Sita, but I have to find out this Mayavi’s entire truth, else it can be dangerous for entire Panchwati. Mareech runs away. Ram says if you do not come in your true form, I won’t have any option than to kill you. Ram shoots an arrow and deer disappears.

Sugreev is worried and restless. He waits for Hanuman and is positive that Hanuman will get Roma along. Hanuman comes alone. Sugreev looks for Roma. Sugreev asks Hanuman what happened, where is Roma, you went to take him, you assured me… tell me what happened, did Bali… say truth, how is my Romi. Hanuman says Devi Roma is fine, but… Sugreev asks but what…. Hanuman says but Bali’s fear has captured Roma’s soul and heart, I understood that Roma was afraid that Bali would kill you, Bali made Roma sacrifice you and forced her to accept him as her husband, by saying he will spare your life. Sugreev shouts no, I can bear my insult, but not of Roma…. Bali what you did is worst, you have to pay for this by your life. Hanuman stops Sugreev…… Sugreev fumes. Hanuman asks him to calm down. Sugreev says no one can stop me today, if Bali is alive today, my life will be waste, leave me, I will take revenge for Roma’s insult. Hanuman pushes him. He explains Sugreev.

Sugreev cries and says who will be more unlucky than me, Bali snatched the Rajya, my family and now my love, he snatched everything. Hanuman says you will get everything back, that too with respect, whatever you did was according to Dharm, remember Dharm always wins and truth never fails. Sugreev says I m alive to get Roma free from Bali, and to punish Bali for his crimes. Hanuman worries. Ram looks for the deer. Mareech runs. Ram says he is not any ordinary Mayavi, he is skilled Mayavi, he can’t be killed easily, fine…. He prays and holds an arrow. Mareech thinks my final moment has come, my Mayavi powers are useless infront of this Divastra. Sita worries and prays. Laxman says Ram would have come by now, was that deer really any Mayavi. Ram aims at the deer and shoots. Mareech runs and gets shot. He gets in his real form. Ram goes to him. Mareech gets wounded by getting shot in his chest and shouts in Ram’s voice, calling out Sita and Laxman to protect him. Ram gets shocked. The birds fly away. Raavan laughs and says I think Mama Mareech has done his work. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on. Sita and Laxman hear Ram’s call for help. The monkeys go to Sugreev and tell him that entire Kishkindha Praja is in fear and have anger for Bali. Hanuman tells Sugreev that king’s power is his Praja, if Praja is unsatisfied, then king’s end is definite, Bali can’t control Praja by power and fear, one day Praja will oppose him, that time they will need someone suitable to guide them, if you use Praja’s dissatisfaction and anger in right direction, then you can fail Bali and rule Kishkindha, that’s why Lord gave us a chance, I will contact all monkey kings and present your proposal. He names the Vanar Rajs and says don’t worry, they will help us. Sugreev likes his idea and says you are my Sankat Mochan/problem solver. He hugs Hanuman. Sankat Mochan naam tiharo….plays…….. Hanuman says now this fight with Bali is not personal, its Dharm war and you have to head all Vanar Raj, and fail Bali to become Kishkindha’s Swami, you will get everything what Bali snatched from you.

Sita gets worried. Sita tells Laxman that Ram is in problem, he is calling him. Laxman says don’t worry, I can this by belief that Ram won’t do this, nothing can happen to him. She says Ram’s life is in danger, you are asking me not to worry, he called you for protection, did you not hear me, I was afraid of this. She asks him to go to protect Ram. Laxman gets thinking. Ram says Tadaka’s son Mareech and holds him. He asks why did you cheat us, why did you call Sita and Laxman. Mareech says forgive me Ram, I did not wish to do this, but Raavan made me helpless. Ram asks Raavan? Mareech says I started living Sadhvi’s life, but Raavan forced me to do this, else he would have killed me, I did not wish to die by that Adharmi’s hands, so I chose to die by your hands, forgive me. Ram asks but what is Raavan’s plan, what does he want…. Mareech says Sita…. and dies. Ram says Sita….. and gets worried. 

 Precap: Sita asks Laxman what happened to him, you are standing here as if you are not worried for Ram, go to him, don’t leave him, what are you thinking, will you go or not. Laxman says no. She gets shocked.

Siya Ke Ram 24th may 2016 Full Written Episode 174 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 24th may 2016 starts with Ram asking the deer to stop. The deer goes away. Ram asks the deer to come to me. Sita is restless and waits for Ram. Mahadev sees Devi Parvati crying. He asks the reason for her tears. She says many times, after knowing the truth, its tough to accept it, I m not able to see Shri Ram and Devi Sita’s separation today, undoubtedly its for place an ideal example and for world’s good, but my tears are not able to stop, their love is true, its like both knew that their separation time has come, I m feeling so sad thinking this, those who placed an example by living selflessly, they have to become target of bad people. He says you are saying right, love has much power, because of true love’s Maryada, Shri Ram and Devi Sita are feeling their separation, this love will become their strength when they get away. She asks can’t this be avoided. He says its fate, the Rishi Bhrigu’s curse is very painful, but Ram and Sita have to bear this pain of separation.

Ram says I know how you will come close to me, see this food, I will feed you, come and take this. Mareech thinks to take Ram away from the ashram. Mareech runs away. Ram says what can be the reason that deer is running away from me, maybe by fear, I have to go away from the deer to bring the deer close to me. Ram goes away. Mareech stops and thinks if Ram returning to ashram. Mareech runs after Ram and thinks where did Ram go. Ram looks at the deer. Raavan says I did not wait for attacking any Dev, Daanav or anyone else, its small work and not getting completed. Akampana smiles and says Lankesh, its good news, everything is happening as per our plan, Mareech succeeded to take Ram away from the ashram. Raavan laughs. Mareech thinks Ram did not come away from his ashram, I have to run away. Ram tries to get the deer and says calm down, you are hurt, I want to do the aid, come to me, don’t be scared, are you feeling pain, I have come to make you free of your pain, come. Mareech runs away before Ram could hold. Ram says deer is not able to understand me and getting scared, but I have to do the aid, how is the deer running so fast after being wounded, I can know the truth after catching the deer. He runs to catch the deer.

Laxman asks Sita why is she worried. She says Ram did not return. Laxman says that golden deer is very clever and fast, don’t worry, Ram will get the deer and come soon. She asks did I do mistake by sending Ram after that deer, I m getting a doubt. He says whats there to doubt, you have sent Ram to do aid to the wounded deer. She says any problem can come. He says no problem can stay infront of Ram, don’t worry. Akampana says Ram is gone, but his brother is still there, shall we try to make him away from ashram. Raavan laughs and says no, I trust Mama Mareech, if he succeeded in taking Ram away from ashram, he will take Laxman away too, we will wait for right time and then we will play our imp move. Bali asks Hanuman did you come to apologize from Sugreev’s side. Hanuman tells him that he has come to take Roma. Bali laughs and says Roma, Sugreev’s wife, you are mistaken, after Sugreev left, all his rights ended, even on his wife, Roma is now mine. Hanuman gets shocked and shouts Bali. Bali says truth won’t change if you shout, women accept anyone whom she finds, whoever takes cares of the woman wins her, go and tell Sugreev that Roma has come to me. Hanuman shouts Bali and goes to attack. Roma comes in between and says whoever will attack on my Swami has to kill me first. Hanuman asks what happened to you Devi, you are Sugreev’s wife, Sugreev and you love each other, how can you do this, no need to be afraid of Bali, I will take you to Sugreev, the person who is away from his Dharm and Karm, he can’t do anything against you, come with me. She says no, forgive me, I have taken my decision, I will stay here with my husband, monkey king is my husband now. Hanuman asks what is the reason of this, Sugreev loves you, he can’t stay alive without you. She says a woman’s life is just of sacrifice, I m sacrificing my life for my love. She cries and leaves. Hanuman looks at Bali angrily. He says you used your power on helpless woman, this is shameful, Adharm is Adharm, your brother’s wife is like a daughter, eyeing her is a sin, the result will be destruction, you are victorious, no one could win over you, but your sin deed will ruin your everything, this sin will end you, that time is not far. He leaves.

Meghnadh mocks fights with his men. Sulochana comes there. He stops seeing her. The men leave. Meghnadh asks her the reason for her coming. She says I want to apologize. He says you are apologizing, what did I do that you need to apologize. She says I should have not supported Bua ji. He says this should not happen in future, forgiving often is not in my nature, you can leave. He resumes his practice. The men bow down. Meghnadh turns and sees her still there. He asks any other problem. She says I have to say one thing more. He sends the men away. He asks her to say. She says whatever happened with Bua ji, those Sanyasis are not at fault, its Bua ji’s mistake, its wrong to kidnap Sanyasi’s wife to take revenge, I feel we are doing second mistake. He gets angry. He says its Raavan’s insult, those Sanyasis will be punished. She says they did not do any mistake, they have cut nose to stop Bua ji from doing all that, but Sita is not at fault, think if anyone kidnaps me, what would you feel, this is not right, if you want to take revenge, then fight with them, kidnapping a woman is not right, explain Raavan. He says you just said, are you done, leave about kidnapping, its not possible for anyone to imagine kidnapping Meghnadh’s wife, because Meghnadh did not do wrong with any woman, about that woman’s kidnapping, its my Dharm and duty to obey Raavan’s decision, when Raavan has taken the decision, undoubtedly, that woman will be kidnapped. He leaves. 

 Precap: Ram says its some Mayavi deer, I have to return to ashram soon. Mareech stops him and asks will you not wish to know why I got you here. Laxman says Ram should have returned by now..

Siya Ke Ram 23rd may 2016 Full Written Episode 173 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 23rd may 2016 Episode 173 with Sita telling Ram that their delay has increased the deer’s pain, did they believe now. Ram says he is attacked by arrow, that’s why deer came here for treatment. Laxman says sure. Sita says I have to treat the deer, else deer won’t be alive bearing the pain. Ram asks her not to worry, I will get the herbs. Laxman asks Ram to stay with Sita, and he will get the herbs. Sita asks Laxman not to scare the deer, else deer will run away. Laxman says sure and goes.

Bali tells everyone that Sugreev has hidden on that mountain knowing I can’t go there, by my warriors can go there. He asks them to take fire, Sugreev is afraid of fire, make him run away from that mountain, then I will punish him. Roma cries and says forgive him, Sugreev is innocent. Bali asks her not to waste time by being that coward’s wife, think how will you make your life happier. She says I will end my life if anything happens to him. Bali asks why will you bear punishment, he is a fool, why will you do foolish thing, he did not stay loyal to his brother, will he be loyal to you, will you waste your life for him. She says I can’t live without my husband. He laughs and says husband is one who does his responsibility and protects wife, not one who runs away like coward without worrying for his wife, what if he did not protect his wife, but wife can protect her husband. He holds Roma. She gets tensed and cries. She gets away and says you are away from your Dharm and Maryada, but I m not away from my Maryada. He shouts Dharm and Maryada can’t save Sugreev’s life, you will live with this regret all your life that you could have saved Sugreev’s life, but did not, Sugreev can get his life only if you name your life to me, else be ready to see his dead body. Roma cries.

Sita says Laxman did not come till now. Ram says have patience, he will come. Laxman comes. Sita asks about the deer. Laxman says don’t know where did the deer disappear. Ram sees the deer coming and shows Sita, Laxman says I will get the deer. Sita says no, I will go there and apply the herbs. Ram says going out in jungle won’t be safe. Roma sits in Bali’s feet. Bali holds her and says you have accepted my proposal, now I will spare Sugreev. He shouts Sugreev you snatched my Rajya and now I have snatched your wife. Tara comes and asks Bali how can he eye Roma badly, its not right, I will take Roma to Sugreev. He shouts. Tara tells Bali that a king has respect for every women, but you are ruining every Maryada in your anger, Roma is Sugreev’s wife. Bali shouts. Tara says you should protect Roma, and you are ruining her respect, why are you punishing her, that she is innocent, she is like my daughter, as she is my Devar’s wife, I will protect her, and I was proud of you before, now seeing your behavior, I feel it was good that you did not return. Bali angrily slaps Tara and drags Roma. Tara and Roma cry.

Surpanakha says why is it getting so much delay, I have to go Panchwati and see whats happening. Guards stop her and say we have command to stop you. She asks whose command. Meghnadh and Kaikesi come there. Kaikesi asks her where is she going. Surpanakha says I m going to see is Raavan doing anything to take revenge for my insult. Kaikesi asks her to trust Raavan, what did you do for us, you married our enemies and got shame for us, and then this. Surpanakha says you gave me birth, but you can’t control me. Kaikesi holds her life and says your life is linked with Asur kul and Lankesh, else I know well how to control you. Surpanakha gets angry and goes back. Meghnadh looks on. Ram asks Laxman to stay here in hut for Sita’s protection, I will get that deer. Laxman says but, I feel your going after deer is not right. Ram asks any special reason. Laxman says deer is coming to ashram again and again, but when I went after deer, that golden deer disappeared. Ram asks him to be clear. Laxman says maybe any magical power is creating illusion to divert them. Ram says I don’t know, but if its really a deer, we should help, if we don’t help the deer by our confusion, if deer dies by not getting treatment, it won’t be right, and if its really Mayavi, then we both are enough to deal with it. He asks Laxman to stay with Sita here even if there is anything worse, whatever happens, even if Sita asks him to reach Ram, just don’t go away from this hut. Laxman says don’t worry, even if death angels comes, it has to wait for your return to take me. Ram prepares to leave. Some monkeys tell Sugreev that Bali’s warriors are coming to this mountain to attack Sugreev. Hanuman says Bali did not do this right to send his soldiers, I will see how his trick succeeds, I will see who are these soldiers. Hanuman stops them. The vanar sena greet Sugreev and say Bali has sent us to attack you, we know Bali forgot to differentiate between right and wrong in his anger, he started walking on Adhram, Kishkindha Praja is sad for this, we came here to follow you, you are our king. Hanuman says see, this way Bali’s Adharm and ego will ruin him. The monkey tells Sugreev that his wife is in problem, go there and protect her. Sugreev tells Hanuman that I will go there and get Roma. Hanuman says no, it won’t be right, Bali can do anything in his anger, I will go to Kishkindha and get your wife to you. Sugreev smiles.

Sita stops Ram… and looks outside for the deer. Ram looks at her and says Sita…. She asks him to take this along, if you call deer for having food, deer will surely come. Ram asks her to promise, till he comes back, she will not go anywhere. She asks whats the matter, you look worried, is there any problem. He says there is no problem. He holds her and says when I go away from you, I stay worried for you, I have a fear that I will get separated from you forever. She asks him to remove this fear from his heart and not worry. He holds her and she smiles. Mareech comes there again. Ram sees the deer and starts leaving. She asks Ram not to go if he has any doubt. Ram holds her and smiles. He says Sita, our Dharm is greater than our feelings, now my Dharm tells me to get that deer and treat it, don’t worry, I will come back soon, Laxman is with you. She asks him to take care. They hold hands. He nods. He leaves her hand and goes away. He stops and turns to see her. She smiles. He then leaves. Sita looks on. 

 Precap: Akampana says Ram is gone, but Laxman is still there. Raavan says if Mareech succeeded to take Ram away, he will take Laxman away too. Mareech runs away seeing Ram. Sita asks Laxman did I do any mistake by sending Ram after that deer, will he fall in any problem.

Siya Ke Ram 22th may 2016 Full Written Episode 172 Watch Online

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 22th may 2016 Episode 172 starts with Ram coming to the hut and calling out Laxman and Sita. He wonders where did they go, and sees an arrow marking direction. He goes there. Laxman stops him and says stop here, sorry, Sita asked me to ask you to wait here. Ram asks where is Sita, what is she doing. Laxman says don’t know, but whatever she is doing is for you. Ram asks can’t we go there hiding and see what is she doing. Laxman says no, I can’t go against her. Ram says fine. Sita comes there. Ram asks her why did she stop him here. She asks him to close eyes and come with her. He asks how will I walk if I close eyes. Sita says you have to close eyes. Ram asks Laxman to close eyes too. Laxman says sure and closes eyes. Ram smiles and closes eyes. Sita holds Ram’s hand and takes him. She asks Laxman to come. Laxman holds Ram’s hand and they go to see something.

Sugreev tells Hanuman that I knew Bali will not agree, he is adamant, his anger ended his senses. Hanuman says friend, don’t worry, I will find some way to explain him. Sugreev says I m worried for Roma, not myself, nothing should happen to her, did you see Roma there. Hanuman says yes, but I could not talk to her. Sugreev asks how is she. Hanuman says she looked worried. Sugreev says Roma is not safe there, Bali can cross any limits, maybe he will punish Roma, get Roma soon, I can’t stay without her. Hanuman says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Devi Roma, I will get her here.

Sita asks Ram and Laxman to open their eyes. Ram and Laxman open eyes and see the surprise. She shows a small Panchwati model she made with flowers. They smile. Ram says its great, very beautiful…. Entire Panchwati got live by this art. Ram sees himself and Laxman’s miniatures and asks but why are you not here. Sita says this is your test, tell me where I m in this art, if I m not here, then why. Laxman says I know why Sita is not in this, she has made herself, is she is busy in art, how will she be present there. Sita laughs. Laxman says I was just saying, you find Sita in it, I m better at the security phase. He goes. Ram holds Sita and tells Sita that I know why you are not seen in this art, its because you stay in my heart, so no one can see you in this art, but I know your presence. She smiles and says if Sita has any place in the world, its your heart, no one can make me away from your heart, when you feel me away, you will always find me in your heart. They hug. Mareech as Swarn Mrigh runs from there. Sita says I felt that Swarn Mrigh is around. Ram says no, you maybe mistaken, Swarn Mrigh are not found in this jungle.

Surpanakha says there is no news till now, don’t know what happened in the jungle. The men come there. She asks them to say fast, did Raavan take revenge of her insult. The men say sorry, we did not know anything, Raavan is doing his work so secretly that no one in Dandakaranya knows about it. She says if you can’t do this small work, your life is waste. She gets long nails to kill them. Meghnadh comes and stops him. he says you know Raavan, he will take revenge. She says you don’t know Raavan’s nature, he can forget revenge and fall in love seeing Sita’s beauty. He asks her not to say a word against Raavan, you went Dandakaranya without our consent, you should repent for that, but Raavan has gone there to take revenge for sister’s insult. He tells Sulochana that she also did wrong by supporting Surpanakha, she will be punished some day. Sita smiles seeing the Swarn Mrigh. She gets worried seeing the deer crying and wounded. She says deer is wounded, that’s why came to me. She asks deer to come to her. The deer runs away. She says stop…. And looks on. Ram asks Sita whom is she calling. Sita says I have seen a golden deer in wounded state, deer needs treatment. Ram says I told you this jungle does not have golden deers. She says yes, but I have seen the deer. She asks Laxman did he see the deer. Laxman says no. Ram says you like deers, maybe that why you have seen the deer. She says no, how shall I explain you, the deer is wounded and needs treatment. Mareech thinks my plan got successful, I have to take Ram and Laxman away. Raavan and Akampana see the Panchwati model. Raavan says ashram has mountains and this river, if anyone goes across the mountain, he will take one day to return. Akampana says its according to our plan, Mareech reached there and Sita has seen the deer. Raavan asks but when will those two Sanyasis leave. Akampana says Mareech planned to enter the ashram, when Ram and Laxman follow him, he will take them away towards that mountain, but…. Raavan asks but? What happened? Any problem? Akampana says Mareech had a worry, will he succeed in taking both of them away, maybe they will feel its not safe to leave Sita alone and return. Raavan laughs and says if Mareech succeeds to take those two Sanyasis away for one moment, Raavan will not do any mistake, just one moment is enough for Sita haran. Surpanakha says why did Raavan not return now, why is my brother taking so much time. Sulochana comes there and shows the letter. She says you should have not cheated me, you wrote this letter to me that you are in love with Ram, if you told me that he is married, I would have not supported you in this crime. Surpanakha asks how did you call my love a crime. Sulochana says making a wife away from a husband is crime, cheating someone is crime, planning to kidnap Sita is crime. Surpanakha says I won’t let anyone define my love. Sulochana says I m not defining any love, I m saying there is no power mightier that love in this world, if we separate two lovers, the result will be very bad. She goes.

Sita makes some lep for the deer. Ram asks for whom is this lep. Sita says deer will come back for the treatment. Ram smiles and says I will also help you. Laxman says even I will help you. She says I will do it myself. Ram and Laxman look on. Ram reminds her to add some herbs in the lep, I will get it. She says Swarn mrigh is my imagination, why will you both do efforts for my imaginative deer, I will do my work. She goes. Laxman tells Ram that Sita is sad. Ram says Sita does not say anything without any reason, if she is saying she has seen Swarn Mrigh, deer would be really there. Laxman says how did I not see the deer, I missed. Ram says yes, we both did mistake, you missed to see deer and I did not believe Sita. Mareech comes there. Sita comes back and sees the deer. She asks Ram to see there. Ram and Laxman get shocked seeing the golden deer. Ram says Swarn Mrigh….. 

 Precap: Sita says your delay would have increased the deer’s pain. Ram says deer is shot, maybe deer is afraid and came here. Sita asks Ram to hurry up, the deer needs immediate treatment.
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